Things I Should Already Know


Things I Should Already Know

I stare out my window, watching this big beautiful world that have yet to explore. I wasn’t introduce to this world but thrown into it, all I want to do is explore it, explore myself as a young witch. Today is the big moon ceremony, where I will be announcing my engagement. This day should be on the top five list of happiest days in my life but my heart and my head just can’t stop fighting each other. My heart tells me Henry is an amazing outstanding person, who will make me very happy but my head tells me you must be crazy. Your marrying a guy you barely know, what if he turns out to be a serial killer or an evil witch and what are you doing in this weird make belief land. I go over this, over and over in my head but I keep coming to the same conclusion. I can’t leave Henry and I can’t go back home to that world. I skip breakfast but by lunch I’m starving and after lying in bed all day I can use a change of scenery.

I open my bedroom door to find Henry standing outside of it. I love his face, his smile it just makes me happier, I lose all thoughts and it’s just Henry and me together, happy. Henry holds my hand and begins to lead the way, all I can think about is the warmth of his hands and how soft they feel, makes me never want to let go. Henry leads us to a part of the house that I have not been yet, when he opens the door it’s an indoor garden. “It’s beautiful in here, Henry how did you find it?” “Your father told me about it and I thought it would be a perfect place for us to have lunch.” We walk around for a while, I see some of the most unusual flowers and plants, all beautiful and the smell in here is so intoxicating. It reminds me of a dream, we sit down and begin to eat, my favorite burgers. “You know, I don’t know that much about you and I really would, you know before I marry you.” Henry has an alluring smile and amazing lips and the way the light shine down reflecting off the skyline, he just seems perfect. “Your right so what do you think we should do about that?” asked Henry. “ I think a game of 21 question would be a great way to start.” “And how do you play 21 questions? Asked Henry. “It’s simple, I ask you a question about yourself, you answer it and then it’s your turn to ask me. From there we just keep going back and forth. I’ll go first, what will my last name be soon?” Asked Alex. I feel so ridicules, I’m getting ready to marry this guy you think I would know what his last name is, but I don’t. “My last name is Duval, you will be Mrs.Duval.” “I like it, now it your turn to ask.” “What is your favorite thing to do when your alone?” Asked Henry. “I love to paint, draw, write and read but the books can’t compare to the world were in or the man who made me want to stay. My turn how did you meet your friends?” Asked Alex. I can see the hesitation on ’s face, what doesn’t he want me to know. “Um, well I don’t know they just kind of found me. I went through a rough patch after my parents went missing, I became very destructive. I was only twelve when my parents went missing and being so young I couldn’t handle it. I did a lot of things I’m not proud of with people who didn’t care rather I lived or died. When it was time for me to go to the academy things just got worst. By the time I was sixteen had done so much wrong that I thought there was no way I could ever move forward, I had gotten mixed up with drugs and I could girls to do anything for me. Some even got hurt but I couldn’t see past myself to care about them. One night It got so bad, I was out cold in the street but somehow Lucy, Thomas, and Isaac found me. They took me home and really looked after me, they followed me everywhere for three months just to make sure I wouldn’t do anything bad. They made sure that I believed in myself as much as they do and gave me a family. I threw myself into school they helped me study and night and day I studied. Without them I would have nothing, no school, no you, and no life I owe them everything.”

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