His World

His World

I like the warmth of his body wrapped around mines as we sleep. I turn to watch him, he looks so beautiful, so peaceful but we never are what we appear to be on the outside. I look around the room to find paintings covering the walls, an amazing forest with beautiful tress and birds. Everything looks so realistic, I feel like I can see the tress blowing in the wind and the birds moving within the trees. I get up to get a closer look and I realize they’re really moving. I reach out to move my hand across the leaves, when my hand moves through the wall. When I pull it out there’s a leaf in my hand, I don’t think I’ll ever get use to something as incredible as magic. How could I, by being born In a world were everything is make-believe and if by chance you do believe in the impossible it makes you a crazy person. I’ll never get use to this world because it feels like I’m dreaming an incredible adventure and one day I’m going to wake up to realize it was just an impossible dream. My life here is a fairytale, the good and the bad, the boy, the magic and the creatures. One day I’ll wake up and it will be gone.

I lay back down next to Henry and close my eyes, trying to find peace by being near him. I’m awakened by Henry’s tossing and turning, he’s having a nightmare but how could he not. After what he just saw, it was horrible, I’d probably would be having a nightmare if my entire world wasn’t already a dream state. I shake Henry awake, “Henry are you okay?” Asked Alex. “Yes, I’m fine just a dream. I want to show you something,” said Henry. Henry pulls me out of bed, “Close your eyes,” said Henry. I close my eyes, while Henry leads me.

I can feel the breeze and the grass beneath my feet. “Open your eyes, this is my world. I created it, a happy place for me to escape to when Forêt isn’t so happy.” “Your amazing Henry, this world is even more beautiful than Forêt,”said Alex. We walk around as Henry shows me all his favorite things. “I also have someone I’d like your to meet,” said Henry. “Meet someone who lives in your world?” Said Alex. Henry smiles, “While, he doesn’t live in my world he just likes to visit. His name is Bleu and he’s a little shy so be gentle.” Suddenly I’m a little scared what or who could Henry be talking about. I hear a noise and in the shadows I see a huge, beautiful, blue-eyed wolf. Bleu, who almost the same size as Henry walks over slowly to him and I reach out to touch Bleu but he pulls away. “Bleu, this is Alex. Alex this is my familiar Bleu,” said Henry. As big as Bleu is he still tries to hide behind Henry, shy like. Henry takes my hand and moves it towards Bleu. “It’s okay Bleu,” said Henry. As Henry holds my hand out for Bleu, he starts to move closer, till finally I can fill his nose against them Palm of my hand. Henry moves away as Bleu brushes against me. Bleu moves throughout this world and Forêt but he likes it here more, we spend a lot of our time here, together. Suddenly Bleu starts to growl, showing his giant teeth and as I look in his direction a man approaches us.

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