Our Journey To The Other Side


Our Journey To The Other Side



As I awoke in bed, my first thought was of Henry, then I thought today was the day that I go home. I’m going to grab some of my things, tell my mom that I got an earlier acceptance into college then leave. I took a shower then came out of the bathroom to find a pair of combat boots, black leather pants, a black tee shirt and a dark green army jacket. Strange that this would be the kind of stuff I wish I had in my closet, the kind of stuff I wish I was not scared to wear but instead I just wear tee shirt some jeans and tennis shoes everyday. I got dressed and headed down to the dinning room, when I finally got to the dinning room the first thing I saw was a table full of food. All kinds of fruit that I have never seen before, eggs, pancake, waffle, different kinds of meat, and pasties filled the table. When I was finally able to take my eyes off the table I saw Henry. Once we met eyes he stood up from the table then came over to me, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss. ”Good morning how did you sleep,” said Henry. ”Good,” replied Alex. “I hope that you’re hungry,” said Henry. “Yea I’m starving,” said Alex. “ That’s good because we have a long journey ahead of us and your going to need your strength,” replied Henry. I grabbed some food and begin to eat and it was the most amazing food that I have ever eaten in my life. The flavors were so rich unlike anything I have ever tasted, everything was so fresh and even though I have had strawberries and eggs before they just did not taste like these ones.


As we were getting ready to leave I noticed that Henry had knifes and other weapons in his boots, in the pockets on the inside of his jacket, and on his belt. “What are all of those for,” said Alex. “There just in case we might need them you never know what lurks in the darkness of the forest,” replied Henry. I can tell that Henry could see the horrified look upon my face because he took a knife out of his jacket placed it in my hand, stepped behind me, put his hand on the hand holding the knife, then pulled my hair back. “You never know what lays in the darkness of the forest and if the time comes you need to be ready to strike,” said Henry. Henry then placed the knife in the inside of my jacket then said, “We should get going.”

We begin to walk down the driveway till were outside of the gates of the mansion. We continue to walk till were in the light side of the forest, it is so beautiful here flowers and butterflies; finally we come across the border to the dark side of the forest. “Henry are you sure about this, what if it does not work, what if I cannot get you through,” said Alex. “ Trust me,” said Henry. Henry grabbed my hand, and then I closed my eyes as we began to walk across the portal. “Open your eyes, I told you to trust me,” said Henry. “I can’t believe I did it, how did you know it was going to work?” said Alex. Henry replied, “I didn’t.” “ You could have been killed or repealed from the portal, what is wrong with you?” said Alex. “Nothing that’s how much I love you,” replied Henry.




5 thoughts on “Our Journey To The Other Side

  1. I enjoyed your story and I could feel the tension building. This is a good adventure story. Keep going! I’m glad you liked my post, “Childhood’s Inventor.”

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