My New Home


My New Home

This place is amazing, a castle and the closes I’ll ever get to Hogwarts. Towers so tall, the clouds cover the tops and so many windows and doors, I can’t imagine that I place could be so big and old, definitely 200 years old. It’s beautiful, mysterious and wonderful all at the same time but no matter how great it is I can’t imagine this being my home. Maybe if I grow up here I could picture this being my home but right now It just doesn’t feel right.


We park the car in front of the castle doors and as we approach the door someone comes out. It’s a man but this man looks half dead, literally. Its like he’s just coming back to life or awakening from a deep sleep. “Alexandria this is Donald, he is one of the house servants and he will be able to help you with anything that you need,” said Jon. “Nice to meet you,” said Alex. Donald nods then gestured for us to follow him into the castle. As we walked in I notice that this castle is even more beautiful on the inside then on the outside, so much history and painting, things so old they probably be worth millions now. All these things sit In this beautiful castle where princesses and princes grow up, where balls are thrown and it all just feel so surreal. A dream that I haven’t woken up from and I dream I hope I never do wake up from. A women walks towards Jon and us, he introduces her as Belle, he then asks her to prepare dinner. “Dinner will be ready at 6, Henry will you be staying here tonight?” said Jon. “ No, sir just for dinner,” said Henry. “Very well, Alexandria, Donald will show you to your room while I attend to some business and then I will see you at dinner,” said Jon.


It was only 2, which was strange, time always seemed to move slower here but I followed Donald and Henry followed me. Henry was always there it was comforting to know that he was there because I didn’t want him to leave; I wanted to be where ever he was. I grabbed Henry’s hand and continued to follow Donald as Henry and we walked side by side, hand in hand. Walking through the castle was like a time machine, with all this timeless objects that I had never seen before. Finally we came upon a staircase and this staircase led to a room in a tower, how cliché, a tower for a princess. After showing us to the room Donald left, strange there were already snacks on the table and dresses and clothes in the closet that were exactly my size, like the already knew I was coming. It was cozy here, in this room, with the warmth of the fireplace I lay on the soft bed and Henry lies beside me. He brushes back the hair that covers my face, then kisses me and for a moment I forget it all, everything that I’ve learned over the past 3 day and there’s nothing but him and me. “Are you sure this is what you want?” said Henry. “ I want you, everything else, I don’t know,” said Alex.

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