Can’t Give Him Up


Can’t Give Him Up

We finished our dinner, and then Jon went back to work. We are escorted back to my room where I began to think. “I don’t know if I can do this, I know I told Jon that I would give it a try before I decided but,” said Alex. “I understand, It’s a lot to take in and whatever your decision I will support you, but I do want you to understand that by giving up your claim to the throne, You also give up your claim to ever know your father,” said Henry. “What are you talking about,” said Alex. “ Well, you would be the first but it’s written in law that if ever there is a royal in line to take the throne and chooses not to, that royal will be miscommunicated from all other royals and written out of history,” said Henry.


“Wow, that seems like a bit much. So I only have two options, not take the throne and never get to know my father and where half of me comes from or take over the responsibility of a world that I know nothing about and possibly marry someone I don’t know, “said Alex. “It doesn’t have to be that way, you can get to know this world and trust me you will learn to love it. Also believe it or not I am a very wanted bachelor, every parent wants me for their daughter, I mean I’m rich, attractive, my powers are stronger than anyone my age and I come from a very respectable family,” said Henry. Alex laughs, “That makes me feel so much better, I’ll try to remember how awesome you are when I’m going through my list of eligible bachelors,” said Alex. Henry smiles then replies, “it’s getting late I should get going.”


“Do you really have to go, just stay for the night, please,” said Alex “your father said we should spend so time apart for appearances,” said Henry. “ I know but I don’t how much sleep I’ll be able to get here, in this strange place if you’re not next to me,” said Alex “OK but just for the night, I don’t want your father getting mad at his new son-in-law,” said Henry. I changed into something that may or may not have been pajamas and then climbed into bed with Henry. Laying next him always made me feel safe. Made my surrounding go away, nothing but Henry and I laying in a bed nothing else, no castle, no Jon, no kingdom, just him and me the way I wanted but There’s so much I want to know and I can’t give up the man who has all the answers. There’s been a whole in my heart for 18 years and I need him to help me fill it and I won’t be able to do that if I give up the throne. I know I don’t need Jon in my life but I want him there, I want to get to know the father I thought never wanted me.

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