10 Minutes With My Future Husband


10 Minutes With My Future Husband

I sit in a chair for 3 hours while I get my hair and makeup done; I try to remember all the names and faces of all the man on the list. For the most part they are all very good-looking and qualified. Most guys have lots of money, come from established families and all of them have a 10 or higher under the school category. Which I have no clue what it means but Henry’s at 15, the highest score of them all. I study Henry’s card the longest, age 18, established family, and super wealthy. Henry’s also has the most skills out of any other guy, Combat, potions, archery, spells, and transportation. Even if I didn’t know Henry he would still be my first choice because her truly is an amazing guy and knowing all of things I know about him just makes me want to get to know him more. Henry’s is good at all things and I didn’t even know, but after tonight and after I make my decision I will have all the time in the world just to get to know Henry.


We finally finish and I put on my dress and the shoes that go with it and head out the door. Donald is waiting to escort me to the ballroom but the closer we get the more nervous I start to fill. I’m scared what if the don’t like me what if everyone thinks I’m hideous. What if I fall down the stairs and land on my face, so many things could go wrong. I’m standing outside the doors of the ballroom sweating and shaking and for some reason, I can’t take the first step into the ballroom, my body is frozen. “Princess Alexandria, you look stunning and I knew from the moment I met you, that you would be a great queen. So no need to be nervous you’ll be fine,” said Donald. I was shocked, because thinking about It I’ve never heard Donald talk, I didn’t think that he could. But hearing him say what he said really helped me, knowing that someone who doesn’t really know me could have so much faith in me, really made me believe in myself.


I enter the ballroom and there are so many people here and all of them are staring at me, judging me with every step I take. So many stairs, all I can think is don’t fall don’t fall, finally I make it to the end and Jon is there waiting for me. “Darling, you look amazing, simply stunning,” said Jon. Alex murmured, “Thanks.” Strange that there are moments when your super nervous for something, then when it’s actually happening it turns out to be not so bad. This was not one of those moment, I spend hours dancing and speed dating with strange man, not finding anything in common with any of them. Most of them talk about their selves for the whole 10 minutes that we have and other just can’t seem to find anything to say. By the end I was wondering where was Henry and why he hadn’t showed up yet but finally there he was. He looked absolutely amazing, a high fashion model right off the runway of New York’s fashion week. I want to kiss him and jump into his arms, but even in this small comer in the garden on a bench I know that there are people watching. Henry bows and sits down next to me on the bench. Henry whispers, “You look gorgeous.” I do think I look good but compared to Henry, I’m quit average. “Thanks, you also look amazing and I know that it has only been a day but I’ve really missed you,” said Alex. Henry smiled, “I’ve really missed you too,” said Henry.


Henry stands up and puts his hand out, I take it and we begin to dance. It feels like hours that I dance with Henry even though I know It’s minutes but I can’t help but picture our lives together every time I’m with him. I know that with Henry every second of everyday would be like this, so much love. Just Henry and me everyday being the best that we can be together, having a happy and wonderful life. Times up Henry is escorted out the garden and just when I thought it was all over there’s one more.

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