Selfish and Unselfish Acts


Selfish and Unselfish Acts

When I woke up Henry was goon and in his place, a note. “Went to prepare for the ball see you tonight,” wrote Henry. Great another reminded of the horrible day I am to have. The last thing I expected when I came to Foret to start my life with Henry was to have a bunch of guys competing for my hand in marriage. I sit in bed a while longer, thinking about the life changing decision that I made in just a week. In one week I decided to spend the rest of my life with someone I hardly knew. I decided to become a princess or a queen I a world that I know nothing about, I can feel there’s a danger coming and something in me is telling me to run, forget it all everything that comes with this world including Henry. Go back home go to college and make a normal, peaceful like for myself. Now that I have seen the things that I’ve seen and know the things that I know I doubt that I could ever have a normal life again.


I get up and wash my face and brush my teeth, then go to the closet to pick out an outfit. I grabbed a pair of black jeans, some boots, and a plain white shirt, and then I go to find Jon. Donald wasn’t waiting outside of my room for me, so I guess I have to find my own way. I try to stay on the path that Donald takes but trying to remember and stay focus is hard. There’s so much to see, then I come across a hallway full of family pictures. Of Jon and I guess my grandma and grandpa, in one of the portraits of my grandmother, she has long dark black hair and dark green eyes and the forest was behind her. It was the prettiest picture I had ever seen and it made me wish that I had gotten a chance to meet her. I wonder what she would be like, strong and full of wisdom and so powerful. She sacrificed her self to build a whole new world; just so people she didn’t even know could have a better life. I can’t even sacrifice the time it will take for me to get to know these people and this world; it just makes me fill so selfish.


I finally find my way to the dinning room and when I get there I find Jon sitting at the table. “I knew you could find your way around the castle on your own,” said Jon. “ Yea, I wasn’t sure I could and it took me a while but I finally made it here,” said Alex. “Good, come sit down and eat, we have some business we need to talk about,” said Jon. I sit down and begin to put food on my plate while Jon talks. “The ball is tonight, the maids will prepare you after breakfast, I have also prepare a list the young man who will be at the ball so you can learn their name, the list also contains their history and skills so you may have some ideal of who they are before you meet them. Also I want to make it extremely important to you that you give each young man a fair shoot and never spend too much time on anyone, the same amount of time for each, including Henry,” said Jon “Alex sighed then said “I get it.” Jon spoke again, “This night is really important Alex, this is the night that Forêt will see the queen you are to be. As much as you are judging these young man, these young man are judging you and they will tell the world the type of person you really are.”


4 thoughts on “Selfish and Unselfish Acts

  1. OH geez let the Queen choose Henry. Or John or Sam or any suitable one with the stamina for a Goddess. “No absolutely not, It will not be anyone who does not have the coy perfection of him who I have always known.”

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