A Life Without Peace


A Life Without Peace

I do wonder what it would be like if I hadn’t let her go back, if we just started our lives right then and there. We’d be planning our wedding, planning our futures without having to deal with a kingdom and her father. If only I could take Alex somewhere no one would find us, where we could have children and grow old in peace. As long as she is in line for the throne and we stay in Foret we will never have peace. She will always be in danger, never able to live freely. How can I ask her to choose between her father and me? Either she gives up her claim to the throne and her father so that we can live our lives the way we both imagined. Or she stays and is trained to be a queen, while getting to know her father better but until the day she is queen she will be restricted to this castle in fear someone will try to kill her before she becomes queen.
I love Alex but this life, this path were on will bring a lot of unhappiness and danger and I don’t know if I can let her live this life. As she lies beside me and I watch her sleep, she looks so peaceful but I’m afraid after tonight this will be the last peaceful moment she will ever get.


All I could see are dark figures from every direction and me standing alone. They’re coming after me and I search for a way out but there isn’t one, they’re everywhere. I scream for help but no one comes, there closing in on me, I start to scream then every thing goes dark, nothing to be seen or heard just darkness. I awake from a dream or a nightmare; it felt so real that my throat still hurts from screaming. Just the thoughts of those dark figures scare me and the more I dream about them the more I know that someone is after me or will be soon.

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