A tale of a lost girl, in a world where she feels she doesn’t belong. She wanders the forest (Forêt) and ends up finding a world where she does belong, with someone to belong to.  He then shows her a new side of herself, more powerful and magical then she could ever have imagined.



Read The First Chapter Here


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  1. Hmmm I take this is a fictional story w/some very personal aspects of the writer? Seems interesting…and the title…fabulous 😉

  2. Hello. I wanted to stop by to say thank you for ‘liking’ one of my posts. I really like the theme you have on this blog…great background picture (I would love to take a walk in such a place), and colors that are soothing on the eyes. Wishing you wellness and fortune.

  3. I live on the edge of the forest in hot and sunny Warburton, Victoria, Australia, we have a wonderful redwood forest though not in the same ball park as Yosemite still they have a nice regal presence…cheers

  4. i can relate to this as i never felt i belonged anywhere…especially in high school, it was a dark time for me and i wrote a lot about darkness which got me to the principals office under suicide watch…lol i was just expressing myself through writing….life is a forest….and i found my tree to lean on…eventually i grew roots and i’m here to stay.

  5. Darling girl…how sweet, wonderful and bright you are. It is cold here in Northern Arizona today, but sunny. If you were here with me, we would talk and have a long walk. You could tell me more about your feelings. I do know them. I felt like you were describing me at your age, sister, missing mother…all of it. Well, I am a lot older now. I have lived a life full of many experiences and so will you. Some of those experiences will be tough and some will be beautiful and all of them will make you wise and strong. Each year of your life you will be stronger and wiser then you were the one before. You will learn many things about who you are and what makes you the happiest. I hope that you find courage along the way and will build on all the parts of you that are “different”. Being different is a wonderful thing because everyone you meet lets you be yourself and they envy you because you are true to yourself. Be courageous! Be an Amazon girl! Be a warrior woman! Don’t be mean, be kind and all you meet will remember how much they admired you . It will be useless to try to fit in, you are too special for that and so must carry your very bright light yourself. Sometimes if you read-a lot- about all the strong and history making women in the world, you will be able to see yourself in them. It helps. I will be thinking about you and checking in once in a while. Remember, this is a very temporary place you are living in right now. You cannot stop time and change. It always comes around to you with a different face the next time. Hugs and kisses darling girl !! YOU ARE AWESOME!

  6. What an enticing beginning. I want to read the whole story. It gives me impetus to go back to my humble picture book-wannabe and see if I can tweak it into a story kids will want to read. Thank you for liking my blog post about an author whose writing was sheer poetry.

  7. H! Your Forest–I love it–Great flow And The VOICE of word. Married for 59 years–blind date–the next day she said yes–marriage proposal. Part of a poem 4 years ago. We walk together “Hand in Hand”–In the Deep, Deep, Green Forest. And in Heaven, we will walk together again–Hand in Hand in the Deep, Deep, Green Forest .”The Gift Of Love” Thank You Lord

  8. This is very innovative. I like the idea and the title- “forèt”. The story is interesting too. I love the enphasis on trees and nature. Good job.

  9. I originally came to thank you for the like and the time it took to read Sweet Love but I stayed to find out more about your blog. It looks interesting. I’ll be following you from now on.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking the latest post. I think you have a great story to tell and you’ve started the journey of telling it with pathos and sincerity. Keep up the good work!

  11. Thanks for liking my post on “Prayer for the Harassed and Helpless.” Like many others, I love the background photo on your blog. It reminds me of the trail where I often run.

  12. Thank you for stopping by to read my poetry. Your story seems like a story that is true about so many women and what they go through as the men of the world try to make them their princess’ . In someways this is magical and at same time it seems so sad.


  13. Thank you for liking one of my blogs. I look forward to reading more of what you write, as well. Your story, whether truth or fiction, sounds like it will go to beautiful and interesting places. Please continue writing for us all to enjoy.

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