The Father I Never Had


The Father I Never Had



“What are you talking about?” Said Alex. “This is your father Jon,” Said Alex’s Mom. For a moment I stared at him, I can’t tell you how many times I wondered what he would look like. I wondered why he was not there for me, where was he, what was so important that he could not be there for me. Now that he’s standing right in front of me I realize that the time for me needing him has passed. There have been so many moments where I needed him, so many moments that I just needed a dad and seen I didn’t have a dad in those moments I learned to do without him, now it’s just to late I don’t need him anymore. “Hi Alexandria,” said Jon. “Hi, anyways I have to pack my stuff I got any early acceptance into to college back in Arizona and I’m going to go,” said Alex. “ What Alex you can’t go, I need you here.” Said Alex’s mom. “No you really don’t, by the way this is Henry,” said Alex. “Hi very nice to meet you Jon and,” Said Henry. “It’s Jackie,” Replied Alex’s mom. “Do you think that I could have a moment alone with Alex,” said Jon. “Yes of course,” Said Jackie. Henry and my mom went to the kitchen while Jon and I sat down.


“Alex I know that I haven’t been there for you and now I just show up out of the blue but you need to know that I have stayed away from you to protect you,” Said Jon. “From what,” said Alex. “There are people out there that want to hurt you because of who you are and me being around would have made it even easier for them to find you,” said Jon. “Right so that’s your excuse for not being in my life, if it’s so dangerous why are you here now,” said Alex “I know that your angry, I would be too but I love you Alex and now that your old enough I think that it’s time to bring you home,” said Jon. “Home, what are you talking about, where is home?” said Alex. “Foret,” said Jon. “How do you know about Foret,” said Alex. “I know that the boy is from Foret and I can feel it, you love him. I hope that I can get to know you and help you my daughter because Foret is my kingdom and yours and it’s time that your came home to rule it,” said Jon. “You are the only air to Foret, you will become it’s ruler It’s queen,” said Jon.


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