An Empty Field

An Empty Field

We stop in front of an empty field and as we walk towards the field I can see the excitement on Henry’s face. I can tell this date means a lot to him because I know he’s sharing apart of himself with me that I have yet to see. Somehow I have fallen off my path, what was supposed to be a lifetime of happiness with Henry has been corrupted and twisted into something completely different. I was supposed to be spending every minute of everyday with Henry, we should be planning our wedding and learning new and exciting things about my magic. Yes I admit I want to know more about my father but it’s not just him, it’s my grandmother and grandfather. My family built this place, how could I live here and not think about them, how could I live in Forêt and have people look at me like I’ m not apart of the Forêt family. On the other hand I’ve gone eighteen years without a father and I turned out just fine, and beside you can’t miss what you never had.

We stand in front of an empty field and I can’t help but be confused. “Wow I will admit it’s a beautiful field but I was expecting a little more for our second date,” said Alex. “Just wait,”said Henry with a smile. Henry wraps his arms around me, then kisses me on my neck before he covers my eyes with his hands. I hear Henry say apparaître, a few moments he uncovers my eyes and there’s a door. A single door with nothing else surrounding it. “What is this and where did it come from?” asked Alex. “This field has an enchantment on it and the French word apparaître translates into to the English world appear. Once this door appear only those who have kind hearts and good intentions can enter,” said Henry. “So what happens to those who don’t?” asked Alex. “Those who don’t have kind hearts and good intentions are cast away but don’t worry I know your heart and your intentions,” said Henry.

I reach for the door knob and my heart begins to beat faster and faster. What if this door knows something I don’t, what if I’m evil or have bad intentions. How can Henry believe in me more than I believe in myself. I turn the knob and the door opens and as I look inside I see nothing but darkness, a sadness comes over me, maybe this world and me we’re just not meant to be. Henry smiles then grabs my hands and pulls me inside the door. For a minute Henry and I were just flying, his arms wraps around my body and I close my eyes, just listening to the wind fly by my ears. Then it all stops and I open my eyes, Henry and I stand there, arms wrapped around each other in front of a beautiful big house. There are beautiful women with wings of all colors and in the house I can hear the sound of music and laughter. We walk toward the front door and as we enter the house, I see all kinds of magical creatures. Women who look like fairies, people who breathe fire, some that controlled water, giants and dwarfs. A man who transformed from a wolf to a human, a women that turns into a cat then a bird, all this in one place and strangely I felt like I belonged here. As we walk through the house different creatures greet Henry and me. We walk up the stairs and throughout the house till finally we stop. “I would like to introduce you to some of my closes friends,” said Henry. As Henry opens the door, I see two guys and a girl sitting and talking. As we walk in the room I can feel that I’m not wanted here.

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