Moon Ceremony

Moon Ceremony

On the outside I’m wearing an amazing dress that matches the green in my eyes and I’ll admit I look beautiful, like a princess should. On the inside I’m freaking out, which I seem to do a lot lately. I wish I could just chill, I’m marry an amazing man, what’s there to be worrying about. Either, I marry Henry and rule a great kingdom while getting to know the father I always wanted or I marry Henry and we have a peaceful life together. Just us in love, no kingdom to rule, no one to care about but him and me. I never realized how selfish that sounds but either way I will have a good life, I just need to stop worrying and live it.
“You look lovely, just like your mother. Now I will go through you schedule for tonight. All of Forêt will know your choice when you and Henry walk down the grand staircase together. Once the two of you have done that, you will both greet the people of Forêt getting to know as many people as possible. Once the ceremony starts you and Henry will go to your room in the tower, which is the safest part of the castle,” Said Jon. “What, why can’t we stay for the ceremony?” Strangely I’m asking because I fill like it’s the right thing to do, not because I actually want to be at the ceremony. I will gladly skip it to spend more time with Henry, just him and me alone in my room. Not many dads would be ok with that but I’m going to be a queen, I dare him to try to keep us away from each other. “Every 100 years our two moons eclipse, giving most of the magical creatures in Forêt powers they never had or making them stronger than ever imagined. This could be a great threat to you, seeing how you have to yet to chain your powers. You wouldn’t be able to defend yourself if something might happen, so I just think it’s best to keep you and Henry up in the tower till the ceremony is over. Don’t worry everything will be ok, there are guards all through the castle and surrounding it, no one is getting in the castle if something is to happen. You’ll also have Henry with you and he is very well-trained, the 5 hours will go by fast,” said Jon. I know Jon just said a lot of things but the only thing I heard was 5 hours alone in my room with Henry. I nod and try to act like I’m disappointed not to get to stay at they ceremony.

I stand at the doors leading to the staircase, scared out of my mind. What if I trip and tumble-down the stairs like an idiot. “Stop worrying you’ll do great, all of Forêt will love you just like I do. By the way you look amazing as always my love,” said Henry. As always Henry can read my emotions like a book, I’m glad I’m not alone now I don’t think I could do this without him by my side. I take a deep breath before we ascend down the staircase leading to the garden. My arm through Henry’s as we walk down the stairs, all I can think is don’t fall. Finally we make to the bottom and everyone begins to clap. We make our rounds talking to different people, well Henry talks I just nod and smile. He’s good at these, with people, they really seem to love him. He’ll be a great king, a great husband, and a great father.

Were escorted to my room, where dinner waits for us, it seems the servants know I’m hungry before I do which I like. It’s nice never needing or wanting for anything here. I never have ask, whatever I need is always done. Henry and I eat, then change into some night-clothes that have been left out for us. Which is weird that Jon would let Henry sleep with me but I’m not complaining. We talk getting to know each other, talking about our favorite things and what’s it like learning new spells and practicing magical. We fall a sleep in each other’s arms and I begin to dream about a man’s face coming out of the fire. People are running and screaming, some lay died on the ground. The Man keeps moving forward killing anyone that stands in his way, I still can’t see his face its cloaked somehow. He heads up the stairs and reaches for the door and just as he does a man pushes him passed the steps and unto the floor, as they surround him he vanishes. I awake for my dream, it felt so real, Henry is still asleep so lay my head on his chest and listen to the sound of his breathing, as I drift back to sleep I hear a scream and smell fire.

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