What We Left Behind Us

What We Left Behind Us

I jump out of bed, Henry automatically by my side. I’m paralyzed by the screams, I don’t know what I should do. I could just stand here watching through the window or I could run downstairs and help or fight, even though I know nothing about either, I would be completely useless probably get someone hurt. Maybe I could just hide and hope everything will be ok, hope Jon and my people will be fine. None of those things sounds like what a queen would do, I’m supposed to be strong and fight, bring peace to this world. I look around for Henry and he has disappeared, I look in the bathroom and in the closet but he’s gone. Great abandoned in my time of need.
“Here put these on,” said Henry. I’m relieved to see him, it’s good to know when times get rough he will be here for me. “Where were you?” asked Alex. “There are secret passages throughout the castle, one of them is through your closet.” Said Henry. “How did you know about them and I don’t?” Asked Alex. “Well Jon thought I should know, you’re going to be my wife soon, it’s my job to protect you.” I put on the clothes the Henry hands me, then he leads us through the closet behind many hangers of clothes there is a steel door. “You have to open it Alex, only a Forêt can open it.” “Ok, and just how do I do that Henry.” Funny how every is so busy trying to teach how to be a queen and a wife and somehow they forgot to teach me how to be a witch. “It’s easy just close your eyes, place you hand on the door and imagine it opening. See it, feel it and believe in yourself.” I close my eyes and place my hand on the door. I imagine this huge steel door opening and when I open my eyes nothing has happened. “I can’t do this Henry there has to be another way.” I must be the worst witch ever I can’t do the simplest thing like open a door. “Your going to try it again. This time just focus on me.” Henry put one of his hands on my waist and the other on my hand that lies on the door. I try to focus on the warmth of Henry’s hands and how slowly Henry’s breathing is, I close my eyes and feel the door move beneath my hand.

“I knew you could do it,” said Henry. We enter the room and the door locks behind us, I look around to see nothing but weapons. Swords, knives, daggers, even arrows and bows, I guess guns haven’t made it to Forêt yet. Henry loads up putting whatever he can in his boots, up his sleeves and on the weapons holster around his belt. Then he does the same to me, like I’d know how to use any of this stuff if it came down to it, but it’s nice to know it’s there. If I had to protect myself, maybe kill someone for Henry or myself, maybe I could do it. The thought of someone killing Henry or me killing someone to protect him would out rule anything or anyone, I could do it, kill someone. I would kill someone for our love or for anyone I loved, does that make me a bad person? Henry puts extra weapons in a bag, then he writes a note to Jon, telling him I’m alright and he’s taking me to a safe place and that we will be back when everything clears up. Henry uses magic to conceal the note so that only Jon can find it, I hope Jon is ok I would be lost without him. We head down the tunnels and come across a clearing, were pretty far but I can still see the castle and the smoke in the distance. Henry grabs my hand and we begin our journey to safety leaving the destruction of the castle behind us.

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