Combat for the Heart


Combat of the Heart

Most of my days consists combat training, spells, along with wedding decorators transforming the palace into a even more magical place. I’ve worked hard training these last two weeks, I’ve mastered levitation and can almost pin down Henry in a one on one combat. I even been trying to focus my sleep visions, to get a better glance at the future or even control when my visions happen but nothing, I still get the same vision every other night.

It’s the day before my wedding, I never thought I could feel so many emotions at once. I’m nervous, scared, excited, sad, anxious, just terrified of what’s to come. I can’t wait to start my life with Henry, if I get the chance. “Ready for me to kick your butt again,” said Henry. “Yea right today is the day that I beat you, my love,” said Alexandria. I’m determined to take down Henry, determined to be able to defend myself. Henry and I go back and forth, I throw a left punch he blocks, a right kick that barely misses the side of him. He’s fast but I’m smart, I’ve learned to predict his moves, almost as if I can see them before they happen. Henry throws a punch, I block sending fist into his stomach, giving me the time to flip him over my shoulder, pining Henry to the ground.

I did it, I have finally beaten the great combat genius Henry Castrova! Henry kisses me softly,”You got lucky,” said Henry. Please that’s not luck I’m just amazing. “You are amazing and beautiful, smart, sexy and soon to mines. Mrs. Castrova, looking forward to spending the rest of your life with me?” Asked Henry. Bien sur, I’d honor to spend my life with someone, who I thought I’d never meet. I never thought I would meet you, I never thought that I would have unconditional love in my life, I’m glad I won’t have to be a cat lady. I glad I walked through that forest and found you, not Foret, not Jon, you! I’m scared but you make me calm, at peace, happy, you make me at home, your my home!” said Alex. Henry hugs and holds me as I fight back the tears, the last thing I want to do is not tell him how I feel, seeing as this could be one of the last days I see him again.

I sit on my bed reading spell books, I practice the sleeping spell on a hamster but he never remains asleep for more than 30 seconds. Jon walks in just as the hamster wakes up. “You have to focus, if your mind isn’t 100% there the spell will never work out the way you want it to,” said Jon. “How can my mind be all there when have so much on my plate,” said Alex. “Magic, is what clears your mind, focus on the magic, let it fill your mind. Tell it where you want it to go, what you want it to be, and it will be there,” said Jon. “Yea that makes since ill try that next time,”said Alex sarcastically. “You may not understand but you will someday, anyways I came to bring you a gift,”said Jon. He pulls out an emerald stone necklace. “It belonged to your grandmother, no one really knows where the stone came from or what it does but legends has it that it was her lucky charm. It kept her safe, helped her harness her powers and filled her with wisdom or at least that’s what she told me. I just thought you could use something old, beautiful and lucky for your wedding,” said Jon. “Thanks dad, I love it and you,” said Alex. Jon smiles and say “I love you too, my princess!”

Fight For Forêt


Fight For Forêt

Just as these warriors prepare themselves for war, Jon gets up and starts to move his hands in a circular motion so fast that light begins to spring out across the room and up the walls. The entire room is cover in the light that has just came from Jon. The room shakes with a harsh vibration and the thunder is get louder, just as I can feel the doors about to cove in. Silence, a silence has washed over the room and the vines begin to move themselves back into the rightful place.

The doors open and I see a garden a beautiful garden like the one in the castle. Where back at the Forêt castle and whatever danger these warriors had prepared for was gone. Jon must have done a spell that transferred the meeting room to the castle. As I look out the doors I think how odd it must look, a room from a beautiful house in the middle of the castle garden. “What an insult, to attack a sacred place where the clan meeting have been held for centuries. They mock us, and neglect our traditions; we must put a stop to this, “Said vampire clan leader. “You are right Magna; we must put an end to this by working together and preparing for war. We know what the want and thanks to Alexandria we know when and where their next attack will be. We will not let them get the best of us, we will fight for what Foret was indented for, peace and harmony between all species.” said Jon.


I stare out the window in my room looking out at the garden, where a room filled with clan member once sat, has now returned to it original place. Henry enter the room and take my hand and pulls me into the mural painted on my wall. We walk through Henry’s small yet beautiful world, as a turn around there Blu is following us. “Today is just a taste of what is to happen in 2 weeks, it will be a full on war. A war that I am not prepared for, I’m not a warrior and I don’t know much magic. How and I suppose to protect myself, protect you?” Asked Alex. “I will teach you everything I know and prepare you as much as I can, so that you will be ready for what is to come but I will be the one protecting you, my queen, my love. We will get though this, with all the clans working together we will defeat them. But with two-week to the wedding we have some serious training, so you should get some rest,” said Henry.


I get under the covers of my bed to rest so that I can fully prepare to be the best I can be to protect my kingdom in the morning but for tonight I want to be a girlfriend. “Will you stay with me tonight,” Asked Alex. Henry nods and gets under the covers; I wrap my arms and legs around him intending not to let go. I kiss him passionately and feel the shock as he begins to pull away. But instead of pulling away he pulls me closer, and for the first time we are entangled in each other’s arms and lips. Henry pushes himself on top of my body and slowly kisses me down my neck. Then he stops suddenly and looks me in the eyes, “We have a lot to do tomorrow we should get some sleep,” said Henry. I’ve never wanted Henry so bad, yet he so cool, how does he do it.



They Want Me


They Want Me


As I walk into the room, a huge king Arthur table stands in the middle surrounded but extraordinary beings. To my surprise I just knew I would walk into a horror show fill with people I could not even dream up in my wildest dreams. As I stare at these people who should be nowhere near human I cannot distinguish who actually isn’t. The entire room looks completely normal, no fangs, no hairy faces, tails, wings or scales.


I’m showed around the room, greeting every clan member. First I am introduced to the werewolf clan, a tall handsome man with shaggy hair bows then introduces his heir. I’m surprised at how stunningly beautiful she is, long brown hair and golden eyes. Looking at her is almost enchanting. I meet the vampire clan next; a young handsome man takes my hand and lays a gentle kiss as he introduces himself. Very charming and I’m sure hard to resist and his mother equally as charming. The fae clan although very respectful were somewhat rude, like somehow they didn’t approve. Their heir looked me up and down judging me, as she turned to Henry she smiled some secret smile that made me uncomfortable. Lastly I meet the créatures clan, a son and grandfather both seemingly kind and sincere. With deep blue eyes, the kind of color I’ve never seen before they both bow respectfully and smiled. I wonder what kind of creature they may be?

I am pushed towards a seat in between Jon and Henry, the meeting starts by Jon calling the meeting and to order and they begin by going down a list of topic that need to be discussed and solved or agreed upon. I sit though many minor topic and things that I don’t seem to matter. But Jon makes sure everyone has a voice and is able to input their thoughts. He stops arguments from happening, puts he foot down when necessary and make sure everyone knows what is really important, the reason why we are all here. I truly admire him and I hope I can be as great as him.

“Last topic on the list, there has been talk of the old beliefs and rumors of an uprising. We believe the attack at the moon ceremony was an attempt at kidnapping, “said Jon. The room is suddenly dead quiet, an attempt at kidnapping who could they had possible been trying to kidnap and why. “After kidnapping the princess we believed that they would have used her to bring down the border in order to overtake the human world. But that is only after they abducted Alexandria, what type of mischief they could be planning at the moment I’m not so sure, “ said Jon. I’m in utter shock, me they want me, the floor begins to shake, I can feel the vibrations of the walls rumbling. Things begin to fall to the floor as I hear commotion outside the door. The veins wrap around the room rapidly as swords and guns are drawn. The sound of thunder hit all for walls repeatedly, fear comes over me and all I can think is me they want me. I’m frozen with fear but as I look around the room I see nothing but warriors, everyone is ready for war but me. Henry looks at me I can see his lips moving but I can’t hear the words he’s saying, I look down to see his hands hand me a small blade. The dream of Henry being stabbed on our wedding day comes to mind and in the moment all I can think is if I have to kill someone to protect Henry I will.

The Meeting Of The Clans


The Meeting Of The Clans

 I stare out the window looking out at the beautiful scenery, of hills filled with green grass and trees so tall it’s hard to see the sky through them.

  I feel a tug on my hand when I turn around I notice everyone staring at me, as if waiting for me to reply, if only I had been listening. “Alexandria, it is very important that you pay attention. The wrong move at a clan meeting can be the start of a war,” said Jon. “Right, back to the briefing, there are 5 clans. Sorcière the witch clan, Loup the werewolf clan, the Fae clan, the vampire clan and Créatures the créatures clan. Which includes but Is not limited to fairies, gens de l’eau, anicents and endangered creature. All represented by their leader and their heirs. Clan meeting are for discussing differences between clans, environmental issue, and threats to our peaceful living. Your jobs today as next in line for the throne, is to sit and listen. One day you will be leading the clan meeting so this is just to get you use to the dynamic of how things work,” said Elizabeth.

Sitting and listening, hasn’t been a strong skill for me but sound easy enough. Deep in the forest we pull up to a what looks like an abandoned mansion. Not a spec of life coming from it, my horror movie instincts started to kick in and I want to flee. But i guess Henry can see the look on horror on my face and whispers,”Don’t worry everything will be fine, you’ll do great, trust me. I take a deep breath and put on my best boss lady face and being to walk though the doors.

As we walk through the doors the once abandoned mansion has been transformed into an elegant palace. “Our summer palace Belle Foret was modeled after the famous french place Versailles,”said Jon. Wow it’s amazing where a girl from Arizona can end up, never could I have imagined having a summer palace.

We are lead down a long hallway and at the end a huge door stands alone. A door, no walls, no bars, nothing connecting or holding the door up. Strange vines entangle themselves and wrap around the door. “It’s just to protect the leaders of Foret, the door can transport anyone inside of it to a safe place and the vines can lock out any dangerous force, simple,” said Henry. “Yea, so simple,” I say with a sarcastic smile. As we enter the room I gasp, I’m amazed and stunned at the horror show I’ve just walked into.

 Express Myself


 Express Myself


I wake from the same dream I’ve been having for almost a month and a half. My wedding, the happiest day of my life or it should be but instead it’s clouded by blood, pain and death. Scared of what the future will bring with no way of knowing how stop it.

I look around to see Henry laying beside me, so much for a girls sleep over. I spent all night talking to Henry and never went back to the party but the peace and love I feel when I’m with Henry is more than a sleep over fill with girls who know way to much of your business. Henry seems so at peace lying next to me, I wish I could have some of his peace as bad as it sounds. Just to not think for a couple of minutes a day would be good. There’s just too much to think about all the time, I wish I could only think of Henry and me, a wedding without the horror show that would be nice. Sometime I think I’m thinking too much to even express my feeling for Henry, because among all the things I have to think about, the last thing I want to think about is Henry thinking that I don’t love him. I’m not good at expressing my feeling anyways, must have gotten that from my mom, who wasn’t the lovey dovey type. And with my dad nowhere in sight, she was all I had to go off of, so at times I want to say exactly what’s on my mind, like I’m hopeless in love with you and can I spend all my free time with you. But it never comes of that way or even close, my awkwardness won’t allow it. But one day ill be able to treat him like he’s mine, to be able to jump into his arms if I want, to call him a midnight when were apart and tell him I love him without a hesitation.

There’s a knock at the door, with an elegant voice after it. “Princess Alexandria, Mr. Castrova, I’m sorry but your late you must awaken,” said Elizabeth. I don’t know that voice it doesn’t sound familiar and what could I be late for? In rushed in a tall slender lady with long blond hair walks in, she’s beautiful, she shine, maybe even sparkles literally. “Hello princess Alexandria I’m Elizabeth, you may think of me as your assistant/ royal advisor. I will be at your side hopefully for many years to help your rein run smooth. I know what your thinking is she sparkling, why yes I am, I get it from my mother’s fae side of the family. Anyway you two are late for the first family of Foret meeting, there you will meet the representative of the very first family clans of Foret,” said Elizabeth. Great more thing to think about.




It’s Always Been You, Before I Even Knew You, It Was You


It’s Always Been You, Before I Even Knew You, It Was You

 My feet are moving before I even know where they’re going. I race done the hall and open the door and let it slam behind me. Henry is not in his room, I hear a howl in the distant and I instantly know where he is. I look at the wall that shows the beautiful mural of a light mystical forest. As I touch it my fingers and body begin to pass through it, I close my eyes and when I open them I am here. Here I stand in Henry’s small world, he’s place of beauty and peace, but eventually pain and hatred soil everything.


I find Henry lying across Blu’s back reading a book under a tree. He turns to look at me, my eyes lock with his eyes and for a moment I’m reminded of the beautiful grey clouds you see before a rainy day. “Did you miss me so much, you had to sneak away from your sleep over just to see me, Miss Alexandria Foret I think your turning into a bad influence on me,” Laughs Henry. Henry sees the expression on my face and knows something is wrong. I cant help but glare at him, they been friends for years, did he really not know, did he not suspect. That there was even a slight chance that she could have been in love with him. “What’s wrong?” asked Henry. “What’s wrong is my night was ruined by your friend.” Henry looks puzzled, “What could Lucy have possible done to ruin your whole night?” I know exactly what he’s thinking, what could have the perfect Lucy have done to ruin anything.


“Well let’s start with the fact that she’s in love with you.” I didn’t think it was possible but somehow the look on Henry’s face becomes even more puzzled and confused. “No! There’s no way that Lucy could ever have those feeling for me.” Laughed Henry. “I’m glad you find this funny because me and everyone else tonight didn’t. It wasn’t funny when she confessed her feeling for you, it wasn’t funny when she told me you would never marry me, and it wasn’t funny when she said she was going after what she wants which is you.” The look on Henry’s face becomes so serious that it’s almost scary. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards him; he wraps his arms around my back then looks me straight in the eyes. I try to pull away from him but he holds me tighter, and then grabs my chin. Our eyes locked, our faces inches apart, “I don’t know what going on with Lucy but she would have to kill me to stop me from marrying you. There’s not a person in the universe that could keep me away from you, and I tell Lucy that. It’s always been you, before I even knew you it’s always been you.



My Love Won’t be Your Love


My Love Won’t be Your Love


As I sit there listening, a million possibilities go through my mind. The sense of relief if it isn’t Henry, The pain I feel if it is, what I should do after she says the words. I have hope that the things I’ve been sensing aren’t true, that she can truly say it’s not Henry and I can move pass this. I don’t want to go through the drama or have Henry lose a friend in the process. “I’m not sure I’ve ever been in love,” said Lucy. A beep goes off and the ball lights up read. “Somebody not telling the truth, time to take a shot,” said Flora. As Lucy takes a drinks my hearts sinks, now all I have to do is wait for the words to come out of her mouth. “Now you have to go again Lucy, this time I can choose, I dare you to tell us who is the guy you love,” said Flora. For a moment there’s silence in the room as we wait for Lucy to speak. When Lucy finally comes to after drinking the fairy shot, she whispers something so low I can’t make it out. “Say it louder,” said Evelyn. “It’s Henry, it has always been Henry,” said Lucy.


I hear a gasp come out of every person’s mouth, right before the room goes dead silent. Suddenly I can feel everyone’s gaze on me as I stare at Lucy. What do I say, what do I do, suddenly I feel like I just enter a Kdrama but I’m not going to be the one who gets tricked out of losing my man. “I get you loved Henry but now that were getting married in a couple of weeks, that’s is the past right?” Asked Alex. Lucy hesitates to speak and stumbles as she stands up. “It’s not in the past, I love Henry and I know he loves me. He’s going to wake up and realize that you’re not the one for him. He’s going to realize that it’s me who has always been there for him not some stranger who just appeared out of nowhere,” Said Lucy.

“The love the Henry and I have for each other is something that you or anyone will never be able to change. I’m sorry that things turn out this way for you but I have no intentions on letting go of Henry, so I think you should rethink your future plans of Henry waking up and falling for you.”

Just keep calm, just keep calm, don’t let her see you freak out. I keep saying it over and over in my mind, anything I can do to not make me pull this girl’s hair out of her head. Lucy gives me the death stare then say, “We’ll see because I’m not playing nice anymore, I’m going after what I want no matter who is in the way. Henry will never marry you I’ll make sure of it.”

The Truth is Coming . . .


The Truth is Coming . . .

I’m so ready to get this over with; I know this is going to be one of the awkward moments in my life that I will always remember. I greet all the girls pretending that I’m so excited to see everyone. In reality I have this pit in my stomach, hoping nothing goes wrong. “This is so exciting a wedding planning party for the princess soon to be queen, I can’t say I ever imagined this happening maybe in my dreams but not in reality. I’ll be helping the princess of Forêt plan her wedding to the most gorgeous and dreamy guy,” said Sophia. “Yes, this is true Alexandria and Henry are a match made in the heavens, no one could be more perfect for each other,” said Flora. I feel this sense of hatred in the air and as I look at Lucy out of the corner of my eyes, I can see the anger on her face. I chose to ignore it this time and this time only. The girls settling in to the room and we begin our planning, first the dress.


It feels like I’ve tried on hundreds of weeding dresses but I haven’t found one that’s makes me feel like I’m actually getting married in a couple of weeks. I know I’m 18 but for some reason I don’t feel like a grown up. I’m about to have the weight of a world on my back and a husband but I feel like a child playing dress up. Some my call it innocence but I don’t know. Flora has the girls try on bridesmaid’s dresses and I instantly know which dress I want. A all black silk midi dress and all the girls look amazing in it. Even if Lucy looks good in that dress she will never be a bridesmaid in my wedding, after all I said I would invite her to this sleepover not make her a bridesmaid. “I think it’s time for a break, how about a game?” Asked Flora. “Yes, I know the perfect game, Truth or dare. I have the ball in my bag,” said Sophia.


“So the rules for truth or dare, for those of you who haven’t played. Are you must pick a truth or dare, if you pick a dare your dare must be carried out if it is not you will be punished. If you pick truth, you will be asked a question if you do not answer it truthfully the truth or dare ball will know and punish you. So lets input the punishment in to the ball. What do think it should be Alex?” Said Sophia. “Wait so that ball is able to tell if a person is lying and punish them?” Sophia nods her head and turns the ball on and it begins to hover in the air. “How about the punishment be a shot of fairy breath,” said Evelyn. “What’s fairy breath?” asked Alex. “It’s a drink with a hint of fairy power. It makes you feel like you flying and drunk at the same time, which isn’t the best combination but it’s a good reason to tell the truth,” said Flora.


“So first up is Sophia, truth or dare,” asked Evelyn. “Truth,” said Sophia. “Who is your crush?” asked Flora. “Mmmmmm that would have to be Thomas, he just so sweet and good-looking,” said Sophia. Great even more to worry about I still don’t know which one of Henry’s friends is bad so Sophia liking one of them doesn’t make it any easier, I definitely have to get close to Henry’s friends. “Trust me he’s not as sweet as he looks,” said Lucy. “Next up is Lucy, truth or dare?” Asked Flora. “Truth,” said Lucy. “Are you in love Henry?” Asked Flora.




A Girl’s Dream


A Girl’s Dream

I’m truly excited, the last time I had a sleep over was right before we left Arizona, which I’ve been missing less and less lately. This world isn’t perfect but its home and I haven’t felt at home in a long time. Not belonging somewhere even when your surrounded by family is hard and very lonely. I really do miss my mom and sister but I’m sure their happy. My mom knows this is where I belong and my sister thinks I’ve found my father and I decided to live with him, which is true. The whole another world and being a princess isn’t exactly an easy thing to tell someone. Especially a someone like her who wouldn’t believe me anyways, she probably think I was insane and jealous of her to make up a story like that.

Flora has really gone all out for my sleepover/ wedding planning party; she has completely redecorated one of the castle’s guest rooms into every 12 years old dream. There’s a table full of candies, cakes, and so many ice cream flavors and the best part is the ice cream doesn’t melt. There are racks of wedding dresses for me to try on, an open bar and a huge screen for movie. I’m so happy to experience so many first tonight, watching my first Forêt movie, picking my wedding dress, and drinking with friends in Forêt.

“Flora you have out did yourself this room is beautiful.” “Thank you Alex, It’s nothing really I just had to get the floor removed to put down the softest fur carpet I could find, also I had to get 100% silk sheets for all the beds because I can’t sleep on anything less,” said Flora. “Right, I just hope everything goes well, I don’t know Lucy well and I’m just hoping nothing unexpected happens.” I really hoping I’ll get lucky and she won’t show up, and I’ll be able to tell Henry I tried. “Don’t worry I have your back and Sophia will be there to help. I almost forgot put these on, the girls will be arriving soon. Everyone is going to look so good in these custom pajamas, I had them all delivered earlier in everyone’s favorite color.

I go to change, as open the box I see beautiful silk, emerald-green pajamas. My favorite color I wonder how she knew, I love them, shorts and a long sleeve button up. It’s weird but it makes me realize that I’ve grown to love Flora in such a short time, how she knows me so well I’ll never know but I do know she’s a true friend. As I start to hear voices I know it is time to being the night and I know no matter what happens this will be a night I remember for the rest of my life.


A Night To Remember


A Night To Remember


I lay in bed and think about the way Henry sees me, a queen, someone able to change this world. It’s scary but it’s also a wonderful feeling, to have someone believe in you so much. He makes me think I could actually do it, change the world someday.

A month at the academy, I’m happy to say I’m really getting the hang of this magic thing. I’ve perfected levitation spells, I can even teleport my jacket when it gets cold outside. Though I still think it’s going to take me a while to be able to teleport myself. I’m just proud the future queen is not last in her class. Combat has been a breeze with Henry and Francis there to help me and I even think that professor Stein is starting to grow on me.

“Hey Sophia, so I will see you at my place at 7, I can’t wait to have my first sleepover/wedding planning night”. I can’t believe I’m getting married in just two weeks. “Yes I can’t wait to see the palace from the inside. And even better I can’t wait to see you try on wedding dresses,” said Sophia! I know I’ve only know Sophia for a month but it feels like a lifetime, She just the complete opposite of me but somehow we have so much in common. She is so friendly, outgoing, positive, and she knows just what to say to get me out of my moods. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and the best part of her personally is she is loyal and trustworthy. Unlike some fake friends people I know have in their life. “You’re having a sleepover tonight how exciting, i’ll bring the nail polish and face mask, see you tonight,” said Evelyn. WHAT! Did she just really invite herself to my sleepover? I give Sophia a look of disgust as Evelyn walks away. “It’s fine, maybe tonight we’ll see something in Evelyn that we never seen, plus there’s no rule saying that you have to hate your boyfriends ex and she really wasn’t even an ex. On top of that the more the merrier, so don’t worry,” said Sophia.

“Yes the more the merrier that’s why I insist that you invite Lucy,” said Henry. There must be something in the water today because everyone was is going absolutely crazy. Evelyn just invite herself to my sleepover, when she knows I’ve been trying to ditch her for the past month and now Henry wants me to invite the girl that I have not said more than 5 words two seen I’ve known her. On top that she in love with him; she’ll probably try to murder me in my sleep. But if I tell Henry I don’t want her there then ill have to explain why I don’t want her there. On the plus side if she try’s to kill me or slashes my wedding dress, that will give me a reason to tell Henry to drop her. Maybe I can even get her to admit she likes him. “Fine Henry if it means that much to you she can come, tell her to be there by 7”.

Fairies Or The Fae


Fairies OR The Fae


“Hey, how are you feeling?” asked Henry. Good, it’s really peaceful here. It’s a good place to think and I like to watch the fairies play. “There incredible creature, aren’t they?” asked Henry. “Yea, they seem so peaceful, like they haven’t a care in the world. I hope seem of that can rub off on me”. “Why don’t we take a walk and I’ll tell you a story about Foret’s magical creatures. “Said Henry. Henry holds out a hand to help me up, as we walk hand in hand, his fingers entangled in mines. Makes me feel like I’m home, I wish for a thousand more moments like this. Walking in Henry’s forest, holding his hand with bleu by our side. Like a normal couple living peaceful lives, even though I know there won’t be to many peaceful moments in this foreign land for me, I still can wish.


“The fairies didn’t always have this peace you see and today some still don’t. Many powerful spells require the wings of a fairy; witches go through the forest taking as many fairies as they can just to cast their spells. Many fairies have died and those who are still alive hide in the forest the best they can. But more and more continue to disappear, that’s why when ever I can I go to the forest with a couple of fairies and try to bring as many as I can here.Forêt is supposed to be a safe place for all magical creatures but there are dark people here that will do whatever they have too, to get what they want. There’s even a legend that if you consume enough fairies you’ll grow wings.” Said Henry. “But why hasn’t anyone did anything about it?” How could someone consume someone so beautiful and amazing? Something so pure and innocent, this world gets scarier and scarier by the day.

“It hard, the council that ruled while your father was away were biased, I’m sure many of them use fairies for their own needs and no one dared go against them. Even the fairies who are able to transform to human form won’t help.” Said Henry. “Wait all fairies can’t transform and why wouldn’t they help their own people?”

“Fairies who are able to change into human form consider themselves to be a different species than fairies. They call themselves the Fae, because they think there so above the fairies, they won’t help them. The Fae are even forbidden by their elders from mating with the fairies, they wouldn’t want to chance one of their own being born without the ability to transform so they just keep to themselves while the fairies are being slaughtered. That’s why I want you to be queen, I want you to change this world and make all the bad people go away. If there is anyone who can bring this world together it’s you, my queen.” Said Henry.

A Bit Unsteady


A Bit Unsteady


I stare at the mural and see a peaceful and beautiful place where I don’t have to think about my problems. I place my hand on the wall and close my eyes, when I open them I see the world that Henry has created. I walk around trying to clear my head, looking at the deep dark wood of the tress and the astonishing green that fills this place. As butterflies and fairy creatures fly past me, I feel my heart start to feel safe I can relax. I sit in the forest watching the magic around me; I see the fairies build a house in a tree. Magically making objects appear, small beds, tools, and tables. Then one of the most beautiful of all the fairies brings me a bracelet. Even though she does not speak, I know that this bracelet is special. I thank her and watch as her beautiful sparkly blue wings fly away. I sit in the forest a little longer, as I start to fall asleep I feel soft warm fur brush across my face. When I open my eyes I see Bleu Henry’s wolf, I’m so happy to see him because he is such an amazing creature. Bleu is almost the same size as me yet he licks my face so playfully that I forget how scary he looked the first time a saw him. He lies in my lap and I’m happy because he is another piece of Henry that I get to know. As I pet him I decide to tell him about my dream wedding, about how beautiful I hope it will be, how I hope nothing will go wrong. “And don’t worry your definitely invited Bleu”. Bleu licks me again; I guess he would be honor to be at our wedding which honestly makes me feel a bit more steadied. To have someone who will be they’re for Henry no matter what, someone to keep him safe, someone who might be able to change the outcome of the future that I saw.


Bleu begins hollowing and my heart begins to race and my unsteady feeling start to come, I panic thinking that something might be wrong. Then Henry appears and I try to catch my breath and my tears before they start, because I’m not ready to tell Henry about my unsteady feeling about this wedding or us.

Our Future Or No Future


Our Future Or No Future


I wake up and my heart is beating so fast that I can’t catch my breath. I wipe away the tears that have fallen from my eyes while I was dreaming. It just felt so real and it can’t be real, I won’t let it be, this can’t ever happen.

I’m knocked out of the memories of my horrible nightmare by the touch of Henry’s arms wrapping around me. I didn’t even realize where I am, but as I look around the room and see Henry’s beautiful mural of the forest, I know that I’m safe in Henry’s room. It puts my heart at ease to see this familiar place and to feel the warmth that radiates off Henry. I lay next to Henry feeling safe and at home yet I’m afraid to close my eyes. I’m afraid of what I’ll see if I do. Even thinking about it makes me want to cry. All I can see is Henry’s face as he falls to the ground, then the heartbreak, then the darkness. I turn to Henry he’s so beautiful sometime it’s hard to believe he’s real, to believe he’s laying next to me. Beautiful pale skin, dark copper hair, pink lips, he’s like a dream. A dream that I don’t want to disturb, I don’t believe that he’s somehow mix up in my crazy life. Why am I doing this to him, I keep telling myself it’s just a dream and it’s never going to happen but in my heart I don’t believe it. Do I tell Henry about my dream, do I keep it to myself. The fact that this isn’t my first time having this dream, do I tell him and darken our future together or do I keep it to myself and hope that it never happens.

I guess we rushed in so fast and fell so hard that it’s to late; I can’t help falling for Henry each day. I can’t help feeling that a life without Henry’s isn’t a life worth living. If I don’t tell him this could be our future but if I do tell him this could be the thing that tears us a part, the thing that breaks us. But isn’t it better for him to have a future without me then, to not have one with me?

Wedding Plans and Nightmares


Wedding Plans and Nightmares


Planning my wedding is something you dream about as a little girl, I never imagined it happening this way or with such amazing guy. To be honest I never imagine me finding anyone, I’ve dreamt about these amazing guys but could never find them in real life. I never dated anyone because I could never find anyone worth dating and now I’m getting married at 18. I wonder am I to young, is there more out there that I need to see before I commit myself to this one person. Every time I think about how wonderful Henry is and no matter how many people are in the world I will never meet another guy as amazing as him. So I could wait a couple of years to get married but if I’m planning on spending the rest of my life with Henry why wait.


Flora and I surprising get a lot done, but with magic everything is easier. Flower arrangements float in the air, as Flora changes them to my liking. I decided that colors for the wedding would be white and a deep green, like the trees in the forest. Before I know it we have planned half of the wedding, Flora says she will take care of the rest and the next time she see me, I get to pick a dress. It’s really exciting to see myself in a beautiful white dress, I really hope my mom and my sister will be there, I wish Catherine could be there. But before I can open the red door in my mind I put the thought away I’m exhausted.


When I leave Henry is waiting for me. I talk about my long day at school on our way to the car, It’s late and getting dark so there are not many people around. I think everything is more beautiful at night, more mysterious. As I stare out the window looking as this beautiful world that goes by I slowly close my eyes to see nothing but darkness.

I run as people fall around me, they try to fight be they continue to fall. I scream for Henry but he’s not there. I scream Dad but he doesn’t come, I try my hardest to fight them off but nothing I do works. I try to move forward but they continue to drag me back. Henry comes for me, talking down men, as he comes closer and closer. I fight harder to get In Henry’s arms; he’s so close I can almost touch him before someone comes behind him and stabs him in the back. I scream and I scream, I call out his name but he doesn’t move then the darkness takes over me.





A Dark Room


A Dark Room

My last class today doesn’t have a name just a class number, I’m interested to know what the class is about but I’m honestly just ready to go home in curl up in my bed. Henry shows me the way to my class. Which just happens to be all the in back of the school in a dark corner. “Good luck my love and I’ll be here waiting for you after class,” said Henry. Henry wraps his arms around me and gives me a sweet light kiss but I can’t help but want to live in Henry’s arms, live in his warmth. Before Henry could remove his arms or take away his warmth I pull him in closer to kiss his neck and as I kiss his neck I work my way up to his lips. I kiss him deeply and as I do I can feel the shock in his body but he does not stop me. Our kiss gets even deeper as he pulls me a little closer, my hand wrapped in his hair and all the troubles of the day disappear. It’s just him and me floating across the room and everything is perfect.


I hear someone clear their throat; Henry and I pull away from each other, it’s embarrassing getting caught making out but it was worth it. When I turn around I see Professor Stein and Flora my royal stylist, “ Mr. Castrova you should head to class before your late,” said Professor Stein.


Henry smiles at me then walks to class. “Flora and Professor Stein what are you doing here?” Flora tells me to follow her and Professor Stein, which is a real trust exercise because their both being very mysterious and on top of that I’m following them into a dark room where no one will see or hear me if they kill me. I walk in and have a seat as Flora and Professor Stein stand in the front of the classroom. “So you are here today so we can teach you all about being a princess and becoming a queen. This class will be all about, how to act in public, how to address higher family in Foret, wedding planning, people you should know, the architect of the castle, and the secrets that only a queen should know.” Said Flora. “Throughout the semester you will have different teachers come in to teach you different thing, your classes might also be in different place depending on your teacher. Today Flora is here for your wedding planning,” said Professor Stein. As Professor Stein leaves the room Flora beings to jump up and down with excitement, “I get to plan my own wedding?” “Yes and we need you married as soon as possible so we have no time to spare, we have a lot to get done today. Luckily you have the best wedding planner in the business, Flora Stein at your service.” Said Flora

Combat For Our Hearts


Combat For Our Hearts


Our class today is on hand-to-hand combat; Henry and Francis do a demonstration. Henry is clearly a better fighter than Francis; every move Francis throws out there Henry dodges, finally Henry knocks Francis to the ground. I can see from the look on Francis face that he isn’t exactly pleased and doesn’t seem to care for Henry. Professor Stein tells us to pick a partner and practice; I head towards Sophia as Henry pulls me in the other direction. “Partners,” said Henry. “I waited for you after class but you never showed,” said Alex. “I’m sorry I was busy I promise to show you to all your next classes,” said Henry. I punch towards Henry face he dodges it, he throw a left punch towards my shoulder and somehow a move out the way. I must be a natural or something. “You know I’m only assisting this class so I can help train you. Even as the best combat fighter in the school I had to beg Professor Stein to let me work with you one on one,” said Henry. “Great, so does that mean late night training session?” asked Alex. Henry gives me a beautiful and charming smile, then says “Miss Foret are you trying to seduce me. “Maybe, is it working?” Said Alex. “I think it might be, I guess you will find out later at our late night training session but if you don’t focus your going to get us in trouble. And I don’t need Francis talking over my job,” said Henry. “No one could take your place, and why would he want to train me anyways,” said Alex. “ I don’t know, maybe to get you to change your mind. All I know is that he asked Professor Stein to train you before I ask and Professor Stein said no,” said Henry.


We get changed and cleaned up then Henry and I walk to lunch together. Some of the foods look a little different but luckily they have burger and fries, I’m so glad. Henry and I have a seat, then the gangs shows up, they all become deep in their conversation as I seat there pretending to listen. I see Sophia looking for a place to sit, I invite her to eat lunch with us, Everyone say hi then goes back to their deep conversation about nothing. As I sit here I can feel their feelings, the loyal one, the jealous one and the one that longs for his heart. I’m uncomfortable, I see the way Lucy looks at him and I hate her for it but I also feel bad because Henry looks at me that way, which makes me happy, which also makes me feel bad. As much as I love Henry and will never give him up for anyone, it has to be one of the worst feeling to watch the person you’re in love with be in love with someone else.

My History


Our History

“Hey Alex, I’m so glad we have this class together,” said Evelyn. I really wish I could say the same thing and out of the 100 seats in this lecture hall she has to sit next to me. “Right, isn’t this a beginners class?” Which is the nicest way I can say why are you here and when are you going to leave. “ Yes, but I needed an extra credit, so I will be the teacher’s assistant for this class. So were going to be together for the rest of the semester, isn’t that exciting?” Something is telling me this is going to be a long semester. “Right, very exciting.” Professor Stein enters the room and everyone goes silent. By the stiffness in everyone’s body I can tell the Professor Stein is not one to mess with. He doesn’t look intimidating, mostly a little dorky. Like there’s a chance he still living with his mother, but from the serious look on everyone’s faces, there must be more than meets the eye.


We begin class by turning to page 120 in our textbook and begin to learn about the Salem witch trials. Professor Stein begins to show images that appear out of nowhere, like a 3D movie and as Professor Stein begins to tell the history of Foret, the images begin to show everything. “The Salem witch trials are the reason you are where you are today. It all began in 1692 when the people of Salem began to convict and kill witches and non-witches. Behind the scenes a war slowly began, the word had spread around the world of what the humans had started. Witches around the world were angry and some feared that what was happening in Salem might spread through to the rest of the world. Some thought we should eliminate the entire town and erase them for the history, others that it would pass and harming humans would be wrong. As the killings continued, we ready ourselves for war. Knowing this the Foret’s had to think fast before innocent blood was spilled. Before they could come up with a solution both Mr. and Mrs. Foret were accused of witchcraft. Before they could be hung the other witches managed to get them far from Salem and to New York where they boarded a boat that brought them to France. Once they were there, they built Foret a universe where all magical creatures could be free. They sent word and invites all around the world, preaching peace and freedom and people began to come. There was now no need for war, the witches of Salem traveled to France and England enter the portals into Foret. From that day we have had peace but there are still those who want war, those who claim the human world belong to the witches and will have it soon.”

As I leave History of magic I’m proud to know that my ancestors stood up for what they believe in and came up with one of the greatest solution ever! Sophia and I have combat class together and as we walk there, I just have to ask about Professor Stein. “So what is up with Professor Stein, the entire class went silent when he walk through the door?” “I’m surprised you don’t know he’s one of your dads good friends and his family comes from a long line of bad-ass warriors,” said Sophia. “I never heard my dad talk about him and beside Professor Stein looks like he reads comic books, there’s no way he’s a warrior,” Said Alex. “ I know right but he is. He was part of the palace guard for a while, he even fought in the war to protect the barrier but you’ll see because he’s also our combat Professor,” said Sophia. Great because a double dose of Professor Stein is just what I need. We get dressed in our combat clothes in head to the training field and I’m happy to see Henry is there standing next to Francis, which has to be a little awkward. I mean the guy tried to marry me and lost to Henry. I want to talk to Henry but everyone is dead silent as professor Stein walk towards the field. As he get’s closer my mouth drops open, what happen to Professor Stein he’s no long Clark Kent but Superman, a really hot superman.

A Few Hours Is To Long To Be Without You


A Few Hours Is To Long To Be Without You


“I thought this class was for beginners?” asked Alex. “I’m the T.A. this semester, which is pretty lucky. We get to spend a lot of time together now, I could even help you study,” said Evelyn. What is this girl’s problem, seeing her in the hallways is enough now I have to spend an hour and a half with her. Did she cast a spell to make herself forget the nasty things she said to me and the fact that she thought she was going to marry Henry. I spend the rest of History of magic annoyed, every fifteen minutes Evelyn Tries to whisper something that is supposed to be charming or funny into my ear. I would just get up and move but the Professor, Mr. Peters is in the middle of a lecture and the class is dead silent, and I don’t want to be that awkward kid who gets up and makes so much noise it disrupts the whole class. I’m relieved when the class is over, I say goodbye to Sophie and practically run towards the door, I can hear Evelyn calling after me but I never stop.


As I’m running away from Evelyn I almost knock over someone else and like a seen out of a movie, both of our books and papers fly out of our hands and end up all over the hallway. “I’m so sorry I was not paying attention,” said Alex. “It’s OK Princess Alexandria,” said Colin. As I look up I’m surprise and happy to Colin before me, after our date so much happened that I haven’t had a chance to think about hanging out with him. “I’m so happy to run into you Colin, literally and call me Alex please,” said Alex. Colin laughs and I’m excited to see you Alex, so are you on your way to lunch?” asked Colin. I guess I was so busy running I forgot it time to eat. “Yes I am, want to join me? “I’d  like that very much,” said Colin. We walk to the lunchroom together, I grab a pizza and a salad, Colin just gets pasta. I look around the lunchroom for a place to sit and see Sophia sitting by herself. Colin and I take a seats next to her. I introduce Sophia and Colin to each other and they seem to really hit it off. “What classes do you have next Alex” asked Sophia. I look at my schedule, “I have potions and after that I have combat.” “That’s great, we have the same classes,” said Sophia.


We spend the rest of lunch talking and laughing, Evelyn invite me to sit with her and her friends. I refuse that invitation of course. “So what’s the deal with you and Evelyn, you clearly can’t stand her,” Asked Sophia. “Long story short, she tried to take Henry from me and now she is acting like a fake by trying to be my best-friend,” said Alex. “So this is what it feels like to be in the middle of girl drama,” laughs Colin. “Hey this is very real drama, you can’t try to steal someone’s boyfriend, then befriend them,” said Sophia. The bell rings and Sophia and I say good-bye to Colin and head to potions class. As we walk to class I can’t help but worry, where is Henry. I thought he was going to walk me to my classes or that I would see him at lunch but I haven’t. It’ s a few classes a day that I don’t get to see Henry, which is not that long but I can’t help but want to be around him all the time. Which is not normal but I can’t help it, he’s my first love and I’m hoping, but In my heart I know he will be my only love. As Sophia and I walk into class I’m excited to learn how to mix things together to create spells, when I see the T.A. I almost have a heart attack and throw up in my mouth a little.


You, Me And The Academy


You, Me, And The Academy


Lucy runs toward Henry and jumps into his arms, hugging him. I’m not a jealous person but does this girl ever stop, she’s worst then Evelyn. As I stand behind Henry and Lucy, glaring at them while they hug, Lucy looks at me and smiles. It takes everything in me not to pull her off of Henry and bang her head against a locker, but instead to pretend to be happy to see her. “I used every detection spell in my book looking for you, where have you guys been for these past days and what happened at the house,” said Henry. “We can’t talk about it here meet us at my place after classes are over,” said Isaac.

Henry walks me to my first class and wishes me good luck before I enter. I’m really nervous; being in school again just reminds me of so much that I want to forget. All I can think about is Katherine and how I want to share this experience with her so badly. My feelings come flooding back, like a tidal wave. Heartbreak, loneliness, guilt and sadness, as I hear my name I put all of my feeling behind the red door in my mind. The door I don’t want anyone to enter, the one I don’t want to enter. All my fears, guilt, anger, disappointments, and sadness, I put them all behind that door and try to forget they ever existed. “Before we get started today I want to introduce a new student to the academy, this is Princess Alexandria,” said Professor Bellamy. I wave to the class and find a seat in the back. Spells 101 is an interesting class, very useful unlike English, math or science. I haven’t practice magic much but I pick up the spells easily. I mastered moving objects around the room and making objects invisible. Someone boy in the class tried the invisible object spell on another student and by the end of the class we still couldn’t find him, so I don’t think I’ll be learning that spelling anytime soon.

I walk out of my first class expecting to see Henry there waiting for me but he’s not. I look at my schedule and see that History of magic is my next class, so I set out on the journey to discover it myself. I wonder around for 15 minutes hopelessly lost, this school is as big as a forest and for some reason I can’t see past the trees. “Do you need help? You seem like you don’t know your left from you right at the moment,” said Sophia. “My left and right are a little fizzy at the moment, but yes I need to find History of magic,” said Alex. “I have that class next so I’ll show you the way, I’m Sophia by the way.” “Nice to meet you, I’m Alex.” We walk to history together getting to know each other, she nice and fun, maybe even a soon to be good friend. We walk into history of magic and I’m excited to learn, Sophia and I take a seat together and as I put my books down I look up and see Evelyn taking the seat next to me. 

Forêt Academy


Forêt Academy

High school was bad enough and now I’ve been enrolled into Hogwarts. I’m excited to learn how to control my magic and live in a world that millions can only dream about but I just don’t want to have to do any of the work. What a cliché teen thing to say but it’s true, I thought this world would be easy but it been a lot of hard work. I just have to keep looking at the bigger picture, Henry is the bigger picture, and I grab my ridicules schoolgirl uniform and throw it on. When I become queen I will abolish this look from Forêt academy. By the time I get dressed Henry is finished and out of the room.

I go to the dinning room to eat my breakfast as Jon goes over the do’s and the don’t.I manage to block him out even though I know that will come back to bite me in the ass. I finish my breakfast then it’s off to Hogwarts, Henry and I get into the limo and were off. I’m nervous and scared; I haven’t had the best luck in school lately. More than anything I would like to make friends, really awesome one that I can trust in and that can trust in me. I just don’t want to repeat the events that happened before I came to Forêt. I don’t think I could take losing another friend or anyone, which makes me think of Henry. I know he can’t be OK after losing so many friends but from the way he’s acting I could never tell.

We arrive at Forêt academy and beside that fact that everyone is watching me as I get out of the car everything else is normal. Henry grabs my hand and tells me not to be nervous but how can I and I still don’t know how he always knows what I’m feeling. I try to breath and calm myself down as Henry and I walk through the school hand and hand. I can hear people whispering but I can’t make out anything. As were walking though the school Evelyn approaches us, “Wow Henry it’s so nice to see you, I didn’t think you’d be coming back and your majesty it is such an honor to meet you officially. I’m so sorry about the other night I wasn’t myself, you’ll have to forgive me, “said Evelyn. Funny how nice and polite Evelyn is today, I guess seen I’ve became royalty over night her opinion about Henry and I have changed. I smile, “you were just having a bad day it happens to all of us”. I forgive her because I know it’s the right thing to do because it is what a queen would do. Even though I’m sure all hers days are bad days because she looks like a mean girl who always get her way and when she doesn’t it’s bad for everyone. “I’m so happy you’re here now we can become best-friend, we should totally eat lunch together. See you at lunch,” said Evelyn. As Evelyn walks away Henry and I look at each other and bust out laughing. “Come on let me give you a tour of the academy then get you to you first class, “ said Henry. We walk around the school and it’s beautiful, really grand. As we pass the cafeteria I see some familiar faces and I’m relieved and happy to see the joy on Henry’s face as the loyal one, the jealous one and the one that longs for his heart approach us.

With You By Their Side

With You By Their Side

It’s Jon and I’m so relieved, I can’t help but jump into his arms. I realize this is the first time that I’ve hugged my father. “I’m so glad to see you alive, after leaving the castle behind in flames. I just wasn’t sure,” said Alex. My eyes start to water, at the thought that I could have lost Jon before I could have gotten to know him. “I’m fine, luckily we stop the intruders before most of them could make it through the castle boundary . We defeated the ones that did get through the boundary but some of them got away. We’re in the middle of interrogating the ones that survived because you can’t get through the boundary without someone letting you in, the only question is who.” Said Jon. “You don’t know who but what did they want, why did they break into to the castle? Asked Alex. “I’m not to sure but from what I can put together, there after you Alex,” said Jon. “I don’t get it why would they be after me. I’m not queen yet, I don’t know how to use my powers and I have no ideal how to run Foret. So what use could I be to anyone.” Who would have guessed that I would miss normal, boring days. Watching tv, checking my Facebook and doing my homework sounds like a treat now. “Alex, you’re the future queen of Foret. You have all these amazing people ready to follow and even die for you and they don’t even know you. Foret’s people trust you and the people of Foret won’t just give their trust to anyone. If the invaders managed to kill your father and the future queen, Foret would plunge into chaos. The only way someone could successfully rule Foret is with you by their side,” said Henry. “I would never agree to marry someone else,” said Alex. “There are many methods and powerful spells to make people do things they don’t want to,” said Henry.

“In order to keep you both safe until the wedding, Henry will stay in the castle and Alex you’ll spend half of your time training at the academy and the other half safe in the castle,” said Jon. That’s just great I came to Foret to have a life and now that I have one, I get it taken away. “We should get going we’ll talk more about this later. Our protectors are waiting to take us back to the castle.

Henry packs a few of his thing, whispers something to bleu, then talks to his maid Abby about something. When we step outside, were surrounded by bodyguards. The bodyguards are actually pretty scary looking and make me a little uncomfortable but I try not to think about. We get into the car and head towards castle. I can’t help but think about who could be behind all of this. Is it someone I’ve met, someone I know nothing about. How far will they go, how many people will they be willing to kill just to get to me. I’ve goon from an invisible, unimportant person to the future queen of a world in a couple of weeks. The direction my life is going in, I don’t see this getting any easier. Do I want easier or do I want a harder but extraordinary life?

His World

His World

I like the warmth of his body wrapped around mines as we sleep. I turn to watch him, he looks so beautiful, so peaceful but we never are what we appear to be on the outside. I look around the room to find paintings covering the walls, an amazing forest with beautiful tress and birds. Everything looks so realistic, I feel like I can see the tress blowing in the wind and the birds moving within the trees. I get up to get a closer look and I realize they’re really moving. I reach out to move my hand across the leaves, when my hand moves through the wall. When I pull it out there’s a leaf in my hand, I don’t think I’ll ever get use to something as incredible as magic. How could I, by being born In a world were everything is make-believe and if by chance you do believe in the impossible it makes you a crazy person. I’ll never get use to this world because it feels like I’m dreaming an incredible adventure and one day I’m going to wake up to realize it was just an impossible dream. My life here is a fairytale, the good and the bad, the boy, the magic and the creatures. One day I’ll wake up and it will be gone.

I lay back down next to Henry and close my eyes, trying to find peace by being near him. I’m awakened by Henry’s tossing and turning, he’s having a nightmare but how could he not. After what he just saw, it was horrible, I’d probably would be having a nightmare if my entire world wasn’t already a dream state. I shake Henry awake, “Henry are you okay?” Asked Alex. “Yes, I’m fine just a dream. I want to show you something,” said Henry. Henry pulls me out of bed, “Close your eyes,” said Henry. I close my eyes, while Henry leads me.

I can feel the breeze and the grass beneath my feet. “Open your eyes, this is my world. I created it, a happy place for me to escape to when Forêt isn’t so happy.” “Your amazing Henry, this world is even more beautiful than Forêt,”said Alex. We walk around as Henry shows me all his favorite things. “I also have someone I’d like your to meet,” said Henry. “Meet someone who lives in your world?” Said Alex. Henry smiles, “While, he doesn’t live in my world he just likes to visit. His name is Bleu and he’s a little shy so be gentle.” Suddenly I’m a little scared what or who could Henry be talking about. I hear a noise and in the shadows I see a huge, beautiful, blue-eyed wolf. Bleu, who almost the same size as Henry walks over slowly to him and I reach out to touch Bleu but he pulls away. “Bleu, this is Alex. Alex this is my familiar Bleu,” said Henry. As big as Bleu is he still tries to hide behind Henry, shy like. Henry takes my hand and moves it towards Bleu. “It’s okay Bleu,” said Henry. As Henry holds my hand out for Bleu, he starts to move closer, till finally I can fill his nose against them Palm of my hand. Henry moves away as Bleu brushes against me. Bleu moves throughout this world and Forêt but he likes it here more, we spend a lot of our time here, together. Suddenly Bleu starts to growl, showing his giant teeth and as I look in his direction a man approaches us.

A House Full Of Death

A House Full Of Death

We’ve been walking for hours now and just as I don’t think I can walk any longer, things start to look familiar. Suddenly Henry stops and were standing in front of an empty field, then the door appears. Something is different, there’s a chill in the air and the bad feeling I got right before I walked in to Catherine’s room is now surrounding me. “Henry, I can feel it, something bad has happened here,” Said Alex. Henry hands me the bag of weapons, then takes out the two daggers from his holster. Henry opens the door slowly, “Stay close behind me,” said Henry. We walk through the house quietly and I remember how full of life, love, and happiness this house was. Tonight I have yet to see a soul, we walk through the kitchen and find blood. There’s so much blood everywhere, all over the floors, the walls, and on the ceiling but not one body. I’m shaking and tears start to run down my face, just thinking about the wonderful people I saw here and the thought that they could all be goon is too much. We start to follow the trail of blood, it leads us through the house and into the backyard.

Nothing could have prepared me for the devastation I’m looking at. There’s about a hundred lifeless bodies laying across the grass. I hold in my screams but I can’t stop the tears, the beautiful fairies and the amazing creatures that I could only dream about are all dead. I can feel the fear and sadness of the people who were murdered here, how do I handle something like this. This is the worse thing I’ve ever seen but then I saw the look in Henry’s eyes and the pain he feels is much worse. Seeing the man I love heartbroken is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. “Henry, we should go inside.” Henry turns to look at me and as the daggers fall out of his hands tears start falling down his face and I leap into his arms. I can’t help but cry, Henry’s pain is my pain, literally. I can feel his pain, his heartbreak, the lost that Henry is feeling tonight is one that I don’t know if he’ll ever get over. I know that these people accepted him and for that they were family. The lost of someone who has been more of a family to you then your own family is devastating. I wish I could take away his pain and wipe this night from both our memories. “We need to find a safe place Henry.” I look into his eyes and wipe the tears off his cheeks then he hugs me again.

Henry leads us through the house and into the garage, we get into one of the cars and he begins to drive. Death and fear is all I have seen today and as we leave a house full of death behind us I wonder if the loyal one, the jealous one, and the one that longs for his heart is Ok. Henry has already lost a house full of family, I don’t want him to lose the friends who gave him hope and a will to live. We finally pull up to Henry’s mansion and as we get out of the car I can see the look of defeat on Henry’s face. He has lost some much today but I want him to know that no matter what he has me by his side. We walk into the mansion, Abby the maid stands there waiting but Henry walks passed her without a word. He marches up stairs, I follow behind him trying to keep up. We end up in Henry’s bedroom, which I don’t think I’ve ever been in but it’s dark so there’s not much to see. Henry sits on the edge of the bed in silence, as I move to stand in front of him I can’t help but want to comfort him. As my hands lie twirled in his hair, he lays his head against my chest and wraps his arms around my waist. I know the images of the people he has lost have to be in his head and I give anything to make them go away.

What We Left Behind Us

What We Left Behind Us

I jump out of bed, Henry automatically by my side. I’m paralyzed by the screams, I don’t know what I should do. I could just stand here watching through the window or I could run downstairs and help or fight, even though I know nothing about either, I would be completely useless probably get someone hurt. Maybe I could just hide and hope everything will be ok, hope Jon and my people will be fine. None of those things sounds like what a queen would do, I’m supposed to be strong and fight, bring peace to this world. I look around for Henry and he has disappeared, I look in the bathroom and in the closet but he’s gone. Great abandoned in my time of need.
“Here put these on,” said Henry. I’m relieved to see him, it’s good to know when times get rough he will be here for me. “Where were you?” asked Alex. “There are secret passages throughout the castle, one of them is through your closet.” Said Henry. “How did you know about them and I don’t?” Asked Alex. “Well Jon thought I should know, you’re going to be my wife soon, it’s my job to protect you.” I put on the clothes the Henry hands me, then he leads us through the closet behind many hangers of clothes there is a steel door. “You have to open it Alex, only a Forêt can open it.” “Ok, and just how do I do that Henry.” Funny how every is so busy trying to teach how to be a queen and a wife and somehow they forgot to teach me how to be a witch. “It’s easy just close your eyes, place you hand on the door and imagine it opening. See it, feel it and believe in yourself.” I close my eyes and place my hand on the door. I imagine this huge steel door opening and when I open my eyes nothing has happened. “I can’t do this Henry there has to be another way.” I must be the worst witch ever I can’t do the simplest thing like open a door. “Your going to try it again. This time just focus on me.” Henry put one of his hands on my waist and the other on my hand that lies on the door. I try to focus on the warmth of Henry’s hands and how slowly Henry’s breathing is, I close my eyes and feel the door move beneath my hand.

“I knew you could do it,” said Henry. We enter the room and the door locks behind us, I look around to see nothing but weapons. Swords, knives, daggers, even arrows and bows, I guess guns haven’t made it to Forêt yet. Henry loads up putting whatever he can in his boots, up his sleeves and on the weapons holster around his belt. Then he does the same to me, like I’d know how to use any of this stuff if it came down to it, but it’s nice to know it’s there. If I had to protect myself, maybe kill someone for Henry or myself, maybe I could do it. The thought of someone killing Henry or me killing someone to protect him would out rule anything or anyone, I could do it, kill someone. I would kill someone for our love or for anyone I loved, does that make me a bad person? Henry puts extra weapons in a bag, then he writes a note to Jon, telling him I’m alright and he’s taking me to a safe place and that we will be back when everything clears up. Henry uses magic to conceal the note so that only Jon can find it, I hope Jon is ok I would be lost without him. We head down the tunnels and come across a clearing, were pretty far but I can still see the castle and the smoke in the distance. Henry grabs my hand and we begin our journey to safety leaving the destruction of the castle behind us.

Moon Ceremony

Moon Ceremony

On the outside I’m wearing an amazing dress that matches the green in my eyes and I’ll admit I look beautiful, like a princess should. On the inside I’m freaking out, which I seem to do a lot lately. I wish I could just chill, I’m marry an amazing man, what’s there to be worrying about. Either, I marry Henry and rule a great kingdom while getting to know the father I always wanted or I marry Henry and we have a peaceful life together. Just us in love, no kingdom to rule, no one to care about but him and me. I never realized how selfish that sounds but either way I will have a good life, I just need to stop worrying and live it.
“You look lovely, just like your mother. Now I will go through you schedule for tonight. All of Forêt will know your choice when you and Henry walk down the grand staircase together. Once the two of you have done that, you will both greet the people of Forêt getting to know as many people as possible. Once the ceremony starts you and Henry will go to your room in the tower, which is the safest part of the castle,” Said Jon. “What, why can’t we stay for the ceremony?” Strangely I’m asking because I fill like it’s the right thing to do, not because I actually want to be at the ceremony. I will gladly skip it to spend more time with Henry, just him and me alone in my room. Not many dads would be ok with that but I’m going to be a queen, I dare him to try to keep us away from each other. “Every 100 years our two moons eclipse, giving most of the magical creatures in Forêt powers they never had or making them stronger than ever imagined. This could be a great threat to you, seeing how you have to yet to chain your powers. You wouldn’t be able to defend yourself if something might happen, so I just think it’s best to keep you and Henry up in the tower till the ceremony is over. Don’t worry everything will be ok, there are guards all through the castle and surrounding it, no one is getting in the castle if something is to happen. You’ll also have Henry with you and he is very well-trained, the 5 hours will go by fast,” said Jon. I know Jon just said a lot of things but the only thing I heard was 5 hours alone in my room with Henry. I nod and try to act like I’m disappointed not to get to stay at they ceremony.

I stand at the doors leading to the staircase, scared out of my mind. What if I trip and tumble-down the stairs like an idiot. “Stop worrying you’ll do great, all of Forêt will love you just like I do. By the way you look amazing as always my love,” said Henry. As always Henry can read my emotions like a book, I’m glad I’m not alone now I don’t think I could do this without him by my side. I take a deep breath before we ascend down the staircase leading to the garden. My arm through Henry’s as we walk down the stairs, all I can think is don’t fall. Finally we make to the bottom and everyone begins to clap. We make our rounds talking to different people, well Henry talks I just nod and smile. He’s good at these, with people, they really seem to love him. He’ll be a great king, a great husband, and a great father.

Were escorted to my room, where dinner waits for us, it seems the servants know I’m hungry before I do which I like. It’s nice never needing or wanting for anything here. I never have ask, whatever I need is always done. Henry and I eat, then change into some night-clothes that have been left out for us. Which is weird that Jon would let Henry sleep with me but I’m not complaining. We talk getting to know each other, talking about our favorite things and what’s it like learning new spells and practicing magical. We fall a sleep in each other’s arms and I begin to dream about a man’s face coming out of the fire. People are running and screaming, some lay died on the ground. The Man keeps moving forward killing anyone that stands in his way, I still can’t see his face its cloaked somehow. He heads up the stairs and reaches for the door and just as he does a man pushes him passed the steps and unto the floor, as they surround him he vanishes. I awake for my dream, it felt so real, Henry is still asleep so lay my head on his chest and listen to the sound of his breathing, as I drift back to sleep I hear a scream and smell fire.

Don’t Be Upset With Me

Don’t Be Upset With Me

“Wow, so you were a real bad boy I would have never guessed.” Henry smiles, “So your not upset or angry or repulsed by me?” Henry looks disappointed but I think he’s disappointed in himself. “Henry, why would I be angry or upset, you were a child going through a very hard time and besides there’s nothing that you could do that would ever make me stop loving you.” I want to take away all of Henry’s pain but I know I can’t erase his past and I can’t bring back his parents. “I’ve just done so many bad things in my short life that, I just don’t feel I could ever deserve you.” I look at Henry and I see this mysterious, beautiful young man, who has lost his parents and somehow managed to put himself back together. Which I don’t know if I could but Henry is strong, loving and means so much to me. “I don’t want you feel that way Henry because I know you deserve me and I you, and my opinion is the only one that really matters so your just going to have to deal with it,” says Alex jokingly. Henry laughs, “I never imagined that I would fall in love this soon or find a girl I wanted to marry. You give me someone to live for Alex.” Henry leans forward and kisses me, I’m lost in his soft lips, his hand that gentle pulls my hair while the other lies on my thigh. I can’t help but tangle my hand in his soft hair and in this moment I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want Henry. He has my heart, my body, my soul but before I can think about the intimate moments I wish to have with Henry he stops. “We should finish our game, it’s my turn.” Says Henry. Of course I’m disappointed but at the same time, relieved Henry will be my first and it scares me. “Why were you in the forest, the day we met?” Asks Henry. My heart sinks to my stomach and I’m scared, what if he’s repulsed by me. What if he feels the way I do inside, that I could have saved Catherine if I just tried harder to be a better friend. My best friend is died because of me, because of what I did. If I just believed in Catherine and was happy for her, none of this would have happened. I try but the words just don’t come out, I want to be nothing but honest with Henry but I don’t know if I’m ready to tell him. I just have to do it, blurt it out and get it over with. “There you are princess Alexandria, I’ve been looking for you all over the castle. It’s time to get ready for the moon ceremony,” says Flora. I’ve never been this happy to see anyone in my life. I give Henry a well talk about it later look and kiss him goodbye, hopefully later never comes.

“I get the feeling that I interrupted something in there, is everything alright?” Asked Flora. “Yea, you kind of interrupted something but I’m glad you did.” “Alright, I just wanted you to know that you can tell me anything. I want us to be friends and I know it must be really scary getting married at 18 but Henry is an amazing man and you two will be happy together. So anytime you need to talk about anything and I mean anything, just think of me as you older sister.” Strange, when Flora said anything all these things started to pop in my head. It’s hard I don’t have a best friend to talk to, my mom and sister are a world away, literally and I have no friends here. It just nice to know that I can call Flora a friend, it will nice to have girl talk again. I guess I never knew how much I needed it till it wasn’t possibly to have it anymore.

Things I Should Already Know


Things I Should Already Know

I stare out my window, watching this big beautiful world that have yet to explore. I wasn’t introduce to this world but thrown into it, all I want to do is explore it, explore myself as a young witch. Today is the big moon ceremony, where I will be announcing my engagement. This day should be on the top five list of happiest days in my life but my heart and my head just can’t stop fighting each other. My heart tells me Henry is an amazing outstanding person, who will make me very happy but my head tells me you must be crazy. Your marrying a guy you barely know, what if he turns out to be a serial killer or an evil witch and what are you doing in this weird make belief land. I go over this, over and over in my head but I keep coming to the same conclusion. I can’t leave Henry and I can’t go back home to that world. I skip breakfast but by lunch I’m starving and after lying in bed all day I can use a change of scenery.

I open my bedroom door to find Henry standing outside of it. I love his face, his smile it just makes me happier, I lose all thoughts and it’s just Henry and me together, happy. Henry holds my hand and begins to lead the way, all I can think about is the warmth of his hands and how soft they feel, makes me never want to let go. Henry leads us to a part of the house that I have not been yet, when he opens the door it’s an indoor garden. “It’s beautiful in here, Henry how did you find it?” “Your father told me about it and I thought it would be a perfect place for us to have lunch.” We walk around for a while, I see some of the most unusual flowers and plants, all beautiful and the smell in here is so intoxicating. It reminds me of a dream, we sit down and begin to eat, my favorite burgers. “You know, I don’t know that much about you and I really would, you know before I marry you.” Henry has an alluring smile and amazing lips and the way the light shine down reflecting off the skyline, he just seems perfect. “Your right so what do you think we should do about that?” asked Henry. “ I think a game of 21 question would be a great way to start.” “And how do you play 21 questions? Asked Henry. “It’s simple, I ask you a question about yourself, you answer it and then it’s your turn to ask me. From there we just keep going back and forth. I’ll go first, what will my last name be soon?” Asked Alex. I feel so ridicules, I’m getting ready to marry this guy you think I would know what his last name is, but I don’t. “My last name is Duval, you will be Mrs.Duval.” “I like it, now it your turn to ask.” “What is your favorite thing to do when your alone?” Asked Henry. “I love to paint, draw, write and read but the books can’t compare to the world were in or the man who made me want to stay. My turn how did you meet your friends?” Asked Alex. I can see the hesitation on ’s face, what doesn’t he want me to know. “Um, well I don’t know they just kind of found me. I went through a rough patch after my parents went missing, I became very destructive. I was only twelve when my parents went missing and being so young I couldn’t handle it. I did a lot of things I’m not proud of with people who didn’t care rather I lived or died. When it was time for me to go to the academy things just got worst. By the time I was sixteen had done so much wrong that I thought there was no way I could ever move forward, I had gotten mixed up with drugs and I could girls to do anything for me. Some even got hurt but I couldn’t see past myself to care about them. One night It got so bad, I was out cold in the street but somehow Lucy, Thomas, and Isaac found me. They took me home and really looked after me, they followed me everywhere for three months just to make sure I wouldn’t do anything bad. They made sure that I believed in myself as much as they do and gave me a family. I threw myself into school they helped me study and night and day I studied. Without them I would have nothing, no school, no you, and no life I owe them everything.”

She’d Be There For Me

She’d Be There For Me

I lay in bed thinking about what is to come. I never imagined myself getting married at 18 but then again I never really imagined myself with anyone. Ok I’ve had crushes on many people but none of them were ever the right one and look at me now I’ve never had a boyfriend and now I have a fiancé. A beautiful fiancé who has probably had girls chasing after him seen he was 12. Just the thought of girls wanting him irritates me, which reminds me of Lucy which just irritates me even more. Would Henry look at me different if he knew he was my first kiss, my first everything. I mean we’re getting ready to plan our wedding and these are things that he should know about me, no matter how awkward the conversation maybe. I need to know what happened to his parents and he needs to know why I went running into the forest.

The thoughts of all the things I have yet to tell Henry overcome me and I drift to sleep. That night I dream of Catherine, us laugh thinking about our future, planning on spending every inch of it together. We make plans to go to the same college and to become roommates. We make plans to become working ladies, living together while climbing the working ladder. Then we plan to get married and live right next to each other so that as our children grow up they can also become best friends. I awake with tears falling down my face, all these plans will never happen. I have no doubt that I would have somehow dragged Catherine here with me and we would gush over Henry together. She’d be my maid of honor, she’d help me plan my wedding and be there to tell me which dress looked amazing on me and which ones were hideous. She’d be standing by my side as I said “I do”, she’d be the godmother to my children, she’d be my best friend till the day I died. Now shes nothing just goon and I’m left here wondering what happened. Why was I so blind, so stupid, why didn’t I think. Why didn’t I know that something was wrong, I should have known maybe there could have been something I could have done to stop it or maybe I could have said goodbye. Told her how much I loved her before she left the world. I wish Henry was here so I could have someone to tell me that everything was going to be ok because it just doesn’t feel ok now. My heart is broken and I don’t know how long it will be this way. I keep thinking that it will get easier but it never does I just learn to think about it less. As much as I want to share this with Henry I don’t know if I can, it pains me to even think about Catherine let alone have to talk to another person about it.

I cry myself to sleep and when I wake it is morning. The day I shall announce to everyone that I will be marrying Henry. As much as I love Henry I can’t marry him, not till I tell him what brought me to Forêt and not till I know more about him and his parents.

A Romantic Date With My Future Husband

A Romantic Date With My Future Husband

We talk with Henry’s friends for a while, getting to know them is fun but it’s still doesn’t tell me which true feelings belong to who. We say are goodbyes, than Henry begins to lead the way. As we walk through the house there’s even more people here then there was before. A house filled with happy people, smiling like there’s no better place in the world.

Henry leads us to the back of the house, where outside the most beautiful sky. Stars so bright and so close that it seemed a bit unbelievable and even that was not the best part, two lines of magical trees where the flowers that grow all around were just as beautiful as the fairies inside them. Such amazing creatures, so filled with joy and happiness and with the ability to transform themselves into full size people, if only tinker bell could do that. “ I have a surprise for you and I know your going to love it,” said Henry. We walked further beyond the trees then Henry stops to covered my eyes with his hands. When we come to another stop Henry uncovers my eyes and it’s a picnic. Laying on the ground is a blanket and a basket and as we sit down floating lanterns start to float all around us. A mix of Violins and electronic music begin to play and I couldn’t imagine this night being anymore romantic. “I don’t know what your favorite food is so instead I decided that we just have dessert instead. I know you loved it the first time we had dinner, so I have chocolate lava cake, fortune cookies, ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries and more cookies,” said Henry smilingly. “That actually sounds perfect, you can never go wrong with something sweet. Burgers are my favorite food by the way,” said Alex. “Why burgers?” Asked Henry. “There simple, you can get them almost anywhere, and they taste good with many toppings. All though living in England the burgers never taste like the ones back home, maybe it’s an American thing,” said Alex. “I like burgers and I like that you do to, the girls I’m around would have to be forced to eat one. We should eat but before we do reach into the basket and pull something out,” said Henry. As I reach in to the basket I pull out a plate with an American made hamburger on it. “Any food you want the basket will give it to you,”said Henry. Henry and I both have a piece of the amazing burger and we feast of chocolate and cake and talk for hours. I know this date was supposed to last two hours but who cares about rule when you with a guy like Henry. I lay in his arms as we watch the stars and it feels like home, his arms around me, his heart beat matching mines. “Fortune cookie?” asked Henry. “This is a regular chocolate chip cookie,” said Alex. “No, once you bite into it, you will see your future. Though your future changes with path you take and every decision you decided to make, this cookie will show you the future you have now in this moment, with me,” said Henry. I take a bite and I see Henry, he’s happy, then I see me jumping into his arms ring on my finger. “I love you Henry,” said Alex. “ I love you to, my further wife,” said Henry.

We lay there for bit longer than Henry takes me back to the castle. As Henry opens the car door he doesn’t say a word, he wraps his arms around me and kisses me. His soft lips and his warm arms don’t need any words because in that moment I knew what he meant, what my love meant to him. Henry watches me as I walk up the steps and into the door. I feel like I’m floating on air, all the butterflies in my stomach have lifted me up and I’m no longer walking but floating. “PRINCESS, there are rules for a reason you are supposed to spend equal amount of time with each suitor, hopefully no one has seen you,” said Jon. I hear Jon but I don’t care all I can think about is Henry and not much else matters. “Any how tomorrow is the moon ceremony, which is where you will announce your engagement to Henry, assuming that you have not changed your mind about him,” asked Jon. “No, of course not,”said Alex. “Ok then, we have a wedding to plan,” said Jon.

The Loyal One, The Jealous One, And the One That Longs For His Heart

The Loyal One, The Jealous One, And the One That Longs For His Heart

As I stand in front of these three strangers, emotions start to feel the air but their not mines. Henry’s friends all have very strong emotions for him but not all of them are good, Jealousy, loyalty, and longing. It feels strange to feel emotions that are not mines, yet I feel them so strongly it’s as if I’m feeling them for myself. I’m jealous of everything that Henry has and I want all of it for myself and this feeling consumes me till I remember how loyal I am to Henry. So loyal that there is nothing that Henry couldn’t ask me and I wouldn’t be glad to do it for him but then the rush of longing feels my heart. I feel how badly I have always wanted him and how I have always loved him and will never stop. I feel all these emotions so strongly and yet I cannot tell which one of Henry’s friends possess which emotion. Even though I can’t feel which emotion belongs to who I can see it in her eyes, the longing, the love she has for him just by the way she looks at him but for the two young man only time will tell. One of them has kind light brown eyes with dark brown hair and the other blond hair and green eyes that show neither kindness or angry, he has mysterious eyes that tell me nothing about him. Kind eyes can be deceiving but what you don’t know can hurt you.

“Alex I’d like you to meet my friends Isaac, Lucy, and Thomas, friends I like you to meet Alex,” said Henry. As we greeted each other with kind words I knew they were fake, only one of Henry’s friends didn’t have alternative motive. Which left me with a choice, do I really want to be that girlfriend who alienates all her boyfriends friends by forcing him to choose them or her. Either Henry will hate me for thinking these things about his friends or he won’t believe me and he’ll think I’m crazy. What if I don’t tell him and in the future things get bad, what if his jealous friend try’s to hurt him or the longing in Lucy takes Henry away from me. I couldn’t live with either outcome, so what do I do?

As we all sit down to talk I cant help but feel awkward, somehow I have invaded their privacy, their personal thoughts and now I’m sitting here having a conversation with them. “So Henry, you told us a lot about Alex but you have seemed to have left out how you met,” said Isaac. “I think I will let Alex tell you that story,” said Henry. “Well, long story short, I was lost on the other side of the forest and somehow I managed to make it all the way past the border and I landed on Henry’s door step. When I got there I saw him, sitting there in the grass reading Romeo and Juliet, as he saw me horrified and cover in dirt he decided to take me in and care for me. That was the moment I knew how wonderful This men that I had just met was but it was also the moment I decided I would never let him go,” said Alex. With all the things going on in my life these days I find myself forgetting how much Henry means to me, the reason I stayed in Forêt in the first place and even though I didn’t know it at the time he is the reason why I was brought here. As Henry smiles at me, I can fill the love he has for me and as much as I want to get to know my father and my family, I would give up anything to see that smile everyday for the rest of my life.

“Wow that was an amazing story makes me want to fall in love,”said Thomas. “Yea but we all know you’d have to have a heart to do that,” said Isaac jokingly. “Hey I have a heart it just doesn’t function as often as most,” laughed Thomas. “Yea right we all know that hole is hollow besides, love is for suckers,” said Lucy. I could feel the hurt fall off her lips as she spoke and the angry in Lucy eyes as she stared at me. Lucy is beautiful long black hair, super skinny and, very fashionable, she could be a super model and have any guy she wanted. she  is definitely pretty then I am, so why me and not her.

An Empty Field

An Empty Field

We stop in front of an empty field and as we walk towards the field I can see the excitement on Henry’s face. I can tell this date means a lot to him because I know he’s sharing apart of himself with me that I have yet to see. Somehow I have fallen off my path, what was supposed to be a lifetime of happiness with Henry has been corrupted and twisted into something completely different. I was supposed to be spending every minute of everyday with Henry, we should be planning our wedding and learning new and exciting things about my magic. Yes I admit I want to know more about my father but it’s not just him, it’s my grandmother and grandfather. My family built this place, how could I live here and not think about them, how could I live in Forêt and have people look at me like I’ m not apart of the Forêt family. On the other hand I’ve gone eighteen years without a father and I turned out just fine, and beside you can’t miss what you never had.

We stand in front of an empty field and I can’t help but be confused. “Wow I will admit it’s a beautiful field but I was expecting a little more for our second date,” said Alex. “Just wait,”said Henry with a smile. Henry wraps his arms around me, then kisses me on my neck before he covers my eyes with his hands. I hear Henry say apparaître, a few moments he uncovers my eyes and there’s a door. A single door with nothing else surrounding it. “What is this and where did it come from?” asked Alex. “This field has an enchantment on it and the French word apparaître translates into to the English world appear. Once this door appear only those who have kind hearts and good intentions can enter,” said Henry. “So what happens to those who don’t?” asked Alex. “Those who don’t have kind hearts and good intentions are cast away but don’t worry I know your heart and your intentions,” said Henry.

I reach for the door knob and my heart begins to beat faster and faster. What if this door knows something I don’t, what if I’m evil or have bad intentions. How can Henry believe in me more than I believe in myself. I turn the knob and the door opens and as I look inside I see nothing but darkness, a sadness comes over me, maybe this world and me we’re just not meant to be. Henry smiles then grabs my hands and pulls me inside the door. For a minute Henry and I were just flying, his arms wraps around my body and I close my eyes, just listening to the wind fly by my ears. Then it all stops and I open my eyes, Henry and I stand there, arms wrapped around each other in front of a beautiful big house. There are beautiful women with wings of all colors and in the house I can hear the sound of music and laughter. We walk toward the front door and as we enter the house, I see all kinds of magical creatures. Women who look like fairies, people who breathe fire, some that controlled water, giants and dwarfs. A man who transformed from a wolf to a human, a women that turns into a cat then a bird, all this in one place and strangely I felt like I belonged here. As we walk through the house different creatures greet Henry and me. We walk up the stairs and throughout the house till finally we stop. “I would like to introduce you to some of my closes friends,” said Henry. As Henry opens the door, I see two guys and a girl sitting and talking. As we walk in the room I can feel that I’m not wanted here.




I have an hour till my date with Henry, so I go to change into my next outfit. On my bed I find an outfit with a note that says from Henry. A flared black leather skirt with a red velvet top, paired with a pair of thigh high leather boots. My guess is we’re going to nightclub, either way I like it. I know that it’s not something I would pick out for myself but something I always wished I would.

I’m getting ready when I hear a knock on my door, it’s Jon. “I just wanted to know how your dates have been going so far,” said Jon. “They have been good very insightful, I think I’ve made a friend and learned something that I’m not sure I would have without these dates,” said Alex. “That’s great, I know that this is hard adjusting to this new life and I know it is a lot to take in but I think once you have time to explore this new world you’ll be able to unlock things about yourself that will make it all worth it. Anyway I just wanted to give you something, it’s an amulet that belong to your grandmother, she never took it off and I think that it’s only right that I give it to you because I know that it what she would have wanted,” said Jon. It was a beautiful a black diamond, I’ve never seen something so beautiful that just felt like it was meant for me. “Wow, thank you, I love it and I’m so grateful to you for giving something I know means a lot to you,” said Alex. “Yes, will it means even more to know that you will wear it. As a child, I asked my mother why she always wore that necklace and she told me, it not only protects her from those who want to do her harm but it also gave her the strength to be strong enough to care for the people of Forêt and I hope it will do the same for you my daughter,” said Jon.

Jon walks me downstairs where Henry is there waiting. I say goodbye to Jon and then Henry and I get in his car and being our journey. “You look amazing tonight,” said Henry. “Thank you, I could not have done it without your help, thanks for the outfit, said Alex. “Well where we’re going this will be the attire and I wanted to make sure you looked amazing,” said Henry. “ So where are we going,” said Alex. “Just a place where anyone no matter what they are or who they are, they can be themselves without being judge. What you don’t know about Forêt is that not everyone accepts people for what they are. Some people are thought less of, not equal to certain species but this is one of the few places where none of that matters and I want to share it with you, so you can see the good in Forêt,” said Henry. Hearing Henry say what he said made me love him more because no matter how different this world is, it still has the same problems as the world I was born into. Being judged on differences is the story of my life and to know that Forêt has the same problems that is destroying my world today, changes my views. I thought that Forêt was my fairytale, my happy ever after but somehow I find myself living the same story with different characters.

Two Paths


Two Paths

We drive around until finally we end up in the middle of the forest, then the car stops. The driver opens the doors, we get out of the car and around us is the most beautiful scenery I could ever imagine. Francis grabs my hand an begin to leads me through the forest. I start to hear music, then we come across a beautiful waterfall that seems magical. The rainbows, the butterflies, the waterfall, and the music just made everything seem to perfect. “Wow this is impressive and all of this just for me,” asked Alex? “Well it’s not everyday I get to eat lunch with a princess, besides I really wanted this date to be something that we could remember forever,” said Francis.

We walk hand and hand to a table set up right in front of the waterfall, as we sit down the food appears out of nowhere. I can’t help but smile, magic is amazing and even more Francis. “You know, this waterfall is rumored to have the power of love,” said Francis. “What do you mean love, don’t tell me we have to go skinny dipping in order for this power of love to work,” said Alex. “No, we just have to kiss in front of the waterfall and we’ll be in love forever,” said Francis. “Sorry, but I like to fall In love the old fashion way,” said Alex. “So what you’re saying is, that your afraid to fall in love with me,” said Francis. “Please, I’m not afraid of anything,” said Alex.

Francis takes my hand and as we stand in front of the waterfall, Francis leans in to kiss me, everything goes still. I see Francis and myself standing at the altar, on our wedding day and everyone is happy, including Francis and I. The same day, the same vision but instead of Henry it’s Francis. There are no dark figures, everything is perfect and happy but it’s not right. I now know I have two paths but only one can be the right one? There’s just so much love with Henry but with Francis there’s an adventure but I can also feel with every word and action Francis does there’s a darkness behind it. I can’t walk down that dark path with him, no matter how drawn I am to him he’s not the one and I see it now. Francis is an illusion, a dream that will lead me down a path I don’t want to be on.

I pull away from Francis just before our lips can touch, “sorry but our time is up and I should get going if I’m going to make it to my next date,” said Alex. We walk back to car in silence, as I begin to get in the car Francis stops me. “Did I do something to upset you,” asked Francis? “No, you just helped me realize something that I couldn’t realize on my own,” said Alex. As I sit in the car watching the trees pass by I think about Francis. Going on that date with him made me realize that no matter how perfect a guy my seem no one will ever compare to Henry and whether my future be bad or good, it will be with Henry.

A New Friend And An Old Attraction


A New Friend and A Old Attraction

As I drift to sleep, Henry kisses me good night, then leaves. I wonder what he does in that big house by himself, day in and day out. It must be lonely, but then again I guess that’s why we both need each other. Separate were just two lonely people, together we’re soul mates.

I awake to a knock on the door, “Alexandria wake up, it’s time to start your day,” cheerfully said Flora. “What time is it,” said Alex. “It’s six in the morning, but we need to get started early if we want to get through all three of your dates,” said Flora. Great the last thing I want to do is go on a planned chaperoned date and now on top of that I will be sleep deprived. I take a shower and brush my teeth then Flora and I head to the royal closet to prep me for my dates. My hair is styled in a curly high pony tail, then I pick out a black floral dress and I’m on my way.

My first date is with Colin, which is breakfast in the garden. For the first 20 minutes we stare at our plates trying to avoid eye contact. Finally I decide to be brave and ask Colin a question. “Why do you want this, to be my husband, to be king,” asked Alex. Colin takes a deep breath in, then begins to talk nervously. “To be honest I don’ want this, I mean you seem like a nice person but being king has never been a dream of mines but I can’t tell that to my father he would disown me,” said Colin. “So you don’t want to be king, that makes you 1 out of 1000,” said Alex. Colin smiled then replied, “Yea I know but with all the power that being a king brings you it also brings you a lot of restrictions. What’s the point of being a king if you cannot live freely,” said Colin. I know that being a queen will come with a lot of restrictions and when I picture my future I do not see this restrictions but is that because being a queen is not a choice I plan on making or because I plan on changing the rules.

Colin and I spend the rest of our date talking about his future plans. He tells me all the things he will experience and all the places he will go. I now know that even if this was a date I didn’t want, it was I date I need to experience. “Thank you Colin for a wonderful date, I now have one more friend than I did yesterday,” said Alex. “No, thank you princess for allowing me to be a friend,” said Colin.

I take a break in my room, then I wait for my next date. I hope it’s Henry coming to take me away from reality, anything to get my mind off of all the things that trouble me, all the things that I seem to remember when I’m alone. Donald comes to tell me my next date is here and as I walk down stairs I get excited, because I know that it will be Henry or Francis. As I walk down the staircase into the living room I see Francis standing there. The first thing I can think is wow, somehow he has managed to get better looking. As I walk closer my heart begins to race and I wish it didn’t, but I can’t help this attraction I have for him and it makes me feel guilty. I shouldn’t have picked Francis, knowing the way he makes me feel, yet something’s tells me he wouldn’t have taken no for an answer.

Francis kisses my hand then says, “My princess you look beautiful today,” said Francis. “Thank you, not so bad yourself,” replies Alex. “Thank you but my looks could not be compared to a princess as beautiful as you, but I do think they come pretty close,” said Francis. We are escorted out the door and into the car. As we sit in the car I ask Francis where we are going. He replies, “It’s a surprise but I will give you a hint. It will be the place you fall in love with me and I with you.”

Handsome or Beautiful


Handsome or Beautiful

I don’t know who this last guy could be, I thought I went through all of the name cards, I must have missed one. As he walks towards me my heart begins to race, and I don’t know why but I get this feeling, that feeling when you see a guy for the first time and you don’t know what it is but there something that instantly attracts you to him. He stops two inch’s from my face, looks me in the eyes and smiles, he then bows and kisses my hand. Now standing in front of me I can see he has short light blond almost white hair, with eyes as blue as an ocean. He begins to speak, “Hello princess Alexandria, my name is Francis”. My brain stumbles to tell my mouth what to say, so all I can do is stare. “It is a pleasure to meet you, I had no ideal how beautiful you would be, but when my parents found out that the future queen would be looking for a mate they insisted that I come,” said Francis. My brain finally comes around and forces me to talk. “So you only showed up for a chance to marry a queen?” asked Alex. Francis smiles, then replies, “I’m not going to lie to you, the chance of marrying a queen and becoming the next king of Foret is very appealing, but I was also very curious,” said Francis. “The truth for once, that’s very refreshing. So what curiosity did you have?“ asked Alex. “If your looking for honesty you’ll never ever have to worry about me lying to you and now that I have met you I can see for myself that you will make a great queen and a great wife,” said Francis.


Donald comes to escort Francis out and I sit in the garden a little while to think. Strange, I know Henry is the one I’ll spend my life with but there is something about Francis that tells me he won’t give up without a fight. I can’t deny that I’m attracted to Francis in way that is completely different from how I’m attracted to Henry. Francis is handsome, confident and has a dark edge about him that makes me drawn to him. Henry is beautiful, strong, loving, gentle and mysterious, there’s always something about Henry that makes me want to know more.


Jon walks in the garden, “How did it go,” said Jon. “It was fine,” said Alex. “I guess fine, will have to be good enough, tonight you will choose the three that interested you the most and tomorrow you will go on a chaperoned date with each of them,” said Jon. Great the last thing I want to do is go on a chaperoned date, it’s not 1917 and why can’t I just pick who I want right now. I take a deep breath and choose Henry of course and Francis, for my last choice I choose the guy that annoyed me the least which would be Colin. I decide that I have had enough and skip the rest of the ball. Donald escorts me back to my room, when I get in I find Henry waiting for me. The only person I wanted to see at the moment, “Henry, how did you get in here without being seen?” said Alex. “I have my ways, beside I really wanted to see you,” said Henry. He kisses me and I forget about the day and all I know is now. Finally getting a moment to relax I realize this dress is choking the life out of me, Henry smiles of course he already knows what I’m thinking and begins to untie the lace corset on the back of my dress, I can instantly breathe again. Henry laughs then says, “My mother hated wearing these dresses, I remember her races home just so she could get out of them.” I smile as Henry kisses my neck and as he begins to kiss my lips he stops. “I think that you should change, I don’t want your father thinking I’m taking advantage of you,” said Henry. As I look down I realize my dress is beginning to fall off of me, I pull my dress up and go to my closet to change into my pajamas. Henry is lying in the bed, I lay beside him and he wraps his arm around me. “Henry why did you stop,” said Alex. “Because It’s not the right time and if I am to marry you, then I think you’re worth the wait,” said Henry.

10 Minutes With My Future Husband


10 Minutes With My Future Husband

I sit in a chair for 3 hours while I get my hair and makeup done; I try to remember all the names and faces of all the man on the list. For the most part they are all very good-looking and qualified. Most guys have lots of money, come from established families and all of them have a 10 or higher under the school category. Which I have no clue what it means but Henry’s at 15, the highest score of them all. I study Henry’s card the longest, age 18, established family, and super wealthy. Henry’s also has the most skills out of any other guy, Combat, potions, archery, spells, and transportation. Even if I didn’t know Henry he would still be my first choice because her truly is an amazing guy and knowing all of things I know about him just makes me want to get to know him more. Henry’s is good at all things and I didn’t even know, but after tonight and after I make my decision I will have all the time in the world just to get to know Henry.


We finally finish and I put on my dress and the shoes that go with it and head out the door. Donald is waiting to escort me to the ballroom but the closer we get the more nervous I start to fill. I’m scared what if the don’t like me what if everyone thinks I’m hideous. What if I fall down the stairs and land on my face, so many things could go wrong. I’m standing outside the doors of the ballroom sweating and shaking and for some reason, I can’t take the first step into the ballroom, my body is frozen. “Princess Alexandria, you look stunning and I knew from the moment I met you, that you would be a great queen. So no need to be nervous you’ll be fine,” said Donald. I was shocked, because thinking about It I’ve never heard Donald talk, I didn’t think that he could. But hearing him say what he said really helped me, knowing that someone who doesn’t really know me could have so much faith in me, really made me believe in myself.


I enter the ballroom and there are so many people here and all of them are staring at me, judging me with every step I take. So many stairs, all I can think is don’t fall don’t fall, finally I make it to the end and Jon is there waiting for me. “Darling, you look amazing, simply stunning,” said Jon. Alex murmured, “Thanks.” Strange that there are moments when your super nervous for something, then when it’s actually happening it turns out to be not so bad. This was not one of those moment, I spend hours dancing and speed dating with strange man, not finding anything in common with any of them. Most of them talk about their selves for the whole 10 minutes that we have and other just can’t seem to find anything to say. By the end I was wondering where was Henry and why he hadn’t showed up yet but finally there he was. He looked absolutely amazing, a high fashion model right off the runway of New York’s fashion week. I want to kiss him and jump into his arms, but even in this small comer in the garden on a bench I know that there are people watching. Henry bows and sits down next to me on the bench. Henry whispers, “You look gorgeous.” I do think I look good but compared to Henry, I’m quit average. “Thanks, you also look amazing and I know that it has only been a day but I’ve really missed you,” said Alex. Henry smiled, “I’ve really missed you too,” said Henry.


Henry stands up and puts his hand out, I take it and we begin to dance. It feels like hours that I dance with Henry even though I know It’s minutes but I can’t help but picture our lives together every time I’m with him. I know that with Henry every second of everyday would be like this, so much love. Just Henry and me everyday being the best that we can be together, having a happy and wonderful life. Times up Henry is escorted out the garden and just when I thought it was all over there’s one more.

Walking In My Grandmother’s Shoes


Walking In My Grandmother’s Shoes

A women enters the room Jon stands and says, “Alex, this is Flora, She has been the designer for our family for almost 200 years and will do while for you.” Flora bows, “ It is truly an honor to meet the next queen of Forêt and it will be my pleasure to design your gown for tonight’s ball. I smile, that’s the first time anyone how bowed to me and it is to strange, I also wonder how old she is exactly, I mean she looks like she in her late 20, but in this place who knows. She wears a black dress that has an open back and a long train, which looks very fashionable, something that I would never be able to pull off. “Well I know you two have a lot of work today, so I’ll be off and I will see both of you tonight.


Flora starts to walk away and I don’t know if I should follow her, until she turns around and gives me a look and in that moment I knew. I follow her down a hallway that I’ve never been down. We come to a grand door so big and bright red, I’m sure you could see it a mile away. Flora opens the doors and it’s like a mall filled with the must expensive jewelry and unique clothes. Dresses that literally look 200 years old, stuff you might see in vogue or stuff you might see a queen wear. “This is the royal closet, every dress or piece of jewelry in here was own by your grandmother and is now own by you. Of course there’s a few new items just for you,” said Flora. I look around as Flora begins to open another door; this door leads to a whole new closet, my closet. It’s filled with things that look a little less ancient and a little more me.


Flora pulls 4 dresses off the rack and asks me which one I’d prefer to wear to the ball tonight. I have to admit the first one was just ugly, the second one was not something I could ever see myself in, and the third one was bright pink. The last one was amazing sexy, beautiful, and unique, I loved it. “Of course, this dress belong to your grandmother, I had to alter it, dress it up and add a little flair but I knew this would be the one,” said Flora. It was the one, a fitted all black mermaid dress that flared out at the bottom, with long lace sleeve coming down to the wrist and, a low open back. Once we pick out the dress it was time for the accessories. Diamonds, some many diamonds and rubies and every other type of stone that I’ve never seen before. “All of this belonged to my grandmother, I can’t believe any one could own so much,” said Alex. “Let’s just say she was a collector of fine things, I think you should go with this one it was your grandmothers favorites. “It has 181 carats diamonds and was always the talk of the ball when she would wear it,” said Flora. It was beautiful, a 6 layered necklace with a huge diamond on the bottom, perfect. I can’t imagine a way to feel closer to my grandmother then wearing all of her favorite things.

Selfish and Unselfish Acts


Selfish and Unselfish Acts

When I woke up Henry was goon and in his place, a note. “Went to prepare for the ball see you tonight,” wrote Henry. Great another reminded of the horrible day I am to have. The last thing I expected when I came to Foret to start my life with Henry was to have a bunch of guys competing for my hand in marriage. I sit in bed a while longer, thinking about the life changing decision that I made in just a week. In one week I decided to spend the rest of my life with someone I hardly knew. I decided to become a princess or a queen I a world that I know nothing about, I can feel there’s a danger coming and something in me is telling me to run, forget it all everything that comes with this world including Henry. Go back home go to college and make a normal, peaceful like for myself. Now that I have seen the things that I’ve seen and know the things that I know I doubt that I could ever have a normal life again.


I get up and wash my face and brush my teeth, then go to the closet to pick out an outfit. I grabbed a pair of black jeans, some boots, and a plain white shirt, and then I go to find Jon. Donald wasn’t waiting outside of my room for me, so I guess I have to find my own way. I try to stay on the path that Donald takes but trying to remember and stay focus is hard. There’s so much to see, then I come across a hallway full of family pictures. Of Jon and I guess my grandma and grandpa, in one of the portraits of my grandmother, she has long dark black hair and dark green eyes and the forest was behind her. It was the prettiest picture I had ever seen and it made me wish that I had gotten a chance to meet her. I wonder what she would be like, strong and full of wisdom and so powerful. She sacrificed her self to build a whole new world; just so people she didn’t even know could have a better life. I can’t even sacrifice the time it will take for me to get to know these people and this world; it just makes me fill so selfish.


I finally find my way to the dinning room and when I get there I find Jon sitting at the table. “I knew you could find your way around the castle on your own,” said Jon. “ Yea, I wasn’t sure I could and it took me a while but I finally made it here,” said Alex. “Good, come sit down and eat, we have some business we need to talk about,” said Jon. I sit down and begin to put food on my plate while Jon talks. “The ball is tonight, the maids will prepare you after breakfast, I have also prepare a list the young man who will be at the ball so you can learn their name, the list also contains their history and skills so you may have some ideal of who they are before you meet them. Also I want to make it extremely important to you that you give each young man a fair shoot and never spend too much time on anyone, the same amount of time for each, including Henry,” said Jon “Alex sighed then said “I get it.” Jon spoke again, “This night is really important Alex, this is the night that Forêt will see the queen you are to be. As much as you are judging these young man, these young man are judging you and they will tell the world the type of person you really are.”


A Life Without Peace


A Life Without Peace

I do wonder what it would be like if I hadn’t let her go back, if we just started our lives right then and there. We’d be planning our wedding, planning our futures without having to deal with a kingdom and her father. If only I could take Alex somewhere no one would find us, where we could have children and grow old in peace. As long as she is in line for the throne and we stay in Foret we will never have peace. She will always be in danger, never able to live freely. How can I ask her to choose between her father and me? Either she gives up her claim to the throne and her father so that we can live our lives the way we both imagined. Or she stays and is trained to be a queen, while getting to know her father better but until the day she is queen she will be restricted to this castle in fear someone will try to kill her before she becomes queen.
I love Alex but this life, this path were on will bring a lot of unhappiness and danger and I don’t know if I can let her live this life. As she lies beside me and I watch her sleep, she looks so peaceful but I’m afraid after tonight this will be the last peaceful moment she will ever get.


All I could see are dark figures from every direction and me standing alone. They’re coming after me and I search for a way out but there isn’t one, they’re everywhere. I scream for help but no one comes, there closing in on me, I start to scream then every thing goes dark, nothing to be seen or heard just darkness. I awake from a dream or a nightmare; it felt so real that my throat still hurts from screaming. Just the thoughts of those dark figures scare me and the more I dream about them the more I know that someone is after me or will be soon.

Can’t Give Him Up


Can’t Give Him Up

We finished our dinner, and then Jon went back to work. We are escorted back to my room where I began to think. “I don’t know if I can do this, I know I told Jon that I would give it a try before I decided but,” said Alex. “I understand, It’s a lot to take in and whatever your decision I will support you, but I do want you to understand that by giving up your claim to the throne, You also give up your claim to ever know your father,” said Henry. “What are you talking about,” said Alex. “ Well, you would be the first but it’s written in law that if ever there is a royal in line to take the throne and chooses not to, that royal will be miscommunicated from all other royals and written out of history,” said Henry.


“Wow, that seems like a bit much. So I only have two options, not take the throne and never get to know my father and where half of me comes from or take over the responsibility of a world that I know nothing about and possibly marry someone I don’t know, “said Alex. “It doesn’t have to be that way, you can get to know this world and trust me you will learn to love it. Also believe it or not I am a very wanted bachelor, every parent wants me for their daughter, I mean I’m rich, attractive, my powers are stronger than anyone my age and I come from a very respectable family,” said Henry. Alex laughs, “That makes me feel so much better, I’ll try to remember how awesome you are when I’m going through my list of eligible bachelors,” said Alex. Henry smiles then replies, “it’s getting late I should get going.”


“Do you really have to go, just stay for the night, please,” said Alex “your father said we should spend so time apart for appearances,” said Henry. “ I know but I don’t how much sleep I’ll be able to get here, in this strange place if you’re not next to me,” said Alex “OK but just for the night, I don’t want your father getting mad at his new son-in-law,” said Henry. I changed into something that may or may not have been pajamas and then climbed into bed with Henry. Laying next him always made me feel safe. Made my surrounding go away, nothing but Henry and I laying in a bed nothing else, no castle, no Jon, no kingdom, just him and me the way I wanted but There’s so much I want to know and I can’t give up the man who has all the answers. There’s been a whole in my heart for 18 years and I need him to help me fill it and I won’t be able to do that if I give up the throne. I know I don’t need Jon in my life but I want him there, I want to get to know the father I thought never wanted me.

Things I Wish They Told Me Before Now


Things I wish they told me before now

We must have fallen asleep, as I woke up Henry’s arms are wrapped around me and as we lay in bed I couldn’t help but think that every moment with Henry felt like a movie. A movie that I want to keep replaying, I closed my eyes and tried to fall back to sleep, when there was a knock on the door. I looked at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed; it was 5:50, almost time for dinner. “Henry, It’s time for dinner,” said Alex. Henry begins to opens his eyes, “Do we really have to, why can’t we stay in this room, in this bed forever?” said Henry. “I wish we could but then eventually Jon would have to come up here to get us and that would just be awkward,” said Alex. We began to fix ourselves up for dinner, and then head out of the door.


Donald was waiting outside the door to escort us to the dinning room. The dinning room was amazingly huge and beautiful; at least 70 people could fit at the table. Henry and I sat down at the table; Jon was not there yet. Jon was 15 minutes late, finally he walked in, “I’m sorry I’m late I had some business I had to attend to and after 18 years it really pills up,” said Jon. “I understand,” said Alex. The servants began to bring out dinner and Jon began to talk a lot. All the responsibilities I’d have, all the things I had to do and it was too much. “Your 18 and your powers are growing stronger by the day and if you don’t learn to control them they can end up overtaking you,” said Jon. “ What do you mean overtaking me,” said Alex “Well if you don’t learn to control your powers, your powers can end up controlling you. That’s why we need to get you in school as soon as possible,” said Jon. I looked at Henry with a terrifying look on my face and I guess he could tell because he grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear. “ Don’t worry I know you can do it all of it and I will be by your side every step of the way,” said Henry.


“In three days there will also be a celebration here honoring the princess of Forêt. You will be able to meet your people and there will also be many eligible young men who will want your hand. I do understand that you are with Henry but it is a tradition that we must keep,” said Jon. Are you kidding me the only reason I came back to Forêt is for Henry and now your telling me there’s a chance I’d have to marry someone else. “What do you mean a tradition?” said Alex. “It’s nothing really, you just have to a little bit of your time to every man who wants to marry you and there are a couple of requirements for every man but besides that it is your choice,” said Henry. “This is true but until then, it would best if you two don’t spend as much time with each other, just until the celebration, we want every man to think they’re getting a fair shoot, “ said Jon. No one asked me if I had decided to rule Forêt, no one asked me if I was ready to marry someone, no one asked me if I wanted to give up Henry and I don’t like being told what to do.

My New Home


My New Home

This place is amazing, a castle and the closes I’ll ever get to Hogwarts. Towers so tall, the clouds cover the tops and so many windows and doors, I can’t imagine that I place could be so big and old, definitely 200 years old. It’s beautiful, mysterious and wonderful all at the same time but no matter how great it is I can’t imagine this being my home. Maybe if I grow up here I could picture this being my home but right now It just doesn’t feel right.


We park the car in front of the castle doors and as we approach the door someone comes out. It’s a man but this man looks half dead, literally. Its like he’s just coming back to life or awakening from a deep sleep. “Alexandria this is Donald, he is one of the house servants and he will be able to help you with anything that you need,” said Jon. “Nice to meet you,” said Alex. Donald nods then gestured for us to follow him into the castle. As we walked in I notice that this castle is even more beautiful on the inside then on the outside, so much history and painting, things so old they probably be worth millions now. All these things sit In this beautiful castle where princesses and princes grow up, where balls are thrown and it all just feel so surreal. A dream that I haven’t woken up from and I dream I hope I never do wake up from. A women walks towards Jon and us, he introduces her as Belle, he then asks her to prepare dinner. “Dinner will be ready at 6, Henry will you be staying here tonight?” said Jon. “ No, sir just for dinner,” said Henry. “Very well, Alexandria, Donald will show you to your room while I attend to some business and then I will see you at dinner,” said Jon.


It was only 2, which was strange, time always seemed to move slower here but I followed Donald and Henry followed me. Henry was always there it was comforting to know that he was there because I didn’t want him to leave; I wanted to be where ever he was. I grabbed Henry’s hand and continued to follow Donald as Henry and we walked side by side, hand in hand. Walking through the castle was like a time machine, with all this timeless objects that I had never seen before. Finally we came upon a staircase and this staircase led to a room in a tower, how cliché, a tower for a princess. After showing us to the room Donald left, strange there were already snacks on the table and dresses and clothes in the closet that were exactly my size, like the already knew I was coming. It was cozy here, in this room, with the warmth of the fireplace I lay on the soft bed and Henry lies beside me. He brushes back the hair that covers my face, then kisses me and for a moment I forget it all, everything that I’ve learned over the past 3 day and there’s nothing but him and me. “Are you sure this is what you want?” said Henry. “ I want you, everything else, I don’t know,” said Alex.

The Border Between This World And The Other


The Border Between This World And The Other

We come to a stop in front of the portal, “ Alex, there are some very special people I would like you to meet,” said Jon. I step out of the car and follow Jon and as we get closer to the guardians they change forms. Now, there are two great figures of very hairy man in front of me. “Alex, these are the guardians that guard the forest to Forêt and they are also my best friends. Abel and Fabien this is my daughter Alexandria said Jon. “It is finally so nice to meet you Alexandria, we have heard so much about you,” said Abel. “We have waited a long time, 18 years to be exact, for our queen to come home,” said Fabien. “ Nice to meet you both,” said Alex. “ I want you to know Alex if you need anything you can always come to these two. But, for now it is time to open the portal so that all supernatural who need a safe place to call home my come,” said Jon.


Jon stand right at the border between this world and Forêt and starts to chant. At first I can’t see any difference but then, there’s some bright flash so bright it could be seen for miles and this flash is in the shape of a wall, so tall and long no one would ever see the end. Jon says his goodbye, and then we get back into the car and begin to drive. I can see the guardians walk through the border and into Forêt, and then disappear. “ Is the portal really open now?” asked Alex. “Yes but only on one side, that’s the rule once you come into Forêt you don’t go back out,” said Jon. “ But why is that a rule, why can’t people leave?” asked Alex. “People come here running from the humans who want to hurt them, from those who have broken them down. Some people find peace and happiness and others can only think about how angry they are and how scared they were, then they want to hurt others. Not just the human that hurt them but all of them, no one can leave not just for the human’s safety but for all of us as well, because wars kill on both sides not just one.


I understood, there are bad people no matter where you go but their not just bad their angry and angry people cause wars. Letting the people of Forêt pass that border would be the biggest war ever imagined. I look out the window to see a castle from a fairytale movie and I can’t imagine someone living here, then I hear Jon say, “Alex, your home.”

Saying Goodbye


Saying Goodbye

I go up stairs and begin to pack up some of my things. A best friends frame with a picture of Catherine and me and everything that she has ever giving me. All of the friendship bracelets she made me seen freshman year, all the clothes that I borrowed and never gave back. I can’t help but cry, I miss her, laughing and joking all the time, having someone to tell me secrets and help me through all the tough times that high school brings. Now I have this whole world and I wonderful guy and I just want to tell her about it, she’d probably think that I was crazy but when she met Henry she’d know I wasn’t. But I’ll never know now, that’s the worst part, I just want to hear her voice, see her smile again, and tell her I’m sorry.


There’s a knock at the door, I hurry and wipe the tears from my face. “Are you all packed,” said Henry. “Yea almost, I just have a few more things then I’ll be ready,” said Alex. I put a couple pairs of jeans, shirts, shoes and sweaters into a duffel bag with some more pictures of my family and headed out the door. I said goodbye to my mom hoping that it wasn’t really goodbye and my sister Lisa was nowhere to be found, which got me thinking. “ Wait, What about Lisa?” said Alex. “I never told you both but you guys have different fathers,” said Jackie. “Are you serious, this has been I week full of secrets, is there anything else anyone wants to share,” said Alex. “No, I think that’s pretty much all,” said Jackie. “I do want you to know that I love you and no matter what you will always have a home here, with me,” said Jackie.”I love you to mom,” said Alex.


We walk out the front door and there’s a jeep in the driveway. Somehow I didn’t notice it before, Jon is standing there waiting, he grabs my bags and puts them in the trunk as I get in the front sit and Henry gets in the back. Jon starts the car and we begin to drive away and I watch my mom as we leave, I can see the sadness in her eyes. I finally see how much she love me, then I see the town pass by me, a town I never loved and even with the sadness I see hope. A better future awaits me; a place where I belong and will fit in is waiting for me. We drive to the forest and come to a stop, Jon gets out of the car and starts to chant something, I can’t make out what he is saying but then something strange starts to happen. The forest begins to move, it forms a pathway leading straight to Forêt. Jon gets back into the car and begins to drive through the forest and as I look back the forest begins to close back behind us. As we approach the border to Forêt, there they are, the guardians of Forêt, two great and dark forms of bears waiting for us.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go


Should I Stay Or Should I Go



“Ruler, I just turned 18, what do I look light ruling some place that’s not even on a map?” Said Alex. “I know that right now this may seem like a lot but I will be here for you, to help you through every step,” said Jon. “Yea right, like you been here for the last 18 years,” Said Alex. “I know and I will make up for that,” said Jon. “I just don’t know if I can do this,” said Alex. “I know that you can because there’s strength and power in you that you have not discovered yet and my daughter, I know that you are the queen that we have been waiting for,” said Jon. I sit here and I look at this man, who is supposed to be my father with so many questions. Should I trust him, can I rule some place when I couldn’t even get a date to prom, am I crazy for even thinking about it. On the other hand ruling a kingdom and being a queen seems like a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility, I don’t know these people let alone what these people are how can I be their queen. “I can’t, I’m sorry but I don’t know the first thing about Forêt how can I be someone’s ruler when I don’t even know who I’m ruling,” Said Alex. “I agree with you that’s why I’m asking you just for one month, one month in Forêt to get you know your people, to get to know were you belong,” said Jon. Running away to Forêt with some guy I just met because I fell in love with him after two day of knowing him is crazy but somehow running away to Forêt so I can test drive a kingdom just to see if I want it, seems crazier. “OK I will stay for one month, but this does not guaranteed that I’m going to take over, if I don’t like it then I’m goon,” Said Alex. “One month is all I ask no promises and no guaranteed,” said Jon.


I go to find Henry and the kitchen, drinking tea and laughing with my mom, somehow she could always make people laugh know matter what. I know she has not always been the best mom but she the only one I got and when it was just her and me we’d actually have really nice days. Going shopping and having lunch, sometimes we’d spend the whole day together when my sister was busy and it was nice. Now I just feel like I’m never going to see her again or maybe I’m going on a long vacation, with no phones and Internet connection. Weird, somehow being away for that long maybe even longer, It’s just going to make me miss her, what if I won’t be able to remember that why she looks anymore, her smell, the things that makes her who she is. I look at her and suddenly all the bad things I use to see in her don’t seem so important.


The Father I Never Had


The Father I Never Had



“What are you talking about?” Said Alex. “This is your father Jon,” Said Alex’s Mom. For a moment I stared at him, I can’t tell you how many times I wondered what he would look like. I wondered why he was not there for me, where was he, what was so important that he could not be there for me. Now that he’s standing right in front of me I realize that the time for me needing him has passed. There have been so many moments where I needed him, so many moments that I just needed a dad and seen I didn’t have a dad in those moments I learned to do without him, now it’s just to late I don’t need him anymore. “Hi Alexandria,” said Jon. “Hi, anyways I have to pack my stuff I got any early acceptance into to college back in Arizona and I’m going to go,” said Alex. “ What Alex you can’t go, I need you here.” Said Alex’s mom. “No you really don’t, by the way this is Henry,” said Alex. “Hi very nice to meet you Jon and,” Said Henry. “It’s Jackie,” Replied Alex’s mom. “Do you think that I could have a moment alone with Alex,” said Jon. “Yes of course,” Said Jackie. Henry and my mom went to the kitchen while Jon and I sat down.


“Alex I know that I haven’t been there for you and now I just show up out of the blue but you need to know that I have stayed away from you to protect you,” Said Jon. “From what,” said Alex. “There are people out there that want to hurt you because of who you are and me being around would have made it even easier for them to find you,” said Jon. “Right so that’s your excuse for not being in my life, if it’s so dangerous why are you here now,” said Alex “I know that your angry, I would be too but I love you Alex and now that your old enough I think that it’s time to bring you home,” said Jon. “Home, what are you talking about, where is home?” said Alex. “Foret,” said Jon. “How do you know about Foret,” said Alex. “I know that the boy is from Foret and I can feel it, you love him. I hope that I can get to know you and help you my daughter because Foret is my kingdom and yours and it’s time that your came home to rule it,” said Jon. “You are the only air to Foret, you will become it’s ruler It’s queen,” said Jon.


One Step Closer Towards My Future


One Step Closer Towards My Future


We continued to walk through the forest for hours; I finally started to get tired. Then we started to hear sounds, like something was following us. We continued to walk faster and faster till we were running through the forest, then the growling started. Henry stopped then told me to get behind him; he pulled out his knife, closed his eyes then began to chant something. I couldn’t understand what he was saying it was in French, but after a while the growling sounds stopped and I saw two giant shadows of bears. These shadows transformed into man, the two men walked towards us out of the darkness till finally I could see their faces. Two very tall and very big men, they stood right In front of us and spoke in French to Henry. Henry begin to talk to them, finally they turn around and walked back into the darkness of the forest, I could see their shadows as they transformed back in to animals. We continued to walk on till finally I had to know. “ What did you say to them?” asked Alex.” Not much, they asked me what I was here for and I told them we wonder into the forest by mistake and got lost.” Said Henry. “ Were those the guardian of the portal?” Asked Alex. “Yes, legend say if you don’t say the chant as your walking through the forest they will kill you, luckily every child is taught it in school or we probably be dead.” Said Henry.


I could see the light through the tress and I knew that we had found our way out. We ended up on the outside of town; we’d have to walk a couple of miles in order to get into town. We started to walk Henry grabbed my hand and for some reason he seemed to be really happy, the kind of happy you get when you see and do things you have never done before. Experiencing new things, something that you never that you’d have a chance to experience and now suddenly you are. We made it to Leeway and as we walked through town to my house I could fell their eyes staring at Henry and me. More so at Henry, I’m sure they’d never seen anyone like him before his beauty, the way he dressed, and they way he walked it was all very different from the man here. Even the way I was dressed was different from the way they dressed here but that doesn’t really get to me I was always different from everyone around me.

When we made it to my house I open the door it was already unlocked, when I walked in I saw my mom and some strange man sitting in the living room. My mom jumped up and ran into my arms. “ Where have you been the past two day we have been looking for you all over town?” Said Alex’s mom. Wow I didn’t think of where I was going to tell my mom I was. “Um I went to the town next to us rented a hotel to clear me head for a couple of days.” Said Alex. “Well you have to tell someone before you go and disappear I have been worried sick about you, but I have someone I like you to meet.” Said Alex’s mom. I just remember Henry was in the room, she didn’t even notice him but then again I’m surprised she noticed me. “This is Jon, he’s your Father,” Said Alex’s mom.




Our Journey To The Other Side


Our Journey To The Other Side



As I awoke in bed, my first thought was of Henry, then I thought today was the day that I go home. I’m going to grab some of my things, tell my mom that I got an earlier acceptance into college then leave. I took a shower then came out of the bathroom to find a pair of combat boots, black leather pants, a black tee shirt and a dark green army jacket. Strange that this would be the kind of stuff I wish I had in my closet, the kind of stuff I wish I was not scared to wear but instead I just wear tee shirt some jeans and tennis shoes everyday. I got dressed and headed down to the dinning room, when I finally got to the dinning room the first thing I saw was a table full of food. All kinds of fruit that I have never seen before, eggs, pancake, waffle, different kinds of meat, and pasties filled the table. When I was finally able to take my eyes off the table I saw Henry. Once we met eyes he stood up from the table then came over to me, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss. ”Good morning how did you sleep,” said Henry. ”Good,” replied Alex. “I hope that you’re hungry,” said Henry. “Yea I’m starving,” said Alex. “ That’s good because we have a long journey ahead of us and your going to need your strength,” replied Henry. I grabbed some food and begin to eat and it was the most amazing food that I have ever eaten in my life. The flavors were so rich unlike anything I have ever tasted, everything was so fresh and even though I have had strawberries and eggs before they just did not taste like these ones.


As we were getting ready to leave I noticed that Henry had knifes and other weapons in his boots, in the pockets on the inside of his jacket, and on his belt. “What are all of those for,” said Alex. “There just in case we might need them you never know what lurks in the darkness of the forest,” replied Henry. I can tell that Henry could see the horrified look upon my face because he took a knife out of his jacket placed it in my hand, stepped behind me, put his hand on the hand holding the knife, then pulled my hair back. “You never know what lays in the darkness of the forest and if the time comes you need to be ready to strike,” said Henry. Henry then placed the knife in the inside of my jacket then said, “We should get going.”

We begin to walk down the driveway till were outside of the gates of the mansion. We continue to walk till were in the light side of the forest, it is so beautiful here flowers and butterflies; finally we come across the border to the dark side of the forest. “Henry are you sure about this, what if it does not work, what if I cannot get you through,” said Alex. “ Trust me,” said Henry. Henry grabbed my hand, and then I closed my eyes as we began to walk across the portal. “Open your eyes, I told you to trust me,” said Henry. “I can’t believe I did it, how did you know it was going to work?” said Alex. Henry replied, “I didn’t.” “ You could have been killed or repealed from the portal, what is wrong with you?” said Alex. “Nothing that’s how much I love you,” replied Henry.




I found Him and He found me


I found Him and He found me

As I woke up looked around and I started to think that this was the day that I go home back through forest, away from Henry. I don’t want to go, I don’t want to leave Henry not knowing when I will see him again, I mean there’s not much for me back home. I can go to school here learn how to be a witch, start a life with Henry and I could still see my mom and sister every now and then. I’ll just tell them I got an early acceptance to some college far away, they’ll believe me or not care enough to ask questions. Either way I feel like I’ve come to far to get over Henry, to forget him so I’ll stay. I feel happy too happy, I jump out of bed and run to the door to tell Henry of my plans, when I open the door Henry is standing there.


“Hi Henry, what are you doing?” Said Alex. “I just came because I have to talk to you said,” Henry. “Ok I have something to say too but you go first,” said Alex. Henry replied, “I don’t want you to go, I can’t let you leave not knowing when I’m going to see you again or not being abled to communicate with you.” I just went for it, I leaned in and kissed Henry. I could feel his shock, then relief, he began to wrap his arms around my body and I began to let my hands feel through his hair. For a minute I was lost in the moment, I was floating in the sky with the stars and the moon. Then I started to se images in my head then they started to form a movie. It was Henry and me, laying in a field of grass, a garden he was reading to me, Romeo and Juliet. We were happy in love, and then the images were gone. When we finally came up for air I looked in Henry’s eyes and the words just fell out of my mouth before my brain could even process them. “I love you,” said Alex. Henry smiled his beautiful smile, and then replied, “I love you too.” I’ve never been so happy in my entire life but I still have to go home, say good-bye.  “I still have to go to the forest Henry I need to go home say good bye to my family get some of my things,” said Alex. “I understand but I want to come with you,” replied Henry. “Come with me but how are you going to get through the portal?” asked Alex. “ You Alex your going to open the portal for me,” replied Henry. “ I just learned I have powers and now you want me to do something I’m not even sure I can,” said Alex. “I know you can do it because you have an incredible teacher, now get ready we have a long day ahead of us,” said Henry. I just realized I’m still wearing my pajamas; I smiled then went back into the room to change into the clothes that were laid on the dresser for me. I can’t believe I’m really doing this running away from home to be with some boy, it sounds like some cliché. A girl runs away from home with a boy wounds up 16 and pregnant, running back home for their parents to take care of them. No matter how this turns out I know I’m suppose to be here not just for Henry but for me I want to learn more about my family and being a witch, this is where I belong for more reasons then just Henry.

The Power Of Sight


The Power Of Sight

Some witches have the ability to see the future and the past, sometimes these visions can come in a dreams or by a touch of an object or person said, Henry. So I’m a witch and I have the ability to see the future, wow how many 18 years old girls can say that said, Alex. Actually many 18 year girls are witches not many can see the future replied, Henry, but I guess not on the other side of the portal. Anyways what does my vision mean asked, Alex. Well have you had any others visions before asked, Henry. Instantly I became sad, I wanted to sit in a corner and cry I realize that seen I’ve been here I haven’t thought about Catherine. I start to think about all the good things, the bad, how much I miss her, what she would doing right now, how my life will be without her, all the things that she won’t be there for. I hate myself for not doing more, for saying the things I said. I wish I could have did things differently I wish I could have save her got there sooner, anything. I forget that Henry was there for a second; I turn to pretend like I’m looking at a book right before the tears fell from my eyes and down my face. I wipe my eyes unable to look at Henry and replied, yea I have once when I touch my friend, I seen her past but not her future. Well your just coming into your powers there’s a chance you can do much more than see the future and past replied, Henry. After thinking about Catherine I suddenly felt drained and I just wanted to go to bed I told Henry I was going to try to go back to sleep. I left the library walked down a millions hallways till I got to my room, climb in bed and drifted off to sleep.

I start to get sleepy so I begin to walk back to my room, I can never go to sleep without writing in my journal. Henry writes, I can’t help but think that there’s something different about Alex, I have my suspicions but they don’t make any sense. There a good chance she part of a powerful family that never came to Foret but then she wouldn’t be able to get in the portal or find it. She could somehow be related to the Foret family, maybe they had a daughter or maybe theres a chance their only son is alive and Alex is his daughter. Anyone could be true and either way she would have a target on her back if her magic is strong enough for her to get in the portal. I Would never let anyone hurt her even though I have only known her for 2 days it feels like a life time, I feel like she is mine, I need to take care of her, protect her and love her.