A New Friend And An Old Attraction


A New Friend and A Old Attraction

As I drift to sleep, Henry kisses me good night, then leaves. I wonder what he does in that big house by himself, day in and day out. It must be lonely, but then again I guess that’s why we both need each other. Separate were just two lonely people, together we’re soul mates.

I awake to a knock on the door, “Alexandria wake up, it’s time to start your day,” cheerfully said Flora. “What time is it,” said Alex. “It’s six in the morning, but we need to get started early if we want to get through all three of your dates,” said Flora. Great the last thing I want to do is go on a planned chaperoned date and now on top of that I will be sleep deprived. I take a shower and brush my teeth then Flora and I head to the royal closet to prep me for my dates. My hair is styled in a curly high pony tail, then I pick out a black floral dress and I’m on my way.

My first date is with Colin, which is breakfast in the garden. For the first 20 minutes we stare at our plates trying to avoid eye contact. Finally I decide to be brave and ask Colin a question. “Why do you want this, to be my husband, to be king,” asked Alex. Colin takes a deep breath in, then begins to talk nervously. “To be honest I don’ want this, I mean you seem like a nice person but being king has never been a dream of mines but I can’t tell that to my father he would disown me,” said Colin. “So you don’t want to be king, that makes you 1 out of 1000,” said Alex. Colin smiled then replied, “Yea I know but with all the power that being a king brings you it also brings you a lot of restrictions. What’s the point of being a king if you cannot live freely,” said Colin. I know that being a queen will come with a lot of restrictions and when I picture my future I do not see this restrictions but is that because being a queen is not a choice I plan on making or because I plan on changing the rules.

Colin and I spend the rest of our date talking about his future plans. He tells me all the things he will experience and all the places he will go. I now know that even if this was a date I didn’t want, it was I date I need to experience. “Thank you Colin for a wonderful date, I now have one more friend than I did yesterday,” said Alex. “No, thank you princess for allowing me to be a friend,” said Colin.

I take a break in my room, then I wait for my next date. I hope it’s Henry coming to take me away from reality, anything to get my mind off of all the things that trouble me, all the things that I seem to remember when I’m alone. Donald comes to tell me my next date is here and as I walk down stairs I get excited, because I know that it will be Henry or Francis. As I walk down the staircase into the living room I see Francis standing there. The first thing I can think is wow, somehow he has managed to get better looking. As I walk closer my heart begins to race and I wish it didn’t, but I can’t help this attraction I have for him and it makes me feel guilty. I shouldn’t have picked Francis, knowing the way he makes me feel, yet something’s tells me he wouldn’t have taken no for an answer.

Francis kisses my hand then says, “My princess you look beautiful today,” said Francis. “Thank you, not so bad yourself,” replies Alex. “Thank you but my looks could not be compared to a princess as beautiful as you, but I do think they come pretty close,” said Francis. We are escorted out the door and into the car. As we sit in the car I ask Francis where we are going. He replies, “It’s a surprise but I will give you a hint. It will be the place you fall in love with me and I with you.”

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