A Romantic Date With My Future Husband

A Romantic Date With My Future Husband

We talk with Henry’s friends for a while, getting to know them is fun but it’s still doesn’t tell me which true feelings belong to who. We say are goodbyes, than Henry begins to lead the way. As we walk through the house there’s even more people here then there was before. A house filled with happy people, smiling like there’s no better place in the world.

Henry leads us to the back of the house, where outside the most beautiful sky. Stars so bright and so close that it seemed a bit unbelievable and even that was not the best part, two lines of magical trees where the flowers that grow all around were just as beautiful as the fairies inside them. Such amazing creatures, so filled with joy and happiness and with the ability to transform themselves into full size people, if only tinker bell could do that. “ I have a surprise for you and I know your going to love it,” said Henry. We walked further beyond the trees then Henry stops to covered my eyes with his hands. When we come to another stop Henry uncovers my eyes and it’s a picnic. Laying on the ground is a blanket and a basket and as we sit down floating lanterns start to float all around us. A mix of Violins and electronic music begin to play and I couldn’t imagine this night being anymore romantic. “I don’t know what your favorite food is so instead I decided that we just have dessert instead. I know you loved it the first time we had dinner, so I have chocolate lava cake, fortune cookies, ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries and more cookies,” said Henry smilingly. “That actually sounds perfect, you can never go wrong with something sweet. Burgers are my favorite food by the way,” said Alex. “Why burgers?” Asked Henry. “There simple, you can get them almost anywhere, and they taste good with many toppings. All though living in England the burgers never taste like the ones back home, maybe it’s an American thing,” said Alex. “I like burgers and I like that you do to, the girls I’m around would have to be forced to eat one. We should eat but before we do reach into the basket and pull something out,” said Henry. As I reach in to the basket I pull out a plate with an American made hamburger on it. “Any food you want the basket will give it to you,”said Henry. Henry and I both have a piece of the amazing burger and we feast of chocolate and cake and talk for hours. I know this date was supposed to last two hours but who cares about rule when you with a guy like Henry. I lay in his arms as we watch the stars and it feels like home, his arms around me, his heart beat matching mines. “Fortune cookie?” asked Henry. “This is a regular chocolate chip cookie,” said Alex. “No, once you bite into it, you will see your future. Though your future changes with path you take and every decision you decided to make, this cookie will show you the future you have now in this moment, with me,” said Henry. I take a bite and I see Henry, he’s happy, then I see me jumping into his arms ring on my finger. “I love you Henry,” said Alex. “ I love you to, my further wife,” said Henry.

We lay there for bit longer than Henry takes me back to the castle. As Henry opens the car door he doesn’t say a word, he wraps his arms around me and kisses me. His soft lips and his warm arms don’t need any words because in that moment I knew what he meant, what my love meant to him. Henry watches me as I walk up the steps and into the door. I feel like I’m floating on air, all the butterflies in my stomach have lifted me up and I’m no longer walking but floating. “PRINCESS, there are rules for a reason you are supposed to spend equal amount of time with each suitor, hopefully no one has seen you,” said Jon. I hear Jon but I don’t care all I can think about is Henry and not much else matters. “Any how tomorrow is the moon ceremony, which is where you will announce your engagement to Henry, assuming that you have not changed your mind about him,” asked Jon. “No, of course not,”said Alex. “Ok then, we have a wedding to plan,” said Jon.

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