One Step Closer Towards My Future


One Step Closer Towards My Future


We continued to walk through the forest for hours; I finally started to get tired. Then we started to hear sounds, like something was following us. We continued to walk faster and faster till we were running through the forest, then the growling started. Henry stopped then told me to get behind him; he pulled out his knife, closed his eyes then began to chant something. I couldn’t understand what he was saying it was in French, but after a while the growling sounds stopped and I saw two giant shadows of bears. These shadows transformed into man, the two men walked towards us out of the darkness till finally I could see their faces. Two very tall and very big men, they stood right In front of us and spoke in French to Henry. Henry begin to talk to them, finally they turn around and walked back into the darkness of the forest, I could see their shadows as they transformed back in to animals. We continued to walk on till finally I had to know. “ What did you say to them?” asked Alex.” Not much, they asked me what I was here for and I told them we wonder into the forest by mistake and got lost.” Said Henry. “ Were those the guardian of the portal?” Asked Alex. “Yes, legend say if you don’t say the chant as your walking through the forest they will kill you, luckily every child is taught it in school or we probably be dead.” Said Henry.


I could see the light through the tress and I knew that we had found our way out. We ended up on the outside of town; we’d have to walk a couple of miles in order to get into town. We started to walk Henry grabbed my hand and for some reason he seemed to be really happy, the kind of happy you get when you see and do things you have never done before. Experiencing new things, something that you never that you’d have a chance to experience and now suddenly you are. We made it to Leeway and as we walked through town to my house I could fell their eyes staring at Henry and me. More so at Henry, I’m sure they’d never seen anyone like him before his beauty, the way he dressed, and they way he walked it was all very different from the man here. Even the way I was dressed was different from the way they dressed here but that doesn’t really get to me I was always different from everyone around me.

When we made it to my house I open the door it was already unlocked, when I walked in I saw my mom and some strange man sitting in the living room. My mom jumped up and ran into my arms. “ Where have you been the past two day we have been looking for you all over town?” Said Alex’s mom. Wow I didn’t think of where I was going to tell my mom I was. “Um I went to the town next to us rented a hotel to clear me head for a couple of days.” Said Alex. “Well you have to tell someone before you go and disappear I have been worried sick about you, but I have someone I like you to meet.” Said Alex’s mom. I just remember Henry was in the room, she didn’t even notice him but then again I’m surprised she noticed me. “This is Jon, he’s your Father,” Said Alex’s mom.




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