Alexandria Forêt

Alex just turned 18 and discovered powers she never know she had and a world she never know she belong to. There’s much in store for the future queen of Forêt and the future wife to Henry.

Henry Castrova

Henry is handsome and powerful warlocks coming from one of the most powerful families in Forêt. But when his parents suddenly disappear on a dark and stormy night, it send Henry down a dark and dangerous path. When Henry finds his way back it leads him to Alex, the Love he never know he needed.

Jon Forêt

Jon is the father and king that disappeared 18 years ago. When he shows up 18 years later on Alex door step she doesn’t know what to think. Why did the king of Forêt lock the doors to Forêt and abandoned his daughter?

Professor Stein

Stein is a fierce warrior, known for strength during the great war and a trusted friend to the king himself. But does he have a secret to hide?