A Dark Figure


A Dark Figure

We drive back in silence, I wonder what Henry was thinking right now, was he mad, upset. When we got back to the house Henry walked me to my room said, goodnight, then left. There was a change of clothes to sleep in on the dresser, I changed then climbed into bed to go to sleep. I tossed and turned till I finally awoke form an awful dream, it was my wedding day, I was standing there at the alter in a beautiful dress at my dream wedding, holding Henry hand. Then dark figures started to appear out of the forest; they started killing and tormenting people anyone who stood in their way. Finally when the got to Henry and me they ripped my hands out of his, carried me away, I could see Henry fighting them off as I tried fighting as while. After getting free of one I tried to run to Henry, I called out for him as he called out for me. Another dark figure grabbed me I turned to fight him off but he was to strong, he began to carry me away and as I turned around to find Henry all I could see was his body lying motionless on the ground.

Sweat ran down my face and for some reason I couldn’t caught my breath, I had never had a dream that felt so real, that was so terrifying. I sat up for a couple of minutes afraid to go back to sleep, finally I decided to navigate my way to the library. It took a couple of tries but I finally made it, when I opened the doors I found Henry sitting there looking into the fireplace. Henry turned as I enter the library, he smiled then said, you couldn’t sleep either? I replied yea, I had a nightmare. What was it about? Asked, Henry. What was I supposed to tell him about our wedding and just so happening you also died. It was nothing said, Alex. Come on it had to be something big if you would risk getting lost just to find the library said, Henry. I hesitated then told Henry what my dream was about, he looked shocked, probably thought I was so love sick puppy who dream of marrying him. Henry replied, I don’t think that was a dream. What? replied, Alex then what was it? Asked Alex.


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