Things I Wish They Told Me Before Now


Things I wish they told me before now

We must have fallen asleep, as I woke up Henry’s arms are wrapped around me and as we lay in bed I couldn’t help but think that every moment with Henry felt like a movie. A movie that I want to keep replaying, I closed my eyes and tried to fall back to sleep, when there was a knock on the door. I looked at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed; it was 5:50, almost time for dinner. “Henry, It’s time for dinner,” said Alex. Henry begins to opens his eyes, “Do we really have to, why can’t we stay in this room, in this bed forever?” said Henry. “I wish we could but then eventually Jon would have to come up here to get us and that would just be awkward,” said Alex. We began to fix ourselves up for dinner, and then head out of the door.


Donald was waiting outside the door to escort us to the dinning room. The dinning room was amazingly huge and beautiful; at least 70 people could fit at the table. Henry and I sat down at the table; Jon was not there yet. Jon was 15 minutes late, finally he walked in, “I’m sorry I’m late I had some business I had to attend to and after 18 years it really pills up,” said Jon. “I understand,” said Alex. The servants began to bring out dinner and Jon began to talk a lot. All the responsibilities I’d have, all the things I had to do and it was too much. “Your 18 and your powers are growing stronger by the day and if you don’t learn to control them they can end up overtaking you,” said Jon. “ What do you mean overtaking me,” said Alex “Well if you don’t learn to control your powers, your powers can end up controlling you. That’s why we need to get you in school as soon as possible,” said Jon. I looked at Henry with a terrifying look on my face and I guess he could tell because he grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear. “ Don’t worry I know you can do it all of it and I will be by your side every step of the way,” said Henry.


“In three days there will also be a celebration here honoring the princess of Forêt. You will be able to meet your people and there will also be many eligible young men who will want your hand. I do understand that you are with Henry but it is a tradition that we must keep,” said Jon. Are you kidding me the only reason I came back to Forêt is for Henry and now your telling me there’s a chance I’d have to marry someone else. “What do you mean a tradition?” said Alex. “It’s nothing really, you just have to a little bit of your time to every man who wants to marry you and there are a couple of requirements for every man but besides that it is your choice,” said Henry. “This is true but until then, it would best if you two don’t spend as much time with each other, just until the celebration, we want every man to think they’re getting a fair shoot, “ said Jon. No one asked me if I had decided to rule Forêt, no one asked me if I was ready to marry someone, no one asked me if I wanted to give up Henry and I don’t like being told what to do.

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