Handsome or Beautiful


Handsome or Beautiful

I don’t know who this last guy could be, I thought I went through all of the name cards, I must have missed one. As he walks towards me my heart begins to race, and I don’t know why but I get this feeling, that feeling when you see a guy for the first time and you don’t know what it is but there something that instantly attracts you to him. He stops two inch’s from my face, looks me in the eyes and smiles, he then bows and kisses my hand. Now standing in front of me I can see he has short light blond almost white hair, with eyes as blue as an ocean. He begins to speak, “Hello princess Alexandria, my name is Francis”. My brain stumbles to tell my mouth what to say, so all I can do is stare. “It is a pleasure to meet you, I had no ideal how beautiful you would be, but when my parents found out that the future queen would be looking for a mate they insisted that I come,” said Francis. My brain finally comes around and forces me to talk. “So you only showed up for a chance to marry a queen?” asked Alex. Francis smiles, then replies, “I’m not going to lie to you, the chance of marrying a queen and becoming the next king of Foret is very appealing, but I was also very curious,” said Francis. “The truth for once, that’s very refreshing. So what curiosity did you have?“ asked Alex. “If your looking for honesty you’ll never ever have to worry about me lying to you and now that I have met you I can see for myself that you will make a great queen and a great wife,” said Francis.


Donald comes to escort Francis out and I sit in the garden a little while to think. Strange, I know Henry is the one I’ll spend my life with but there is something about Francis that tells me he won’t give up without a fight. I can’t deny that I’m attracted to Francis in way that is completely different from how I’m attracted to Henry. Francis is handsome, confident and has a dark edge about him that makes me drawn to him. Henry is beautiful, strong, loving, gentle and mysterious, there’s always something about Henry that makes me want to know more.


Jon walks in the garden, “How did it go,” said Jon. “It was fine,” said Alex. “I guess fine, will have to be good enough, tonight you will choose the three that interested you the most and tomorrow you will go on a chaperoned date with each of them,” said Jon. Great the last thing I want to do is go on a chaperoned date, it’s not 1917 and why can’t I just pick who I want right now. I take a deep breath and choose Henry of course and Francis, for my last choice I choose the guy that annoyed me the least which would be Colin. I decide that I have had enough and skip the rest of the ball. Donald escorts me back to my room, when I get in I find Henry waiting for me. The only person I wanted to see at the moment, “Henry, how did you get in here without being seen?” said Alex. “I have my ways, beside I really wanted to see you,” said Henry. He kisses me and I forget about the day and all I know is now. Finally getting a moment to relax I realize this dress is choking the life out of me, Henry smiles of course he already knows what I’m thinking and begins to untie the lace corset on the back of my dress, I can instantly breathe again. Henry laughs then says, “My mother hated wearing these dresses, I remember her races home just so she could get out of them.” I smile as Henry kisses my neck and as he begins to kiss my lips he stops. “I think that you should change, I don’t want your father thinking I’m taking advantage of you,” said Henry. As I look down I realize my dress is beginning to fall off of me, I pull my dress up and go to my closet to change into my pajamas. Henry is lying in the bed, I lay beside him and he wraps his arm around me. “Henry why did you stop,” said Alex. “Because It’s not the right time and if I am to marry you, then I think you’re worth the wait,” said Henry.

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