The Border Between This World And The Other


The Border Between This World And The Other

We come to a stop in front of the portal, “ Alex, there are some very special people I would like you to meet,” said Jon. I step out of the car and follow Jon and as we get closer to the guardians they change forms. Now, there are two great figures of very hairy man in front of me. “Alex, these are the guardians that guard the forest to Forêt and they are also my best friends. Abel and Fabien this is my daughter Alexandria said Jon. “It is finally so nice to meet you Alexandria, we have heard so much about you,” said Abel. “We have waited a long time, 18 years to be exact, for our queen to come home,” said Fabien. “ Nice to meet you both,” said Alex. “ I want you to know Alex if you need anything you can always come to these two. But, for now it is time to open the portal so that all supernatural who need a safe place to call home my come,” said Jon.


Jon stand right at the border between this world and Forêt and starts to chant. At first I can’t see any difference but then, there’s some bright flash so bright it could be seen for miles and this flash is in the shape of a wall, so tall and long no one would ever see the end. Jon says his goodbye, and then we get back into the car and begin to drive. I can see the guardians walk through the border and into Forêt, and then disappear. “ Is the portal really open now?” asked Alex. “Yes but only on one side, that’s the rule once you come into Forêt you don’t go back out,” said Jon. “ But why is that a rule, why can’t people leave?” asked Alex. “People come here running from the humans who want to hurt them, from those who have broken them down. Some people find peace and happiness and others can only think about how angry they are and how scared they were, then they want to hurt others. Not just the human that hurt them but all of them, no one can leave not just for the human’s safety but for all of us as well, because wars kill on both sides not just one.


I understood, there are bad people no matter where you go but their not just bad their angry and angry people cause wars. Letting the people of Forêt pass that border would be the biggest war ever imagined. I look out the window to see a castle from a fairytale movie and I can’t imagine someone living here, then I hear Jon say, “Alex, your home.”

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