The Loyal One, The Jealous One, And the One That Longs For His Heart

The Loyal One, The Jealous One, And the One That Longs For His Heart

As I stand in front of these three strangers, emotions start to feel the air but their not mines. Henry’s friends all have very strong emotions for him but not all of them are good, Jealousy, loyalty, and longing. It feels strange to feel emotions that are not mines, yet I feel them so strongly it’s as if I’m feeling them for myself. I’m jealous of everything that Henry has and I want all of it for myself and this feeling consumes me till I remember how loyal I am to Henry. So loyal that there is nothing that Henry couldn’t ask me and I wouldn’t be glad to do it for him but then the rush of longing feels my heart. I feel how badly I have always wanted him and how I have always loved him and will never stop. I feel all these emotions so strongly and yet I cannot tell which one of Henry’s friends possess which emotion. Even though I can’t feel which emotion belongs to who I can see it in her eyes, the longing, the love she has for him just by the way she looks at him but for the two young man only time will tell. One of them has kind light brown eyes with dark brown hair and the other blond hair and green eyes that show neither kindness or angry, he has mysterious eyes that tell me nothing about him. Kind eyes can be deceiving but what you don’t know can hurt you.

“Alex I’d like you to meet my friends Isaac, Lucy, and Thomas, friends I like you to meet Alex,” said Henry. As we greeted each other with kind words I knew they were fake, only one of Henry’s friends didn’t have alternative motive. Which left me with a choice, do I really want to be that girlfriend who alienates all her boyfriends friends by forcing him to choose them or her. Either Henry will hate me for thinking these things about his friends or he won’t believe me and he’ll think I’m crazy. What if I don’t tell him and in the future things get bad, what if his jealous friend try’s to hurt him or the longing in Lucy takes Henry away from me. I couldn’t live with either outcome, so what do I do?

As we all sit down to talk I cant help but feel awkward, somehow I have invaded their privacy, their personal thoughts and now I’m sitting here having a conversation with them. “So Henry, you told us a lot about Alex but you have seemed to have left out how you met,” said Isaac. “I think I will let Alex tell you that story,” said Henry. “Well, long story short, I was lost on the other side of the forest and somehow I managed to make it all the way past the border and I landed on Henry’s door step. When I got there I saw him, sitting there in the grass reading Romeo and Juliet, as he saw me horrified and cover in dirt he decided to take me in and care for me. That was the moment I knew how wonderful This men that I had just met was but it was also the moment I decided I would never let him go,” said Alex. With all the things going on in my life these days I find myself forgetting how much Henry means to me, the reason I stayed in Forêt in the first place and even though I didn’t know it at the time he is the reason why I was brought here. As Henry smiles at me, I can fill the love he has for me and as much as I want to get to know my father and my family, I would give up anything to see that smile everyday for the rest of my life.

“Wow that was an amazing story makes me want to fall in love,”said Thomas. “Yea but we all know you’d have to have a heart to do that,” said Isaac jokingly. “Hey I have a heart it just doesn’t function as often as most,” laughed Thomas. “Yea right we all know that hole is hollow besides, love is for suckers,” said Lucy. I could feel the hurt fall off her lips as she spoke and the angry in Lucy eyes as she stared at me. Lucy is beautiful long black hair, super skinny and, very fashionable, she could be a super model and have any guy she wanted. she  is definitely pretty then I am, so why me and not her.

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