Saying Goodbye


Saying Goodbye

I go up stairs and begin to pack up some of my things. A best friends frame with a picture of Catherine and me and everything that she has ever giving me. All of the friendship bracelets she made me seen freshman year, all the clothes that I borrowed and never gave back. I can’t help but cry, I miss her, laughing and joking all the time, having someone to tell me secrets and help me through all the tough times that high school brings. Now I have this whole world and I wonderful guy and I just want to tell her about it, she’d probably think that I was crazy but when she met Henry she’d know I wasn’t. But I’ll never know now, that’s the worst part, I just want to hear her voice, see her smile again, and tell her I’m sorry.


There’s a knock at the door, I hurry and wipe the tears from my face. “Are you all packed,” said Henry. “Yea almost, I just have a few more things then I’ll be ready,” said Alex. I put a couple pairs of jeans, shirts, shoes and sweaters into a duffel bag with some more pictures of my family and headed out the door. I said goodbye to my mom hoping that it wasn’t really goodbye and my sister Lisa was nowhere to be found, which got me thinking. “ Wait, What about Lisa?” said Alex. “I never told you both but you guys have different fathers,” said Jackie. “Are you serious, this has been I week full of secrets, is there anything else anyone wants to share,” said Alex. “No, I think that’s pretty much all,” said Jackie. “I do want you to know that I love you and no matter what you will always have a home here, with me,” said Jackie.”I love you to mom,” said Alex.


We walk out the front door and there’s a jeep in the driveway. Somehow I didn’t notice it before, Jon is standing there waiting, he grabs my bags and puts them in the trunk as I get in the front sit and Henry gets in the back. Jon starts the car and we begin to drive away and I watch my mom as we leave, I can see the sadness in her eyes. I finally see how much she love me, then I see the town pass by me, a town I never loved and even with the sadness I see hope. A better future awaits me; a place where I belong and will fit in is waiting for me. We drive to the forest and come to a stop, Jon gets out of the car and starts to chant something, I can’t make out what he is saying but then something strange starts to happen. The forest begins to move, it forms a pathway leading straight to Forêt. Jon gets back into the car and begins to drive through the forest and as I look back the forest begins to close back behind us. As we approach the border to Forêt, there they are, the guardians of Forêt, two great and dark forms of bears waiting for us.

One thought on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Like it. The journey into the unknown. But I need to get back to chapter 1. Time slipped away and I’m a little behind. Have a great week-end!

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