I found Him and He found me


I found Him and He found me

As I woke up looked around and I started to think that this was the day that I go home back through forest, away from Henry. I don’t want to go, I don’t want to leave Henry not knowing when I will see him again, I mean there’s not much for me back home. I can go to school here learn how to be a witch, start a life with Henry and I could still see my mom and sister every now and then. I’ll just tell them I got an early acceptance to some college far away, they’ll believe me or not care enough to ask questions. Either way I feel like I’ve come to far to get over Henry, to forget him so I’ll stay. I feel happy too happy, I jump out of bed and run to the door to tell Henry of my plans, when I open the door Henry is standing there.


“Hi Henry, what are you doing?” Said Alex. “I just came because I have to talk to you said,” Henry. “Ok I have something to say too but you go first,” said Alex. Henry replied, “I don’t want you to go, I can’t let you leave not knowing when I’m going to see you again or not being abled to communicate with you.” I just went for it, I leaned in and kissed Henry. I could feel his shock, then relief, he began to wrap his arms around my body and I began to let my hands feel through his hair. For a minute I was lost in the moment, I was floating in the sky with the stars and the moon. Then I started to se images in my head then they started to form a movie. It was Henry and me, laying in a field of grass, a garden he was reading to me, Romeo and Juliet. We were happy in love, and then the images were gone. When we finally came up for air I looked in Henry’s eyes and the words just fell out of my mouth before my brain could even process them. “I love you,” said Alex. Henry smiled his beautiful smile, and then replied, “I love you too.” I’ve never been so happy in my entire life but I still have to go home, say good-bye.  “I still have to go to the forest Henry I need to go home say good bye to my family get some of my things,” said Alex. “I understand but I want to come with you,” replied Henry. “Come with me but how are you going to get through the portal?” asked Alex. “ You Alex your going to open the portal for me,” replied Henry. “ I just learned I have powers and now you want me to do something I’m not even sure I can,” said Alex. “I know you can do it because you have an incredible teacher, now get ready we have a long day ahead of us,” said Henry. I just realized I’m still wearing my pajamas; I smiled then went back into the room to change into the clothes that were laid on the dresser for me. I can’t believe I’m really doing this running away from home to be with some boy, it sounds like some cliché. A girl runs away from home with a boy wounds up 16 and pregnant, running back home for their parents to take care of them. No matter how this turns out I know I’m suppose to be here not just for Henry but for me I want to learn more about my family and being a witch, this is where I belong for more reasons then just Henry.

4 thoughts on “I found Him and He found me

  1. Okay, I’m just going to say this is EXACTLY THE REASON that I am currently doing a blog! I want to write a story as well! And yours is amazing! Thank you for checking out my blog as well! 🙂

  2. Your story developed an interest in me as a reader even at the brief glimpse! It appears that you post fresh chapter exactly after a week. That would make reader relish on the curiosity about how story is going to unfold. Thanks for visiting my blog! Appreciate if you could critique about it. Thanks!

  3. I am a photographer and what you say with words I can only say with pictures. Thank-you for taking me to a place with your words. I was looking for a way with words. I was given a gift and told to use it. I often find myself lost for what to write for my own blog. Stumbling is what I would call it. I’d love to do a collaboration ( I had to google how to spell that!!! FFSK!) ha ha ha ha I do miss my dictionary. Now if only I had a print version of your book to take to bed with me. I’ve been staring at the computer all day and my eyes hurt. I still have to figure out Google+ Good night and I look forward to having a bit of a banter with you and yours!

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