A Dark Figure


A Dark Figure

We drive back in silence, I wonder what Henry was thinking right now, was he mad, upset. When we got back to the house Henry walked me to my room said, goodnight, then left. There was a change of clothes to sleep in on the dresser, I changed then climbed into bed to go to sleep. I tossed and turned till I finally awoke form an awful dream, it was my wedding day, I was standing there at the alter in a beautiful dress at my dream wedding, holding Henry hand. Then dark figures started to appear out of the forest; they started killing and tormenting people anyone who stood in their way. Finally when the got to Henry and me they ripped my hands out of his, carried me away, I could see Henry fighting them off as I tried fighting as while. After getting free of one I tried to run to Henry, I called out for him as he called out for me. Another dark figure grabbed me I turned to fight him off but he was to strong, he began to carry me away and as I turned around to find Henry all I could see was his body lying motionless on the ground.

Sweat ran down my face and for some reason I couldn’t caught my breath, I had never had a dream that felt so real, that was so terrifying. I sat up for a couple of minutes afraid to go back to sleep, finally I decided to navigate my way to the library. It took a couple of tries but I finally made it, when I opened the doors I found Henry sitting there looking into the fireplace. Henry turned as I enter the library, he smiled then said, you couldn’t sleep either? I replied yea, I had a nightmare. What was it about? Asked, Henry. What was I supposed to tell him about our wedding and just so happening you also died. It was nothing said, Alex. Come on it had to be something big if you would risk getting lost just to find the library said, Henry. I hesitated then told Henry what my dream was about, he looked shocked, probably thought I was so love sick puppy who dream of marrying him. Henry replied, I don’t think that was a dream. What? replied, Alex then what was it? Asked Alex.

Our First Dance


Our First Dance


So what do you think? Said Henry. I think this is amazing, I can’t believe that all of this can exist so close to me to everyone and no can discover it, said Alex excitedly. I know it is pretty amazing even for me and I’ve lived here my whole life, said Henry. I’m not going to get bitten or attacked or turned in to so weird creature am I? Said Alex. Henry smiled then turned to me and said, not as long as you stay close, I could feel his hand grip tighter on mines. So shall we dance? Asked Henry. I loved to, said Alex. Henry lead me to the center of the dance floor then spun me around so that me back pressed against his chest and his arms were wrapped around mines. I swear a Ellie Goulding song was playing most likely so one who sounded just like her, I doubt their hip on the music that comes from the human world. That doesn’t really matter much when I’m so close to Henry. He continued to twirl me around and wrap his arms around me, making it feels like hours of us dancing. It’s so strange normally dancing likes this with any other guy would make me feel uncomfortable but with Henry it just seems right like it was meant to be. Like it was already planned for me to be right here right now in his arms. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck it gave me butterflies, then it started to feel like we were the only two on the dance floor in our own world unable to be touched or harmed by anyone.

I could feel someone rip Henry hands out of mines, I opened my eyes to see who it was. It was a girl my age tall slender, beautiful, she looked at me with disguise then turns to Henry and said who is this? Henry grabs my hand and then said, none of your concern. She rolled her eyes then said, you’re with her even though you have a chance to be with me? Henry with a stern face replies, yes I’m with her. I couldn’t help but smile, your going to regret this, she turned to glare at me then walked off.

I turned to Henry and asked who was that? Henry replied that was Evelyn, we went on a couple of dates and I decided she was a horrible person, when I decided I had enough of her she went around telling everyone how we were so much in love and I was planning on asking her to marry me. Wow that’s crazy some people just don’t take rejection well and planning on getting married at 18 that’s even crazier, said Alex. Henry looked at me with a stunned look on his face then said, getting married at 18 isn’t crazy it’s the right age some even get married younger. Suddenly I felt like we were in a argument, I looked at Henry with a confused look on my face then said, Well not were I’m from getting married so young either means your crazy or pregnant. So you wouldn’t get married at 18? Asked Henry. I could tell this was something that Henry felt strong about so I replied; It depends on who I was marrying. Henry let it go then said, it’s getting late we should head back.

A New View


A New View

Henry opened the front door and I walked through, we walked down a walkway that led to a garage, as Henry open the garage I could see five classic cars. They seemed like they were from the 1900’s but as Henry open the car door of the all black Rolls Royce I could tell from the inside that this car was from the future. The car had this old time feel on the outside which was beautiful but on the inside it felt like I was going to travel to the future. It had all these buttons that I’ve never seen before, the speedometer even went up to 500 which I’m sure cars don’t go that high exactly ones this old.

As Henry drove up the driveway, out the gate and pass the forest I started to see a place so different, so special it couldn’t be real. Everything here is a mix of old and new, the building went to amazing heights and seemed so futuristic but even though it seems so futuristic there’s still horses and carriages. The air even seemed fresher and the stars I’ve never seen such beautiful stars, so many so big ,the moon even seemed somehow closer.

Henry drove up to a dark house that seemed like not a soul lived in it. Henry got out and came across the car to open my door and suddenly I got this feeling that we were on a date. As I got out of the car Henry grab my hand and held it as we walk towards the house, butterflies I can’t help but feel when I’m close to Henry. As we entered the house, still not a sound and no one in sight. Henry led us up the stairway, down a hallway filled with so many doors I started to wonder what was behind each one. Finally we came across a door different from the rest, black where all the others were brown, Henry opened this door and it was another world.

Inside it was a bar, a forest, and a rave all mix and one. The music was loud and blasting I can’t believe I couldn’t hear it all the way outside and the lights, bright and flashing even though the house seemed so dark and behind  one door it’s full of life. I started to look around at the people and I noticed that they did not look like me. Some had markings on their faces, some were green or blue even pink, I’m pretty sure one was a vampire based on its teeth, and many of them had wings, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this couldn’t be real. Henry smiled then said, I told you I would show you, now do you believe me? I looked at him in shock then stutter the words, I do.

The Start of Foret


The Start of Foret

Foret is a world with in a world. “I don’t get it”, said Alex. “ill explain”, said Henry. “Foret was created over 400 years ago, the two most powerful witches among all witches fell in love and all they wanted was to be left at peace so they could start a family. The humans wouldn’t let them, they chased them where every they went never allowing them to stay in one place long. Finally they decided to make a world just for their kind so that no one would have to run or hide who they really were, a place where they could be free to raise a family and live normal lives. These two witches had the power to create a world, which none today have but this power came at a price. Witches are immortal but to create a world, it takes a lot of power, it left the two witches 20 years left to live. During that time they name the town Foret, which is French for forest, they also change their family name to Foret. Long story short they become the rulers of this world making the laws so that everyone could live at peace, allowing every supernatural person that wanted to live their lives to settled down here. They had one son then they die”,Henry said this like it was nothing. I’m sorry its not everyday witches go around creating secret worlds where I come from. “But if any supernatural person can come to Foret why is it such a big deal I got in”? Asked Alex. “While 18 years ago the son of the two witches allow there to be guards, who protect the portal from the outside, some of them living normal lives on the outside, some of them live as animals within the forest. After he did that he left this world closing the only portal through the forest behind him, no one has seen him since”, said Henry. “So how did I get here”, asked Alex. “I’ve been thinking about that”, said Henry. “I think there is only two options either someone open the portal or you some how are a descendent of the Foret Family”, said Henry. “I thought you said that the only descendent is a son”, said Alex. “Well he is but those are the only options , anyways he was a good ruler, a least that’s what the elders say”, said Henry. I looked at Henry and laughed. “I’m sorry but I don’t believe a word your saying, witches and a magical worlds I need to get home, make believe time is over”, said Alex. Henry looked at me with a puzzled look on his face then said, “you don’t believe me”? For a second I swear it looked like all hope had left Henry face, it made me want to take back everything i just said. “You don’t believe me ill show you”, said Henry.

“There’s a party tonight, every supernatural person who loves to party will be there and you’ll see for yourself what this world really is”, said Henry. Henry called for Abby she appeared. “Abby will you show Alex to the living room”, Said Henry. She replied, “yes”, then Henry turn to me and said, “I will get dress in meet you in the living room”. I followed Abby down some hallways, down the stairs finally back to the living room. As I waited for Henry I started to think about Abby she was always there , she seemed somehow close to Henry, which also got me thinking Henry has to be about my age but he is in this big house all alone just him and his servants. Henry came down stairs looking like an H&M model, slicked back hair, and black jeans, a sports jacket with a bow tie. My dream guy is literally standing in front of me; I could have never imagined this moment would ever happen for- me. Something inside of me is telling me no matter how this night ends I know if I let Henry go I’ll never find a guy like him again.

The Mansion



As I awake, all I could see is beautiful bright colors on everything. The chairs in front of the window, the covers on the bed, to the curtains hanging down the window. Yellow, orange and red, like a sunset. I climbed out of bed and see someone has replace my old dirty clothes with some that were more formal on the dresser. These clothes were strange, although they seem kind of modern they have some old-time Gothic feel to them. Leather pants with heeled black leather boots that come up to the knees, some kind of white lace corset with a black undertone and a long back jacket that looked like it was from the 1900’s. Right now it kind of looked like I was wearing pajamas so I guess I have no choice but to put it on. Everything seemed like it was my size but it still felt a little tight but something tells me it is supposed to be.

I put the clothes I just took off on the dresser then looked at the clock it was 7:45 pm, almost time for dinner so I head towards the door the lead into the hallway. Outside the door, the maid Abby is waiting for me, which is good because without her I probably get lost. She leads me down the hall and around another hallway till finally we come across the stairway I walked up the first time. Down the stairway passed the living or just a sitting area, then another hallway that leads into the dinning room. I don’t know if I could walk around this mansion everyday it just seemed like a lot of work. When I walked in the dinning room I see Henry sitting at the head of the table, when he see me he stands as the butler comes in and pulls out my chair. “How did you sleep?” ask Henry. “I slept good,” replied Alex. “That’s good, I know it can sometimes be strange sleeping in an unknown place,” said Henry. The butlers begin to bring out the first course, which was some kind of soup. It was good creamy, after we were done the butlers began to bring out the main course which was some weird-looking meat, I could only imagine what this could be, probably some weird animal that I’ve never heard of before. I asked Henry what it was he replies chicken. I smiled; I’ve never seen chicken look the way this one does. After the main course the butlers took our plates then brings out the dessert, which was just amazing. It was a lava cake that was literally on fire. As Henry begins to eat his cake, I wonder how the cake was not burning him. Henry looks up at me and smiles then says, “Don’t worry it won’t burn you it’s just magical fire, that’s why it taste so good”. I take my fork, taking a piece of the cake and lick it just to make sure; after it doesn’t burn me I take a bite. It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, it’s like the flavors exploded in my mouth all at once.

After dinner Henry decides to show me around the house. “This house was built over 400 years ago, it has many secret entrances and passageways, and it even has a dungeon. First I’ll show you my favorite place the library, it’s filled with books,” said Henry. Some stairs and a couple hallways later we finally make it to the library, big beautiful gold doors, with swirl designs all over them. Henry opens the doors and there are books everywhere, huge bookshelf all across the room, you would need to use a ladder just to reach the books at the top. I looked around reading the title of the books that were on the table, half of them were in a different language and many of them were about some place called Foret. I asked Henry what Foret is and he replies, “You’re in Foret.” I stared at him with a puzzled look on my face, and then asked, “what is Foret?”




Our First Encounter



As our eyes meet and he walks closer I begin to lose all words, I can do nothing but stare at his beauty. He’s right in front of me, he says hi and asks me for my name. I hesitate for a second then finally start to stutter out my name, “I’m a Al-Alex.”He smiles, “nice to meet you I’m Henry.”

She stars at me with big beautiful green eyes, long curly light brown hair and beautiful skin that glows, she’s perfect. These past few months I have felt like I’ve been looking for something anything, to make my life a little less meaning less. Now I know what it is, love.

We stand in silence for a couple of seconds till final Henry asks me if I need any help. Of course I do I have been wandering around the forest for hours I’m tired and hungry and on top of that I don’t have a clue where I am. I just have been so distracted by Henry’s beauty it made me forget all my problems, just in a couple of minutes. I’ve seen many people but none of them were quite like him. His beauty, which is weird because guys shouldn’t be beautiful, but he is and on top of that he has strange markings all over his skin. Tattoos but different somehow like he was born with them or somehow they were apart of him, but there beautiful. I can’t help but smile, ever time he talks, he speaks with a British accent but it’s somehow different somehow maybe an older British accent or something. Everything in this world is somehow different but yet the same, old but new, not as advanced but some how more advanced and I want to explore it.

As Henry stares at me I remember he asked me a question, “Yes I’m lost I have been walking around the forest for hours and I really need to find my way back home, Can you help me?” Henry smiles a beautiful bright smile and replies in his odd British accent, “Yes of course you must be exhausted, please come in”. As I followed Henry into his amazing mansion I start to notice his garden it’s beautiful, green grass everywhere, butterflies and flowers I bet there’s not another place like this on earth and it just makes me want to stay longer. “I know you must be tired my maid Abby will give you some fresh clothes and show you to your room so you can get some rest, dinner will be ready eight,” says Henry. I checked my phone for the time but it’s dead, I look around and find a grandfather clock. It’s only 2 pm here, but I’m sure it should be night, weird. Abby shows me to a room it has a huge bed and giant window overlooking the garden and the forest, everything in the bedroom is so colorful and modern, way cooler then my room back home. Abby takes some clothes out of the closet and hands them to me then shows me where the bathroom is so that I get clean up. I have so much dirt on me from sitting in the forest. I can only imagine how I look to Henry; a horrible mess there goes my first impression. I get myself cleaned up in the bathroom and sit my dirty clothes on the dresser then climb into the soft bed. I really needed the sleep, I instantly start to fall asleep, and the only thing I could think about as I drifted off is a Henry’s light grey eyes.

A Beautiful World



I have been wandering around the forest for hours and it’s starting to get dark. Finally I can’t walk any longer; I sit down on the cold dirt and leaves and start to cry. I’m lost and I can’t find my way home, my best friend just killed herself and there’s nothing I can do to fix it. I just keep picturing her body hanging there and I begin to cry even more. Then I start to think of every bad thing that has ever happened to me and I cry even more. My mom treats me like a stepchild, my father never wanted me, and I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. This is just great I’m sitting in the middle of a dark forest crying and talking to my self.

I decide to get up and keep walking but every tree and every bush looks exactly the same. I feel like I’m walking around in circles and getting nowhere. It’s now 9 o’clock at night according to my phone, if only I could get a signal in this stupid forest but that doesn’t matter anyways because I bet no one would come looking for me if I told them I’m lost in no return forest. I’m dumb enough to wander around in a forest where no one has ever made it out of. I’ll just have to keep walking till I can find my way out. After walking in the forest for another hour I start to hear sounds. My feet began to move before my brain can tell it to; something is chasing me, something big. I can hear it behind me and I begin to run faster and faster it growls, then it’s gone, and something has changed.

The forest isn’t dark and scary or mysteries anymore, it’s beautiful. It’s like it just transformed in the blink of an eye. I’m looking at the enchanted forest from snow-white or some princess movie. There are butterflies and beautiful flowers everywhere and everything is so green and glowing. It’s one of the most beautiful things I could ever imagine, I feel like I just traveled to a new dimension. I start to walk through the forest and I see a pond, its shimmering with beauty and there’s dears and different animals drinking from it and leaves are blowing in the wind. I feel like if I started to sing the animals would chime in and all join me, but I think I won’t. In this moment watching all this wonderful things going on around me I realize there’s nothing for me back home why would I go back, I could travel the forest and see new things, make a beautiful home for me here. Instead of being stuck in a town filled with people who don’t know I exists.

I explore the forest some more before I come to a clearing and see a huge mansion, so beautiful and with it’s big glass windows. It’s looks like a castle but a modern one, like it was a castle then someone remodeled it, which seems weird but it looks cool. I push open this great gates an order to get to the pathway that leads to the mansion to see if I can use a phone or something. I begin to walk up the driveway, which is a pretty long walk but what can you expects from a castle. I finally come to a garden, it’s amazing of course like everything else around here, which now that I’m thinking about it, where is here. As I walk closer into the garden I see a boy, he’s about my age but of course like everything else here he’s beautiful. I mean wow; he must be some kind of prince, pale skin, dark copper almost black hair, red lips and he’s just sitting there in the grass reading a book. I called over to him and he looks up and our eyes meet, all I can see is his beautiful light grey eyes and I now know I’m exactly were I’m suppose to be.




The Start Of My Future The End Of My Past



High school is a blur going from class to class, then lunch, which Catherine seemed to have skipped without me. Guess she was more upset then she seemed, but I was just telling the truth and looking out for my best friend. I’m not saying I’m psyched but it’s a feeling that I can’t explain, something that’s never happened to me before but I know that what I feel is true. Because of this feeling and my big mouth I’m forced to eat lunch alone, like a loser. Sitting at a table all by myself eating and reading a book. I’m glad when the ending bell for lunch rings, I get up and throw my lunch away and hurry to class, anything is better than sitting at a table by myself while everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves around you.

The rest of the day goes by pretty fast except for last period it’s the only class I have with my sister, all her friends and Catherine. As I walked into class I could feel it like something bad was going to happen. Everyone was whispering something and laughing and joking about something and in the middle of it all was Peter, my best friend’s secret boyfriend. As soon as Catherine walks in the room everyone stop, I knew they were talking about Catherine. When she sits down Catherine looks over at Peter and he just smiles. In the middle of history class I decided to write Catherine a note. “I don’t think you should talk to Peter again.” Catherine read the note then gives me an angry glance, then passes the note back. “Peter really likes me, I spent all of lunch period with him and he told me he wanted to be with me.” Catherine passed the note back to me. I read what Catherine wrote and I shake my head and replied back, “Peter is just using you he’s going to break your heart, I heard them laughing and whispering about something and I can feel it, he’s going to hurt you.” As Catherine reads what I said she gets this angry look on her face. Catherine writes one last thing before she passed the note back, “Peter likes me and as my best friend you should be happy for me, but seen you need proof I’ll prove it.”

Catherine ignores me the rest of history class and I know something big is coming, something bad. I can feel my stomach twist in knots as Catherine walks right after class she marches right up to Peter and asks if she can talk to him. I watch them like every other person in the hallway, but only I stand there horrified as to what would come next. Peter looks at Catherine with disgust, “Why would I want to talk to you?” Catherine looks confused, “What are you talking about I just want to talk to you for a sec”.  “Are you kidding me, why are you acting like were together”? Said Peter.  Everyone in the hallway starts to laugh. Catherine’s eyes start to water; “I thought you liked me?” asked Catherine. Peter laughs, “Why would I like you, on a scale from 1 to 10 you’re a 3 I’m 10, which means I’m way out of your league.” “We spent all summer together,” Catherine cries out. “Yea in your imagination, I have a girlfriend,” says Peter. Right on cue as Peter says the words, his so-called ex-girlfriend April shows up, laughing. Then she calls Catherine a freak and everyone in the hallway starts to chant it. Catherine looks around crying and as we meet eyes and I can feel it, her heartbreak all over again, then she ran off. I chased behind her but she to fast she jumps in her car and rides off. I run back into to the school and walk right up to Peter and all he stupid friends, “How could you play with her heart all summer just to get in her pants and tell her you love her, you’re the biggest jerk I have ever seen and your going to get what coming to you.” Peter just looks at me with surprise, “I didn’t do anything to her,” says Peter. I looked at him with disgust and walk away.

I run to my car and jump in already knowing where I’m going; I have to see if Catherine is OK. As I get to Catherine’s house I can see her car in the driveway. I knock on the front door and ring the doorbell but no one answers. So I looked under the plant pot and get the extra key to the house and opened the door. It’s quiet; as I walked into the house but I know Catherine is here. I go straight to Catherine’s room but I get this horrible feeling, a chill is in the air and I can’t help but feel that I’m not going to like what’s behind this door. As I opened the door I see her, Catherine she’s hanging from her ceiling fan, a belt around her neck, dead. I don’t know what to do, tears starts to fall down my face and I’m screaming but it doesn’t sound like me. All I can do is cry and scream, a piece of me is gone, a piece of me I can never get back, my best friend. I feel so guilty, there was so much more I wanted to say to her, so much I wanted to do with her. All the bad things I said today, I could have prevented this. I can’t look at her lifeless body hanging there anymore, my feet began to move as fast as they have ever and as I’m running out of the house Catherine’s mom is coming in, She asks me what was wrong as she see the tears running down my face and I just keep running. As I run to my car, I can hear Catherine’s mom screaming. I jumped in my car and go to the one place I feel safe no return forest.

Every person that has every went in this forest has never returned, that’s where it gets it’s name but for some reason this forest has always felt like home, a safe place for me to read and write but today I decided to run and keep on running till I can’t find my way back.





First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

I hate walking through these double doors into the school it’s just a reminder that my life is terrible, I see all the popular girls, my sister included, with their hot popular boyfriends surrounded by people who adore them and I have none of that. But as I stand in front of my locker staring at them, I remember I have Catherine. As Catherine walks up I wonder what is she wearing, of course this must be part of her plan to be in with the cool crowd. Just because you dress slutty doesn’t mean people will like you, it just means more guys will want to get in your pants and more girls will hate you. I reach over to give Catherine a hug when suddenly flashes of images appear. I can see everything that Catherine has seen throughout her life, like I’m reliving them as her, through her eyes.  From the moment she first saw the light when she was born till now. Then the last vision is just the image of Catherine in pain. I can feel it, heartbreak.

“Hey Alex are you OK?” ask Catherine. I don’t know what just happened but I don’t want to look like a total weirdo by telling her I know what you did last summer and the summer before that and the summer before that. I’ve never been in love so I’ve never felt heartbreak but I feel like I have and it’s something that I would never wish on anyone. So I decide to distract Catherine, “How are your plans to becoming popular were working out?” Catherine looks at me like she know something is off but then with joy, she loves every time I bring it up. “So far so good I figured if I date the most popular guy in school than that would make me popular,” Catherine whispered. Which if that was such an easy thing to do I would have done it a long time ago, well at least tried to. “I’m sorry Catherine but did you forget my sister is dating Josh the most popular guy in school.” Catherine chimed in, “I meant the second most popular guy in school Peter.” “But doesn’t he have a girlfriend too,” interrupted Alex. Catherine leaned in close and said, “Yea but they broke up at prom, it was good you should have come but I figured in that moment that Peter would need a rebound chick.” Even though I already know what she did and when she did It, I just didn’t want to believe it, but I also realized that this guy is going to break my best friends heart. “WHAT, are you crazy how could you, don’t you want better than to just be someone’s rebound chick?” asked Alex. “Yes of course I do, but it’s a chance and I took it and besides that Peter and me have been hooking up all summer and I think he might want me to be his girlfriend,” said Catherine excitedly. I can barely breathe, barely focus I take a deep breath, “I’m sorry but I doubt it, he just wanted to get in your pants and now that he has he’ll be done with you.” You’ll be left heartbroken, then what?” The bell for first period rings, Catherine looks like I just stabbed her in the back, but what else am I supposed to do just let get her heart-broken by that douche bag. If I have a chance to prevent that I will even if it mean crushing her dreams.








A Life Without Living




As I sit in this huge mansion, so great it could take anyone’s breathe away. Outside the windows a beautiful meadow, grass so green nothing could compare, a sky so blue you could mistake it for an ocean, so many beautiful flowers you could open up a flower shop. This would be such a great place to start a family and live out my life and grow old with the woman I love, surrounded by our grandchildren. I was so close to that life, so close to that happiness. Alexandria was, is the women I love and I’m going to get her back no matter how many people I have to kill to do it.

I’m Alexandria but people call me Alex, I just turn 18 a week ago, I also just started my senior year of high school. I’ll be graduating in exactly 10 months and I have nothing to show for it, my life sucks. I know, that’s what typical teenagers would say about their life but I’m serious, for starters I’m writing in a journal/diary right now, a birthday present of course. But let’s go down the list, 1st my family is the total opposite of me, their always happy, have the best town spirit and want to be involved in everyone’s life. They think there’s something wrong with me because I don’t like to be at parties and be in the middle of everything, it’s really nice to sit at home read a book and dream of the life I wish I had, is that so wrong. 2nd my mom only cares about my sister, so I’m pretty much invisible to her and 3rd my sister Amber is miss popular, perfect hair, perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, friends and the list just keeps going on and on. I have one friend, my grades are average and I couldn’t get a date to prom to save my life. I mean I think I’m `pretty; well I’m OK for the most part. I’m an average looking person not too tall about 5’5, I’m not fat not skinny either and I’m half black and half white, well my mom half black and half white and I guess my dads white seen I’ve only seen pictures of him I don’t really know and every time I ask my mom about him she ignores me.  But back to the point, I should be able to find someone, anyone in this horribly small town called leeway. So small you probably couldn’t find it on a map, just a little spec on the edge of England’s coast.

I don’t know why my mom decided to move here in the first place I loved Arizona, it was my home, and it was the place I could understand. It was so warm and hot there, unlike here and I had friends with an “s”. My life there was kind of perfect, I was even on the verge of having a boyfriend but then my mom just pick up everything and decided to move here in the middle of my freshman year. Of course my perfect sister adjusted perfectly fit right in at our new school Leeway high. I hate the fact that she is so smart that she had to skip a grade putting her in the same grade as me, she’s like a floating ball of perfect that I can’t get away from, you might as well call me the little sister cause I’m always in her shadow. You can’t choose your family but the good thing is you can choose your friends well in my case friend without an “S”.