A New View


A New View

Henry opened the front door and I walked through, we walked down a walkway that led to a garage, as Henry open the garage I could see five classic cars. They seemed like they were from the 1900’s but as Henry open the car door of the all black Rolls Royce I could tell from the inside that this car was from the future. The car had this old time feel on the outside which was beautiful but on the inside it felt like I was going to travel to the future. It had all these buttons that I’ve never seen before, the speedometer even went up to 500 which I’m sure cars don’t go that high exactly ones this old.

As Henry drove up the driveway, out the gate and pass the forest I started to see a place so different, so special it couldn’t be real. Everything here is a mix of old and new, the building went to amazing heights and seemed so futuristic but even though it seems so futuristic there’s still horses and carriages. The air even seemed fresher and the stars I’ve never seen such beautiful stars, so many so big ,the moon even seemed somehow closer.

Henry drove up to a dark house that seemed like not a soul lived in it. Henry got out and came across the car to open my door and suddenly I got this feeling that we were on a date. As I got out of the car Henry grab my hand and held it as we walk towards the house, butterflies I can’t help but feel when I’m close to Henry. As we entered the house, still not a sound and no one in sight. Henry led us up the stairway, down a hallway filled with so many doors I started to wonder what was behind each one. Finally we came across a door different from the rest, black where all the others were brown, Henry opened this door and it was another world.

Inside it was a bar, a forest, and a rave all mix and one. The music was loud and blasting I can’t believe I couldn’t hear it all the way outside and the lights, bright and flashing even though the house seemed so dark and behind  one door it’s full of life. I started to look around at the people and I noticed that they did not look like me. Some had markings on their faces, some were green or blue even pink, I’m pretty sure one was a vampire based on its teeth, and many of them had wings, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this couldn’t be real. Henry smiled then said, I told you I would show you, now do you believe me? I looked at him in shock then stutter the words, I do.


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