Should I Stay Or Should I Go


Should I Stay Or Should I Go



“Ruler, I just turned 18, what do I look light ruling some place that’s not even on a map?” Said Alex. “I know that right now this may seem like a lot but I will be here for you, to help you through every step,” said Jon. “Yea right, like you been here for the last 18 years,” Said Alex. “I know and I will make up for that,” said Jon. “I just don’t know if I can do this,” said Alex. “I know that you can because there’s strength and power in you that you have not discovered yet and my daughter, I know that you are the queen that we have been waiting for,” said Jon. I sit here and I look at this man, who is supposed to be my father with so many questions. Should I trust him, can I rule some place when I couldn’t even get a date to prom, am I crazy for even thinking about it. On the other hand ruling a kingdom and being a queen seems like a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility, I don’t know these people let alone what these people are how can I be their queen. “I can’t, I’m sorry but I don’t know the first thing about Forêt how can I be someone’s ruler when I don’t even know who I’m ruling,” Said Alex. “I agree with you that’s why I’m asking you just for one month, one month in Forêt to get you know your people, to get to know were you belong,” said Jon. Running away to Forêt with some guy I just met because I fell in love with him after two day of knowing him is crazy but somehow running away to Forêt so I can test drive a kingdom just to see if I want it, seems crazier. “OK I will stay for one month, but this does not guaranteed that I’m going to take over, if I don’t like it then I’m goon,” Said Alex. “One month is all I ask no promises and no guaranteed,” said Jon.


I go to find Henry and the kitchen, drinking tea and laughing with my mom, somehow she could always make people laugh know matter what. I know she has not always been the best mom but she the only one I got and when it was just her and me we’d actually have really nice days. Going shopping and having lunch, sometimes we’d spend the whole day together when my sister was busy and it was nice. Now I just feel like I’m never going to see her again or maybe I’m going on a long vacation, with no phones and Internet connection. Weird, somehow being away for that long maybe even longer, It’s just going to make me miss her, what if I won’t be able to remember that why she looks anymore, her smell, the things that makes her who she is. I look at her and suddenly all the bad things I use to see in her don’t seem so important.


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