Our First Dance


Our First Dance


So what do you think? Said Henry. I think this is amazing, I can’t believe that all of this can exist so close to me to everyone and no can discover it, said Alex excitedly. I know it is pretty amazing even for me and I’ve lived here my whole life, said Henry. I’m not going to get bitten or attacked or turned in to so weird creature am I? Said Alex. Henry smiled then turned to me and said, not as long as you stay close, I could feel his hand grip tighter on mines. So shall we dance? Asked Henry. I loved to, said Alex. Henry lead me to the center of the dance floor then spun me around so that me back pressed against his chest and his arms were wrapped around mines. I swear a Ellie Goulding song was playing most likely so one who sounded just like her, I doubt their hip on the music that comes from the human world. That doesn’t really matter much when I’m so close to Henry. He continued to twirl me around and wrap his arms around me, making it feels like hours of us dancing. It’s so strange normally dancing likes this with any other guy would make me feel uncomfortable but with Henry it just seems right like it was meant to be. Like it was already planned for me to be right here right now in his arms. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck it gave me butterflies, then it started to feel like we were the only two on the dance floor in our own world unable to be touched or harmed by anyone.

I could feel someone rip Henry hands out of mines, I opened my eyes to see who it was. It was a girl my age tall slender, beautiful, she looked at me with disguise then turns to Henry and said who is this? Henry grabs my hand and then said, none of your concern. She rolled her eyes then said, you’re with her even though you have a chance to be with me? Henry with a stern face replies, yes I’m with her. I couldn’t help but smile, your going to regret this, she turned to glare at me then walked off.

I turned to Henry and asked who was that? Henry replied that was Evelyn, we went on a couple of dates and I decided she was a horrible person, when I decided I had enough of her she went around telling everyone how we were so much in love and I was planning on asking her to marry me. Wow that’s crazy some people just don’t take rejection well and planning on getting married at 18 that’s even crazier, said Alex. Henry looked at me with a stunned look on his face then said, getting married at 18 isn’t crazy it’s the right age some even get married younger. Suddenly I felt like we were in a argument, I looked at Henry with a confused look on my face then said, Well not were I’m from getting married so young either means your crazy or pregnant. So you wouldn’t get married at 18? Asked Henry. I could tell this was something that Henry felt strong about so I replied; It depends on who I was marrying. Henry let it go then said, it’s getting late we should head back.


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