Walking In My Grandmother’s Shoes


Walking In My Grandmother’s Shoes

A women enters the room Jon stands and says, “Alex, this is Flora, She has been the designer for our family for almost 200 years and will do while for you.” Flora bows, “ It is truly an honor to meet the next queen of Forêt and it will be my pleasure to design your gown for tonight’s ball. I smile, that’s the first time anyone how bowed to me and it is to strange, I also wonder how old she is exactly, I mean she looks like she in her late 20, but in this place who knows. She wears a black dress that has an open back and a long train, which looks very fashionable, something that I would never be able to pull off. “Well I know you two have a lot of work today, so I’ll be off and I will see both of you tonight.


Flora starts to walk away and I don’t know if I should follow her, until she turns around and gives me a look and in that moment I knew. I follow her down a hallway that I’ve never been down. We come to a grand door so big and bright red, I’m sure you could see it a mile away. Flora opens the doors and it’s like a mall filled with the must expensive jewelry and unique clothes. Dresses that literally look 200 years old, stuff you might see in vogue or stuff you might see a queen wear. “This is the royal closet, every dress or piece of jewelry in here was own by your grandmother and is now own by you. Of course there’s a few new items just for you,” said Flora. I look around as Flora begins to open another door; this door leads to a whole new closet, my closet. It’s filled with things that look a little less ancient and a little more me.


Flora pulls 4 dresses off the rack and asks me which one I’d prefer to wear to the ball tonight. I have to admit the first one was just ugly, the second one was not something I could ever see myself in, and the third one was bright pink. The last one was amazing sexy, beautiful, and unique, I loved it. “Of course, this dress belong to your grandmother, I had to alter it, dress it up and add a little flair but I knew this would be the one,” said Flora. It was the one, a fitted all black mermaid dress that flared out at the bottom, with long lace sleeve coming down to the wrist and, a low open back. Once we pick out the dress it was time for the accessories. Diamonds, some many diamonds and rubies and every other type of stone that I’ve never seen before. “All of this belonged to my grandmother, I can’t believe any one could own so much,” said Alex. “Let’s just say she was a collector of fine things, I think you should go with this one it was your grandmothers favorites. “It has 181 carats diamonds and was always the talk of the ball when she would wear it,” said Flora. It was beautiful, a 6 layered necklace with a huge diamond on the bottom, perfect. I can’t imagine a way to feel closer to my grandmother then wearing all of her favorite things.

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