I have an hour till my date with Henry, so I go to change into my next outfit. On my bed I find an outfit with a note that says from Henry. A flared black leather skirt with a red velvet top, paired with a pair of thigh high leather boots. My guess is we’re going to nightclub, either way I like it. I know that it’s not something I would pick out for myself but something I always wished I would.

I’m getting ready when I hear a knock on my door, it’s Jon. “I just wanted to know how your dates have been going so far,” said Jon. “They have been good very insightful, I think I’ve made a friend and learned something that I’m not sure I would have without these dates,” said Alex. “That’s great, I know that this is hard adjusting to this new life and I know it is a lot to take in but I think once you have time to explore this new world you’ll be able to unlock things about yourself that will make it all worth it. Anyway I just wanted to give you something, it’s an amulet that belong to your grandmother, she never took it off and I think that it’s only right that I give it to you because I know that it what she would have wanted,” said Jon. It was a beautiful a black diamond, I’ve never seen something so beautiful that just felt like it was meant for me. “Wow, thank you, I love it and I’m so grateful to you for giving something I know means a lot to you,” said Alex. “Yes, will it means even more to know that you will wear it. As a child, I asked my mother why she always wore that necklace and she told me, it not only protects her from those who want to do her harm but it also gave her the strength to be strong enough to care for the people of Forêt and I hope it will do the same for you my daughter,” said Jon.

Jon walks me downstairs where Henry is there waiting. I say goodbye to Jon and then Henry and I get in his car and being our journey. “You look amazing tonight,” said Henry. “Thank you, I could not have done it without your help, thanks for the outfit, said Alex. “Well where we’re going this will be the attire and I wanted to make sure you looked amazing,” said Henry. “ So where are we going,” said Alex. “Just a place where anyone no matter what they are or who they are, they can be themselves without being judge. What you don’t know about Forêt is that not everyone accepts people for what they are. Some people are thought less of, not equal to certain species but this is one of the few places where none of that matters and I want to share it with you, so you can see the good in Forêt,” said Henry. Hearing Henry say what he said made me love him more because no matter how different this world is, it still has the same problems as the world I was born into. Being judged on differences is the story of my life and to know that Forêt has the same problems that is destroying my world today, changes my views. I thought that Forêt was my fairytale, my happy ever after but somehow I find myself living the same story with different characters.

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