The Power Of Sight


The Power Of Sight

Some witches have the ability to see the future and the past, sometimes these visions can come in a dreams or by a touch of an object or person said, Henry. So I’m a witch and I have the ability to see the future, wow how many 18 years old girls can say that said, Alex. Actually many 18 year girls are witches not many can see the future replied, Henry, but I guess not on the other side of the portal. Anyways what does my vision mean asked, Alex. Well have you had any others visions before asked, Henry. Instantly I became sad, I wanted to sit in a corner and cry I realize that seen I’ve been here I haven’t thought about Catherine. I start to think about all the good things, the bad, how much I miss her, what she would doing right now, how my life will be without her, all the things that she won’t be there for. I hate myself for not doing more, for saying the things I said. I wish I could have did things differently I wish I could have save her got there sooner, anything. I forget that Henry was there for a second; I turn to pretend like I’m looking at a book right before the tears fell from my eyes and down my face. I wipe my eyes unable to look at Henry and replied, yea I have once when I touch my friend, I seen her past but not her future. Well your just coming into your powers there’s a chance you can do much more than see the future and past replied, Henry. After thinking about Catherine I suddenly felt drained and I just wanted to go to bed I told Henry I was going to try to go back to sleep. I left the library walked down a millions hallways till I got to my room, climb in bed and drifted off to sleep.

I start to get sleepy so I begin to walk back to my room, I can never go to sleep without writing in my journal. Henry writes, I can’t help but think that there’s something different about Alex, I have my suspicions but they don’t make any sense. There a good chance she part of a powerful family that never came to Foret but then she wouldn’t be able to get in the portal or find it. She could somehow be related to the Foret family, maybe they had a daughter or maybe theres a chance their only son is alive and Alex is his daughter. Anyone could be true and either way she would have a target on her back if her magic is strong enough for her to get in the portal. I Would never let anyone hurt her even though I have only known her for 2 days it feels like a life time, I feel like she is mine, I need to take care of her, protect her and love her.

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