A House Full Of Death

A House Full Of Death

We’ve been walking for hours now and just as I don’t think I can walk any longer, things start to look familiar. Suddenly Henry stops and were standing in front of an empty field, then the door appears. Something is different, there’s a chill in the air and the bad feeling I got right before I walked in to Catherine’s room is now surrounding me. “Henry, I can feel it, something bad has happened here,” Said Alex. Henry hands me the bag of weapons, then takes out the two daggers from his holster. Henry opens the door slowly, “Stay close behind me,” said Henry. We walk through the house quietly and I remember how full of life, love, and happiness this house was. Tonight I have yet to see a soul, we walk through the kitchen and find blood. There’s so much blood everywhere, all over the floors, the walls, and on the ceiling but not one body. I’m shaking and tears start to run down my face, just thinking about the wonderful people I saw here and the thought that they could all be goon is too much. We start to follow the trail of blood, it leads us through the house and into the backyard.

Nothing could have prepared me for the devastation I’m looking at. There’s about a hundred lifeless bodies laying across the grass. I hold in my screams but I can’t stop the tears, the beautiful fairies and the amazing creatures that I could only dream about are all dead. I can feel the fear and sadness of the people who were murdered here, how do I handle something like this. This is the worse thing I’ve ever seen but then I saw the look in Henry’s eyes and the pain he feels is much worse. Seeing the man I love heartbroken is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. “Henry, we should go inside.” Henry turns to look at me and as the daggers fall out of his hands tears start falling down his face and I leap into his arms. I can’t help but cry, Henry’s pain is my pain, literally. I can feel his pain, his heartbreak, the lost that Henry is feeling tonight is one that I don’t know if he’ll ever get over. I know that these people accepted him and for that they were family. The lost of someone who has been more of a family to you then your own family is devastating. I wish I could take away his pain and wipe this night from both our memories. “We need to find a safe place Henry.” I look into his eyes and wipe the tears off his cheeks then he hugs me again.

Henry leads us through the house and into the garage, we get into one of the cars and he begins to drive. Death and fear is all I have seen today and as we leave a house full of death behind us I wonder if the loyal one, the jealous one, and the one that longs for his heart is Ok. Henry has already lost a house full of family, I don’t want him to lose the friends who gave him hope and a will to live. We finally pull up to Henry’s mansion and as we get out of the car I can see the look of defeat on Henry’s face. He has lost some much today but I want him to know that no matter what he has me by his side. We walk into the mansion, Abby the maid stands there waiting but Henry walks passed her without a word. He marches up stairs, I follow behind him trying to keep up. We end up in Henry’s bedroom, which I don’t think I’ve ever been in but it’s dark so there’s not much to see. Henry sits on the edge of the bed in silence, as I move to stand in front of him I can’t help but want to comfort him. As my hands lie twirled in his hair, he lays his head against my chest and wraps his arms around my waist. I know the images of the people he has lost have to be in his head and I give anything to make them go away.

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